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200 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date24 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants34 from 29 countries

The Hungarian pair of Károly Güttler and Norbert Rózsa would have been considered as favourites on the eve of the Games but neither had performed up to expectations in the 100 metres breaststroke and Rózsa, the current world champion, had failed even to reach the B final. Almost by default this left 200 metres specialist Andrey Korneyev, the European champion from Russia, as the man to beat. After the heats were concluded the landscape looked different again as the two Hungarians, despondent after the 100 metres, bounced back to set the two fastest times.

Korneyev gambled in the final and took the lead from the start. At halfway he was under world record pace but he began to tire quickly in the last 50 metres of the race. With 20 metres Korneyev and the two Hungarians were in one line in the middle lanes of the pool. Rózsa was the strongest of the trio and stormed ahead in the last strokes of the race to win by nearly half a second with Guttler edging past the Russian for silver.

Four days after the final it was announced that Korneyev had tested positive for the stimulant Bromantan and he would be stripped of his bronze medal thereby elevating Great Britain’s Nick Gillingham to third position. Korneyev appealed to the Court of Arbiration of Sport on the basis that the drug was not in fact a stimulant but merely an aid to boost the body’s immune system. The court decided in favour of the Russian and his medal was restored

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Norbert RózsaHUN2:14.66 (1 h3)2:12.57 (1)Gold
2Károly GüttlerHUN2:13.89 (1 h4)2:13.03 (2)Silver
3Andrey KorneyevRUS2:14.11 (1 h5)2:13.17 (3)Bronze1
4Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.96 (2 h3)2:14.37 (4)
5Phil RogersAUS2:14.97 (2 h4)2:14.79 (5)
6Marek KrawczykPOL2:15.17 (3 h5)2:14.84 (6)
7Eric WunderlichUSA2:15.18 (4 h5)2:15.69 (7)
8Kurt GroteUSA2:14.63 (2 h5)2:16.05 (8)
9Andrey IvanovRUS2:15.56 (5 h5)2:14.37 (1)
10Mario GonzálezCUB2:16.15 (6 h3)2:15.11 (2)
11Ryan MitchellAUS2:15.31 (3 h3)2:15.63 (3)
12Joaquín FernándezESP2:16.05 (5 h3)2:16.05 (4)
13Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:17.07 (1 h2)2:16.23 (5)
14Jean-Christophe SarninFRA2:15.27 (3 h4)2:16.26 (6)
15Jon ClevelandCAN2:16.08 (6 h5)2:16.39 (7)
16Akira HayashiJPN2:15.37 (4 h3)2:16.69 (8)
17Fred DeburghgraeveBEL2:16.10 (4 h4)2
18Daniel MálekCZE2:17.08 (7 h3)
19José CoutoPOR2:17.28 (2 h2)
20Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:17.32 (5 h4)
21Aliaksandr HukauBLR2:17.49 (3 h2)
22Dmytro IvanusaUKR2:17.54 (7 h5)
23Stéphan PerrotFRA2:18.58 (6 h4)
24Wang YiwuCHN2:19.13 (8 h3)
25Elvin ChiaMAS2:20.39 (4 h2)
26Børge MørkNOR2:20.42 (7 h4)
27Vadim AlekseyevISR2:20.47 (8 h4)
28Christophe VerdinoMON2:20.77 (5 h2)
29Vadim TatarovMDA2:21.34 (6 h2)
30Roberto BonillaGUA2:21.86 (1 h1)
31Todd TorresPUR2:22.66 (7 h2)
32Nerijus BeigaLTU2:23.40 (8 h2)
33Francisco SurianoESA2:25.57 (2 h1)
34Huang Chih-YungTPE2:25.96 (3 h1)
DNSPaul KentNZL– (DNS h5)
DNSDesmond KohSGP– (DNS h1)

Round One (24 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One (10:05)

15Roberto BonillaGUA2:21.860.81
24Francisco SurianoESA2:25.570.73
33Huang Chih-YungTPE2:25.960.78
DNS6Desmond KohSGP

Heat Two (10:11)

15Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:17.070.84
28José CoutoPOR2:17.280.78
36Aliaksandr HukauBLR2:17.490.84
43Elvin ChiaMAS2:20.390.83
52Christophe VerdinoMON2:20.770.79
64Vadim TatarovMDA2:21.340.93
71Todd TorresPUR2:22.660.77
87Nerijus BeigaLTU2:23.400.75

Heat Three (10:17)

15Norbert RózsaHUN2:14.660.78Q
26Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.960.81Q
33Ryan MitchellAUS2:15.310.71q
44Akira HayashiJPN2:15.370.72q
57Joaquín FernándezESP2:16.050.78q
68Mario GonzálezCUB2:16.150.79q
71Daniel MálekCZE2:17.080.79
82Wang YiwuCHN2:19.130.74

Heat Four (10:23)

14Károly GüttlerHUN2:13.890.85Q
23Phil RogersAUS2:14.970.76Q
32Jean-Christophe SarninFRA2:15.270.90q
45Fred DeburghgraeveBEL2:16.100.78q
51Ratapong SirisanontTHA2:17.320.80
66Stéphan PerrotFRA2:18.580.85
77Børge MørkNOR2:20.420.83
88Vadim AlekseyevISR2:20.470.78

Heat Five (10:29)

14Andrey KorneyevRUS2:14.110.79Q3
25Kurt GroteUSA2:14.630.80Q
32Marek KrawczykPOL2:15.170.83Q
46Eric WunderlichUSA2:15.180.78Q
53Andrey IvanovRUS2:15.560.86q
67Jon ClevelandCAN2:16.080.71q
71Dmytro IvanusaUKR2:17.540.81
DNS8Paul KentNZL

B Final (24 July 1996 — 19:39)

16Andrey IvanovRUS2:14.370.86
21Mario GonzálezCUB2:15.110.79
35Ryan MitchellAUS2:15.630.75
42Joaquín FernándezESP2:16.050.81
58Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:16.230.82
64Jean-Christophe SarninFRA2:16.260.81
77Jon ClevelandCAN2:16.390.72
83Akira HayashiJPN2:16.690.73

Final (24 July 1996 — 19:31)

16Norbert RózsaHUN2:12.570.81
24Károly GüttlerHUN2:13.030.82
35Andrey KorneyevRUS2:13.170.784
42Nick GillinghamGBR2:14.370.81
57Phil RogersAUS2:14.790.74
61Marek KrawczykPOL2:14.840.82
78Eric WunderlichUSA2:15.690.75
83Kurt GroteUSA2:16.050.80