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50 metres Freestyle, Women

Date26 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants55 from 47 countries

Le Jingyi of China had already won the 100 metres freestyle whilst America’s Amy Van Dyken had scored an upset victory in the 100 metres butterfly. The two women would meet again in the final of the 50 metres but could not count on having things all their own way as the final was a star-studded affair that included all the medalists from the 100 metre freestyle held earlier in the week.

Part of the ultra-competitive Van Dyken’s pre-race routine involved staring at her opponents in an attempt to intimidate them but this did not appear to work on the Chinese woman who went into the lead straight from the gun. For 45 metres Le held on to first place but in the closing metres Van Dyken accelerated past to win her third gold medal of the Games by just three hundredths of a second. Sandra Völker of Germany also won her third medal of the games by winning bronze in this race.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Amy Van DykenUSA25.12 (1 h6)24.87 (1)Gold
2Le JingyiCHN25.10 (1 h7)24.90 (2)Silver
3Sandra VölkerGER25.45 (2 h6)25.14 (3)Bronze
4Angel MartinoUSA25.47 (1 h5)25.31 (4)
5Leah MartindaleBAR25.76 (3 h5)25.49 (5)
6Linda OlofssonSWE25.84 (3 h6)25.63 (6)
7Shan YingCHN25.71 (2 h5)25.70 (7)
8Nataliya MeshcheryakovaRUS25.73 (2 h7)25.88 (8)
9Marianne MuisNED25.93 (4 h6)25.74 (1)
10Angela PostmaNED26.00 (4 h7)25.82 (2)
11Claudia FrancoESP26.17 (5 h7)26.04 (3)
12Sumika MinamotoJPN25.89 (3 h7)26.05 (4)
13Yevgeniya YermakovaKAZ25.97 (5 h5)26.06 (5)
14Simone OsygusGER26.00 (5 h6)26.16 (6)
15Karen Van WirdumAUS25.88 (4 h5)26.17 (7)
16Laura PetrutytėLTU26.13 (1 h4)26.36 (8)
17Vibeke Lambersøy JohansenNOR26.22 (2 h4)
18Rania El-WaniEGY26.26 (6 h7)
19Siobhan CropperTTO26.29 (7 h7)
=20Sarah RyanAUS26.34 (6 h5)
=20Judith DraxlerAUT26.34 (3 h4)
=22Blanca CerónESP26.39 (4 h4)
=22Sue RolphGBR26.39 (6 h6)
24Marianne KrielRSA26.42 (7 h5)
25Metka SparavecSLO26.43 (5 h4)
26Martine DessureaultCAN26.44 (6 h4)
27Luminița DobrescuROU26.47 (7 h6)
28Mette Nørskov NielsenDEN26.50 (7 h4)
=29Casey LeglerFRA26.52 (8 h4)
=29Laura NichollsCAN26.52 (8 h7)
31Dita ŽelvienėLTU26.55 (8 h5)
32Dominique DieziSUI26.57 (1 h3)
33Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN26.67 (2 h3)
34Minna SalmelaFIN26.72 (3 h3)
35Alison FitchNZL26.74 (1 h2)
36Monica DahlNAM26.76 (4 h3)
37Elín SigurðardóttirISL26.90 (5 h3)
38Lin Chien-JuTPE27.00 (8 h6)
39Valeria ÁlvarezARG27.12 (6 h3)
40Alena PopchankaBLR27.18 (1 h1)
41Seo So-YeongKOR27.30 (2 h2)
42Gyöngyvér LakosHUN27.34 (3 h2)
43Teresa MoodieZIM27.38 (4 h2)
44Joscelin YeoSGP27.51 (7 h3)
45Duška RadanSCG27.62 (5 h2)
46Gabrijela UjčićCRO27.63 (6 h2)
47Agnese OzoliņaLAT27.65 (7 h2)
48Sangeeta PuriIND28.02 (2 h1)
49Verónica PronoPAR28.40 (3 h1)
50Gail RizzoMLT28.43 (4 h1)
51Akiko ThomsonPHI28.51 (8 h2)
52Võ Trần Trương AnVIE29.02 (5 h1)
53Ingrid LouisMRI29.56 (6 h1)
54Monika BakaleCGO34.43 (7 h1)
55Nishma GurungNEP41.45 (8 h1)
DNSTonia MakhairaGRE– (DNS h3)

Round One (26 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One (11:00)

15Alena PopchankaBLR27.180.85
23Sangeeta PuriIND28.020.80
32Verónica PronoPAR28.400.77
44Gail RizzoMLT28.430.80
56Võ Trần Trương AnVIE29.020.78
67Ingrid LouisMRI29.560.76
71Monika BakaleCGO34.430.87
88Nishma GurungNEP41.451.34

Heat Two (11:06)

14Alison FitchNZL26.740.80
21Seo So-YeongKOR27.300.73
32Gyöngyvér LakosHUN27.340.81
45Teresa MoodieZIM27.380.75
58Duška RadanSCG27.620.82
63Gabrijela UjčićCRO27.630.75
77Agnese OzoliņaLAT27.650.79
86Akiko ThomsonPHI28.510.80

Heat Three (11:12)

18Dominique DieziSUI26.570.86
22Eileen Marie CoparropaPAN26.670.85
34Minna SalmelaFIN26.720.79
41Monica DahlNAM26.760.85
56Elín SigurðardóttirISL26.900.80
65Valeria ÁlvarezARG27.120.74
73Joscelin YeoSGP27.510.82
DNS7Tonia MakhairaGRE

Heat Four (11:18)

14Laura PetrutytėLTU26.130.79q
22Vibeke Lambersøy JohansenNOR26.220.70
36Judith DraxlerAUT26.340.79
45Blanca CerónESP26.390.69
57Metka SparavecSLO26.430.83
63Martine DessureaultCAN26.440.75
78Mette Nørskov NielsenDEN26.500.76
81Casey LeglerFRA26.520.88

Heat Five (11:24)

14Angel MartinoUSA25.470.66Q
25Shan YingCHN25.710.86Q
36Leah MartindaleBAR25.760.81Q
43Karen Van WirdumAUS25.880.75q
57Yevgeniya YermakovaKAZ25.970.75q
62Sarah RyanAUS26.340.75
71Marianne KrielRSA26.420.74
88Dita ŽelvienėLTU26.550.78

Heat Six (11:30)

14Amy Van DykenUSA25.120.72Q
25Sandra VölkerGER25.450.87Q
33Linda OlofssonSWE25.840.80Q
46Marianne MuisNED25.930.74q
52Simone OsygusGER26.000.78q
61Sue RolphGBR26.390.80
77Luminița DobrescuROU26.470.80
88Lin Chien-JuTPE27.000.82

Heat Seven (11:36)

14Le JingyiCHN25.100.81Q
25Nataliya MeshcheryakovaRUS25.730.83Q
33Sumika MinamotoJPN25.890.72q
46Angela PostmaNED26.000.76q
57Claudia FrancoESP26.170.78q
61Rania El-WaniEGY26.260.78
78Siobhan CropperTTO26.290.85
82Laura NichollsCAN26.520.72

B Final (26 July 1996 — 20:10)

13Marianne MuisNED25.740.76
22Angela PostmaNED25.820.80
38Claudia FrancoESP26.040.77
45Sumika MinamotoJPN26.050.76
56Yevgeniya YermakovaKAZ26.060.80
67Simone OsygusGER26.160.74
74Karen Van WirdumAUS26.170.76
81Laura PetrutytėLTU26.360.81

Final (26 July 1996 — 20:00)

15Amy Van DykenUSA24.870.73
24Le JingyiCHN24.900.80
33Sandra VölkerGER25.140.86
46Angel MartinoUSA25.310.75
51Leah MartindaleBAR25.490.85
68Linda OlofssonSWE25.630.89
72Shan YingCHN25.701.01
87Nataliya MeshcheryakovaRUS25.880.83