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Slalom, Women1

Date16 February 2018 — 10:00
LocationYongpyong Alpine Centre, Mountain Cluster, Daegwallyeong (Rainbow 1)
Participants78 from 46 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 63
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1,169 m
Vertical Drop: 204 m

The women’s slalom was originally scheduled for the 14th, but was postponed to the 16th because of strong winds. The dominant female slalom skier in the last years was Mikaela Shiffrin. The defending champion in the event from Sochi, she had won four out of the last five slalom World Cups (2012/13-2014/15 and 2016/17) and the last three World Championships slalom (2013, 2015 and 2017), losing only the 2015/16 slalom Crystal Globe to Frida Hansdotter, a season in which Shiffrin struggled with injuries. The current standings in the slalom World Cup also saw Shiffrin well in the lead as she won in Killington, Lienz, Zagreb, Kranjska Gora and Flachau, and additionally won the parallel slaom in Courchevel and the city parallel event in Oslo. In second place, with two season wins in Levi and Lenzerheide, which was the last race before the Olympics, was Petra Vlhová, followed by Hansdotter, silver medalist at the 2015 Worlds and bronze medalist at the 2017 Worlds, in third, and Wendy Holdener, silver medalist at the 2017 Worlds, in fourth. The silver medalist from Sochi, Marlies Schild, now Raich, retired shortly thereafter and the bronze medalist Kathrin Zettel retired in 2015.

The first run saw Holdener in the lead with Hansdotter only 1/10th of a second behind. Unexpectedly in third position was Anna Swenn-Larsson with Shiffrin “only” in fourth place, 0.48 seconds behind Holdener. Vlhová had even more problems, finishing only 12th and more than 1.2 seconds behind. In the second run, young Austrian Katharina Gallhuber, whose best World Cup finish was a shared fifth place in the Stockholm city event almost a month before the Games, skied the race of her life, posting the best run time. This put her in the lead and when Haver-Løseth, Shiffrin and Swenn-Larsson all were not able to beat Gallhuber’s overall time, she was on the podium winning a surprising medal.

At the end it was bronze for her with Hansdotter winning gold and Holdener only 0.05 seconds behind taking silver, finishing in second place, as she did so often. Shiffrin missing the podium was one of the biggest upsets of the PyeongChang Olympics. Finishing in seventh place was Bernadette Schild, who had an incredible second run and led until the last intermediate time before she slipped just before the last flat part of the course and had to take some gates from the wrong side, which cost her speed. Hansdotter won gold using Rossignol skis, Holdener used Head, and Gallhuber skied on Atomic.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
17Frida HansdotterSWE1:38.6349.09 (2)49.54 (2)Gold
21Wendy HoldenerSUI1:38.6848.89 (1)49.79 (5)Silver
315Katharina GallhuberAUT1:38.9550.12 (9)48.83 (1)Bronze
44Mikaela ShiffrinUSA1:39.0349.37 (4)49.66 (=3)
55Anna Swenn-LarssonSWE1:39.6149.29 (3)50.32 (10)
62Nina Haver-LøsethNOR1:40.1649.75 (5)50.41 (11)
76Bernadette SchildAUT1:40.1849.89 (8)50.29 (9)
818Katharina LiensbergerAUT1:40.5750.43 (10)50.14 (8)
99Chiara CostazzaITA1:40.6049.83 (7)50.77 (17)
1014Irene CurtoniITA1:41.0451.15 (14)49.89 (7)
1117Erin MielzynskiCAN1:41.4951.83 (22)49.66 (=3)
1219Emelie WikströmSWE1:41.5749.76 (6)51.81 (28)
133Petra VlhováSVK1:41.5851.12 (=12)50.46 (14)
1410Denise FeierabendSUI1:41.7351.93 (=24)49.80 (6)
1529Laurence St-GermainCAN1:41.8050.94 (11)50.86 (20)
1611Michelle GisinSUI1:41.8551.43 (18)50.42 (12)
178Veronika Velez-ZuzulováSVK1:42.0751.46 (21)50.61 (16)
1824Maruša FerkSLO1:42.0851.29 (15)50.79 (18)
1916Marina WallnerGER1:42.1051.12 (=12)50.98 (22)
2026Nastasia NoensFRA1:42.2851.84 (23)50.44 (13)
2137Meta HrovatSLO1:42.5051.93 (=24)50.57 (15)
2220Maren SkjøldNOR1:42.6251.44 (=19)51.18 (=23)
2328Manuela MölggITA1:42.7551.40 (17)51.35 (25)
2421Ana BucikSLO1:42.9152.09 (26)50.82 (19)
2541Kristin LysdahlNOR1:43.0252.12 (28)50.90 (21)
2631Nevena IgnjatovićSRB1:43.4852.10 (27)51.38 (26)
2730Roni RemmeCAN1:43.6152.43 (29)51.18 (=23)
2840Maryia ShkanavaBLR1:44.2152.50 (30)51.71 (27)
2934Martina DubovskáCZE1:44.7752.90 (32)51.87 (29)
3036Mireia GutiérrezAND1:46.0653.22 (=34)52.84 (31)
3139Andrea KomšićCRO1:46.2653.41 (36)52.85 (32)
3232Yekaterina TkachenkoROC1:46.5553.22 (=34)53.33 (33)
3342Charlie GuestGBR1:48.2655.44 (42)52.82 (30)
3451Barbara KantorováSVK1:48.4354.62 (40)53.81 (34)
3557Mariya KirkovaBUL1:49.0154.87 (41)54.14 (35)
3643Megan McJamesUSA1:49.2854.22 (38)55.06 (39)
3744Lelde GasūnaLAT1:49.3154.50 (39)54.81 (37)
3850Marjolein DecroixBEL1:50.7155.91 (45)54.80 (36)
3956Nino TsiklauriGEO1:51.6255.88 (43)55.74 (40)
4047Kim VanreuselBEL1:51.8655.90 (44)55.96 (41)
4148Freydís Halla EinarsdóttirISL1:53.1556.49 (46)56.66 (42)
4255Alice MerryweatherUSA1:53.5758.68 (49)54.89 (38)
4363Ieva JanuškevičiūtėLTU1:54.5557.30 (47)57.25 (43)
4462Sofia RalliGRE1:55.4457.95 (48)57.49 (44)
4568Olha KnyshUKR1:58.0059.07 (50)58.93 (46)
4661Tess ArbezIRL1:58.4759.47 (51)59.00 (47)
4760Mialitiana ClercMAD2:00.271:01.24 (53)59.03 (48)
4877Anna Lotta JõgevaEST2:00.511:00.90 (52)59.61 (49)
4973Forough AbbasiIRI2:04.061:02.56 (55)1:01.50 (50)
5067Élise PellegrinMLT2:04.081:05.18 (56)58.90 (45)
5171Mariya GrigorovaKAZ2:04.371:02.49 (54)1:01.88 (51)
5275Natacha MohbatLBN2:12.041:06.73 (57)1:05.31 (53)
5374Mariann Mimi MarótyHUN2:12.781:09.95 (58)1:02.83 (52)
5478Kim Ryon-HyangPRK2:37.981:18.17 (59)1:19.81 (54)
DNF12Christina GeigerGER51.44 (=19)– (DNF)
DNF22Estelle AlphandSWE51.34 (16)– (DNF)
DNF27Adeline Baud MugnierFRA52.65 (31)– (DNF)
DNF38Gabriela CapováCZE52.96 (33)– (DNF)
DNF45Ida ŠtimacCRO54.14 (37)– (DNF)
DNF13Lena DürrGER– (DNF)
DNF23Resi StieglerUSA– (DNF)
DNF25Stephanie BrunnerAUT– (DNF)
DNF33Asa AndoJPN– (DNF)
DNF35Alex TilleyGBR– (DNF)
DNF46Gang Yeong-SeoKOR– (DNF)
DNF49Kim So-HuiKOR– (DNF)
DNF52Soňa MoravčíkováSVK– (DNF)
DNF53Nicol GastaldiARG– (DNF)
DNF54Marta BassinoITA– (DNF)
DNF58Elvedina MuzaferijaBIH– (DNF)
DNF59Alice RobinsonNZL– (DNF)
DNF64Kong FanyingCHN– (DNF)
DNF65Arabella NgHKG– (DNF)
DNF66Szonja HozmannHUN– (DNF)
DNF69Suela MëhilliALB– (DNF)
DNF70Jelena VujičićMNE– (DNF)
DNF72Özlem ÇarıkçıoğluTUR– (DNF)
DNF76Alexia SchenkelTHA– (DNF)