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Four, Men

Date21 – 22 February 1992
LocationPiste de Bobsleigh et Luge, La Plagne
Participants124 from 20 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 19
Length: 1508 m
Start Altitude: 1685 m
Vertical Drop: 125 m

In the two decades since the Sapporo Olympics only the victory of the Soviet Union at the 1988 Winter Games had ruined a perfect run of World and Olympic titles divided between Germany and Switzerland. The 1992 title was again expected to be contested between these two superpowers of the sport. Before competition started the Germans suffered a setback when Germany II’s pilot Horst Czudaj was accused of spying on his team mates for the East German security forces in the late eighties. Although he was eventually cleared to compete, the controversy appeared to affect his concentration and he finished no higher than sixth.

The struggle for the Olympic gold was intense but it was neither a German or Swiss crew that stood on the top step of the podium at the end of the second day. Ingo Appelt and Austria I had been third in the 1990 World Championships but was not expected to challenge for the gold in Albertville. The Austrians made up for a poor second run by producing three excellent ones and had just 0.02 of a second to spare when they crossed the line.

Canada II’s Olympic adventure ended in high farce. It was true that they crossed the line safely enough on the third run but without twenty-five percent of their crew. Jack Pyc had slipped at the start, failed to get into the bob and slid around several corners before coming to a halt. The team were disqualified. A similar fate nearly befell a Unified Team crew member as he also slipped attempting to enter his sled. Oleksandr Bortiuk did make it into the bob albeit facing in the opposite direction to which he intended.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
11Austria IAUT3:53.9057.74 (1)58.85 (=10)58.52 (1)58.79 (=3)Gold
Ingo AppeltHarald WinklerGerhard HaidacherThomas Schroll
24Germany IGER3:53.9258.00 (=3)58.52 (1)58.68 (7)58.72 (2)Silver
Wolfgang HoppeBogdan MusiolAxel KühnRené Hannemann
32Switzerland ISUI3:54.1357.97 (2)58.78 (6)58.59 (=3)58.79 (=3)Bronze
Gustav WederDonat AcklinLorenz SchindelholzCurdin Morell
45Canada ICAN3:54.2458.00 (=3)58.71 (=3)58.66 (6)58.87 (7)
Chris LoriKen LeBlancCal LangfordDave MacEachern
57Switzerland IISUI3:54.3858.15 (5)58.75 (5)58.59 (=3)58.89 (=8)
Christian MeiliBruno GerberChristian ReichGerold Löffler
611Germany IIGER3:54.4258.54 (9)58.55 (2)58.62 (5)58.71 (1)
Harald CzudajTino BonkAxel JangAlexander Szelig
710Great Britain IGBR3:54.8958.49 (8)58.87 (12)58.73 (9)58.80 (5)
Mark ToutGeorge FarrellPaul FieldLenny Paul
88France IFRA3:54.9158.45 (7)58.79 (7)58.78 (11)58.89 (=8)
Christophe FlacherClaude DasseThierry TribondeauGabriel Fourmigue
912United States IUSA3:54.9258.57 (10)58.71 (=3)58.75 (10)58.89 (=8)
Randy WillJoe SawyerKarlos KirbyChris Coleman
103Austria IIAUT3:55.0158.27 (6)58.85 (=10)59.08 (14)58.81 (6)
Gerhard RainerThomas BachlerCarsten NentwigMartin Schützenauer
1113United States IIUSA3:55.2358.74 (12)58.99 (=13)58.56 (2)58.94 (12)
Chuck LeonowiczBob WeissenfelsBryan LeturgezJeff Woodard
126Italy IITA3:55.8858.78 (14)58.83 (=8)59.12 (15)59.15 (15)
Pasquale GesuitoAntonio TartagliaPaolo CanediStefano Ticci
1319Great Britain IIGBR3:55.9158.86 (15)58.83 (=8)59.29 (16)58.93 (11)
Nick PhippsEdd HorlerColin RattiganDavid Armstrong
1414Latvia ILAT3:55.9259.05 (=19)59.07 (16)58.72 (8)59.08 (13)
Sandis PrūsisJuris ToneIvars BērzupsAdris Plūksna
159Italy IIITA3:55.9858.76 (13)59.11 (17)58.97 (13)59.14 (14)
Günther HuberMarco AndreattaThomas RottensteinerAntonio Stiffi
1625Latvia IILAT3:56.7259.02 (16)58.99 (=13)59.35 (18)59.36 (16)
Zintis EkmanisAldis IntlersBoriss ArtemjevsOtomārs Rihters
1723Japan JPN3:57.2459.23 (21)59.30 (18)59.33 (17)59.38 (=17)
Toshio WakitaRyoji YamazakiFuminori TsushimaNaomi Takewaki
1821France IIFRA3:57.4159.03 (17)59.33 (19)59.52 (20)59.53 (20)
Bruno MingeonStéphane PoirotDidier StilDominique Klinnik
1915Unified Team IEUN3:57.4359.05 (=19)1:00.05 (22)58.94 (12)59.39 (19)
Oleg SukhoruchenkoOleksandr BortiukVladimir LyubovitskyAndrey Gorokhov
2018Romania ROU3:57.4459.04 (18)59.52 (20)59.50 (19)59.38 (=17)
Paul NeaguLaszlo HodosLaurențiu BudurCostel Petrariu
2120Czechoslovakia TCH3:58.5559.30 (22)59.66 (21)59.92 (21)59.67 (21)
Jiří DžmuraPavel PuškárKarel DostálRoman Hrabaň
=2224Bulgaria BUL4:00.591:00.05 (24)1:00.28 (=24)1:00.09 (22)1:00.17 (22)
Tsvetozar ViktorovDimitar DimitrovYordan IvanovValentin Atanasov
=2222Unified Team IIEUN4:00.5959.80 (23)1:00.19 (23)1:00.34 (23)1:00.26 (23)
Vladimir YefimovOleg PetrovSergey KruglovAleksandr Pashkov
2429Yugoslavia YUG4:01.301:00.16 (26)1:00.28 (=24)1:00.59 (26)1:00.27 (24)
Zdravko StojnićDragiša JovanovićMiro PandurevićOgnjen Sokolović
2528Jamaica JAM4:01.371:00.12 (25)1:00.48 (27)1:00.38 (24)1:00.39 (25)
Dudley StokesRicky McIntoshMichael WhiteChris Stokes
2631Chinese Taipei TPE4:01.941:00.31 (27)1:00.45 (26)1:00.52 (25)1:00.66 (26)
Chen Chin-SanChen Chin-SenHsu Kuo-JungChang Min-Jung
2717Monaco MON4:02.631:00.49 (28)1:00.66 (28)1:00.74 (27)1:00.74 (27)
Albert, Prince GrimaldiGilbert BessiMichel VatricanDavid Tomatis
2830Mexico MEX4:05.141:00.97 (30)1:01.36 (30)1:01.30 (28)1:01.51 (28)
Luis Adrián TamésRicardo RodríguezFrancisco NegreteCarlos Casar
2926United States Virgin Islands IIISV4:10.351:02.45 (31)1:02.52 (31)1:02.73 (29)1:02.65 (29)
Sven PetersenMichael JuhlinJames WitheyPaul Zar
DNF27United States Virgin Islands IISV1:00.92 (29)1:01.08 (29)– (DNS)
Daniel BurgnerErnest MathiasDavid EntwistleBill Neill
DQ16Canada IICAN58.61 (11)59.00 (15)– (DQ)1
Dennis MarineauChris FarstadJack PycSheridon Baptiste