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Four, Men

Date26 – 27 February 1994
LocationOlympiske Bob- og Akebane, Hunderfossen
Participants121 from 21 countries
FormatFour runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsCurves: 16
Length: 1365 m
Start Altitude: 347 m
Vertical Drop: 107 m

The 1994 Olympic four-man bobsleigh had the makings of a classic. The list of medal contenders appeared longer than for any previous Olympics. While the Central European powers were still strong, a new generation of drivers from outside the traditional bobsleigh zone were threatening to break through. Gustav Weder had driven Switzerland I to the 1993 World Championship and the two-man event at Lillehammer and was a major medal threat but so were the German crews headed by Wolfgang Hoppe and Harald Czudaj, and Brian Shimer of the USA had taken the 1993 World Cup title. Shimer’s reign as title holder had been ended in 1994 by the brilliant young Canadian Pierre Leuders and also challenging the established powers were Great Britain.

Shimer, driving USA II, had a disastrous Olympics as a poor first run was followed by the ignominy of disqualification for having runners that were warmer than legally permitted. Lueders’ Canadians failed to spark and once again it was left to Germany and Switzerland to monopolise the podium.

Harald Czudaj had been a favourite at the 1992 Games but his preparations were ruined when it was revealed shortly before competition began that he acted as an informer for the Stasi, the East German secret police, for a number of years in the 80s in exchange for dropping a drunk-driving charge. Free from the worries of Albertville he was never headed though his lead was never more than 0.12 seconds throughout. Behind Czudaj’s Germany II bob came Weder’s Swiss world champions and the trio of medallists was completed by Wolfgang Hoppe piloted Germany I. This was Hoppe’s sixth and final Olympic medal and he retired with a tally of two gold, three silver and a bronze.

Jamaica’s appearance at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary had been considered a novelty but in Lillehammer they not only finished in the top half of the field but also defeated sleds from more traditional bobsleigh nations such as the United States, Italy and France. Last of the 29 finishers were the crew from Bosnia-Herzegovina who were competing just two years after the nation gained its’ independence and while fighting was still taking place in the country. The quartet was a multi-ethnic one comprising two Bosnian Muslims, an ethnic Croat and an ethnic Serb and competed using a sled donated by the Dutch.

PosNrBobsleighNOCTimeRun 1Run 2Run 3Run 4
15Germany IIGER3:27.7851.67 (1)51.88 (2)52.07 (2)52.16 (3)Gold
Harald CzudajKarsten BrannaschOlaf HampelAlexander Szelig
29Switzerland ISUI3:27.8451.80 (4)51.87 (1)52.04 (1)52.13 (1)Silver
Gustav WederDonat AcklinKurt MeierDomenico Semeraro
37Germany IGER3:28.0151.82 (5)51.91 (3)52.14 (=3)52.14 (2)Bronze
Wolfgang HoppeUlf HielscherRené HannemannCarsten Embach
43Austria IAUT3:28.4051.76 (2)52.04 (4)52.23 (5)52.37 (4)
Hubert SchösserGerhard RedlHarald WinklerGerhard Haidacher
510Great Britain IGBR3:28.8752.03 (=8)52.24 (7)52.14 (=3)52.46 (7)
Mark ToutGeorge FarrellJason WingLenny Paul
68Austria IIAUT3:28.9151.94 (6)52.22 (6)52.32 (9)52.43 (6)
Kurt EinbergerThomas BachlerCarsten NentwigMartin Schützenauer
74Switzerland IISUI3:29.3351.98 (7)52.16 (5)52.58 (=15)52.61 (14)
Christian MeiliRené SchmidheinyGerold LöfflerChristian Reich
815Great Britain IIGBR3:29.4152.23 (12)52.45 (=13)52.26 (6)52.47 (8)
Sean OlssonJohn HerbertDean WardPaul Field
92Italy IIITA3:29.4251.78 (3)52.29 (=9)52.60 (17)52.75 (=17)
Günther HuberAntonio TartagliaBernhard MairMirco RuggieroStefano Ticci
1013Czechia CZE3:29.5152.35 (14)52.45 (=13)52.31 (=7)52.40 (5)
Jiří DžmuraPavel PuškárPavel PolomskýJan Kobián
116Canada IICAN3:29.5652.11 (10)52.32 (11)52.57 (14)52.56 (12)
Chris LoriChris FarstadSheridon BaptisteGlenroy Gilbert
1211Canada ICAN3:29.5752.22 (11)52.51 (17)52.31 (=7)52.53 (11)
Pierre LuedersDave MacEachernJack PycPascal Caron
1317Latvia ILAT3:29.8152.49 (17)52.27 (8)52.55 (=12)52.50 (9)
Zintis EkmanisBoriss ArtemjevsAldis IntlersDidzis Skuška
1423Jamaica JAM3:29.9652.50 (18)52.56 (18)52.39 (10)52.51 (10)
Dudley StokesWinston WattsChris StokesWayne Thomas
151United States IUSA3:29.9752.03 (=8)52.42 (12)52.77 (19)52.75 (=17)
Randy WillJeff WoodardJoe SawyerChris Coleman
1619France IIFRA3:30.0452.43 (15)52.49 (=15)52.54 (11)52.58 (13)
Bruno MingeonPhilippe TanchonGabriel FourmigueÉric Le Chanony
1720Sweden SWE3:30.3252.53 (19)52.49 (=15)52.58 (=15)52.72 (15)
Fredrik GustafssonJörgen KruseLennart WestermarkHans Byberg
1822Japan JPN3:30.6752.56 (21)52.83 (23)52.55 (=12)52.73 (16)
Naomi TakewakiHiroyuki OshimaHiroshi SuzukiTakashi Ohori
1921Latvia IILAT3:30.8152.67 (22)52.66 (20)52.69 (18)52.79 (19)
Sandis PrūsisJuris ToneOtomārs RihtersAdris Plūksna
2016Australia AUS3:31.0252.48 (16)52.67 (21)52.85 (20)53.02 (20)
Justin McDonaldAdam BarclayScott WalkerGlenn Carroll
2124France IFRA3:31.1852.54 (20)52.61 (19)52.89 (21)53.14 (22)
Christophe FlacherThierry TribondeauClaude DasseMax Robert
2212Italy IITA3:31.9552.87 (23)52.78 (22)52.97 (22)53.33 (23)
Pasquale GesuitoPaolo CanediSilvio CalcagnoAntonio Stiffi
2328Romania ROU3:32.1852.92 (24)53.02 (24)53.19 (23)53.05 (21)1
Florian EnacheMarian ChițescuIulian PăcioianuMihai Dumitrașcu
2430Russian Federation RUS3:33.1853.15 (25)53.20 (25)53.44 (24)53.39 (24)
Oleg SukhoruchenkoAydar TeregulovSergey KruglovOleg Petrov
2525Puerto Rico PUR3:34.0253.52 (26)53.50 (26)53.57 (25)53.43 (25)
Liston BochetteJosé FerrerJorge BonnetDouglas Rosado
2618Monaco MON3:34.6253.54 (27)53.58 (27)53.75 (26)53.75 (26)
Albert, Prince GrimaldiDavid TomatisPascal CamiaGilbert Bessi
2726Ukraine UKR3:35.3253.61 (28)53.75 (28)53.99 (27)53.97 (28)
Oleksiy ZhukovAndriy PetukhovVasyl LantukhOleksandr Bortiuk
2827United States Virgin Islands ISV3:35.6553.79 (29)53.82 (29)54.23 (28)53.81 (27)
Zachary ZollerPaul ZarDavid EntwistleAlexander Poe
2929Bosnia and Herzegovina BIH3:39.7754.77 (30)54.80 (30)55.10 (29)55.10 (29)
Zoran SokolovićIzet HaračićNizar ZaciragićIgor Boras
DQ14United States IIUSA52.25 (13)52.29 (=9)– (DQ)2
Brian ShimerBryan LeturgezKarlos KirbyRandy Jones