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Long Jump, Men

Date22 July 1908 — 10:30
LocationWhite City Stadium, London
Participants31 from 9 countries

The British Isles had no top jumper since Ireland’s Peter O’Connor had retired after the 1906 Olympics. America also was lacking a dominant long jumper as Meyer Prinstein was no longer competing. O’Connor was the holder of the world record of 24-11¾ (7.61), which he had set in 1901 and which, amazingly enough, remained an Irish record until 1990.

Frank Irons (USA) easily surpassed his best form at home and his victory was one of the major upsets of the 1908 Olympics. He led the qualifying with 24-5 (7.44) and improved to 24-6 (7.48) in the final. He was the only one of the three finalists to improve on his performance in the qualifying round and his winning mark placed him third on the all-time list behind O’Connor and Prinstein. Irons later won the AAU long jump title in both 1909 and 1910 and in 1909 also won the triple jump. He competed at the 1912 Olympics as well, but finished 9th in the long jump.

1Frank IronsUSA– (1)– (1)GoldOR
2Dan KellyUSA– (2)– (2)Silver
3Cal BrickerCAN– (3)– (3)Bronze
4Ed CookUSA– (4)
5John BrennanUSA– (5)
6Frank Mount PleasantUSA– (6)
7Albert WeinsteinGER– (7)
8Tim AhearneGBR– (8)
9Denis MurrayGBR– (9)
10Gunnar RönströmSWE– (10)
11Charles WilliamsGBR– (11)
12Sam BellahUSA– (12)
13Frank LukemanCAN– (13)
14Ödön HolitsHUN– (14)
15Arthur HoffmannGER– (15)
16Al BellerbyGBR– (16)
17Wilf BleadenGBR– (20)
18Willie WattGBR– (17)
19George BarberCAN– (18)
20Carl SilfverstrandSWE– (19)
ACBram EversNED– (AC)
ACJames O'ConnellUSA– (AC)
ACJacobus HoogveldNED– (AC)
ACHugo WieslanderSWE– (AC)
ACHermann von BönninghausenGER– (AC)
ACHenri GutierrezFRA– (AC)
ACLionel CornishGBR– (AC)
ACGarfield MacDonaldCAN– (AC)
ACArvid RingstrandSWE– (AC)
ACHenry OlsenNOR– (AC)
ACLudwig UettwillerGER– (AC)1
DNSGéza KövesdiHUN
DNSUuno RailoFIN
DNSGaston MartensBEL
DNSEugène SteinerFRA
DNSSandór VeresHUN
DNSBen StephensonUSA
DNSErik MajunkoHUN
DNSAndor SzendeHUN
DNSIstván CzurgayHUN
DNSAlex GordonGBR
DNSJeremiah MahoneyUSA
DNSErnest HutcheonANZ
DNSGustav KrojerAUT
DNSTed SavageCAN
DNSJuho HalmeFIN
DNSArmas PesonenFIN
DNSRagnar StenbergFIN
DNSHenri MeslotFRA
DNSRobert PascarelFRA
DNSCyril DugmoreGBR
DNSOswald GroeningsGBR
DNSKarl BechlerGER
DNSNándor KovácsHUN
DNSIstván SomodiHUN
DNSKálmán SzathmáryHUN
DNSGaspare TorrettaITA
DNSEvert KoopsNED
DNSEdvard LarsenNOR
DNSDoug StupartRSA
DNSJulius WagnerSUI
DNSKarl FryksdahlSWE
DNSSven LåftmanSWE
DNSKnut StenborgSWE
DNSPlatt AdamsUSA
DNSNate ShermanUSA
DNSKarl LampelmayerAUT
DNSMartin BrustmannGER

Qualifying Round (22 July 1908 — 10:30)

Each competitor was allowed three jumps, after which the leading three were allowed a further three trials. The nine scheduled qualifying sections were consolidated into five pools.

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Frank IronsUSAQOR
2Dan KellyUSAQ
3Cal BrickerCANQ
4Ed CookUSA
5John BrennanUSA
6Frank Mount PleasantUSA
7Albert WeinsteinGER
8Tim AhearneGBR
9Denis MurrayGBR
10Gunnar RönströmSWE
11Charles WilliamsGBR
12Sam BellahUSA
13Frank LukemanCAN
14Ödön HolitsHUN
15Arthur HoffmannGER
16Al BellerbyGBR
17Willie WattGBR
18George BarberCAN
19Carl SilfverstrandSWE
20Wilf BleadenGBR
ACBram EversNED
ACJames O'ConnellUSA
ACJacobus HoogveldNED
ACHugo WieslanderSWE
ACHermann von BönninghausenGER
ACHenri GutierrezFRA
ACLionel CornishGBR
ACGarfield MacDonaldCAN
ACArvid RingstrandSWE
ACHenry OlsenNOR
ACLudwig UettwillerGER2

Qualifying Round, Group A (22 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Ed CookUSA6.9722-10½
2Sam BellahUSA6.6421-9½
3Ödön HolitsHUN6.5421-5½
4Wilf BleadenGBR6.1321-1½

Qualifying Round, Group B (22 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Dan KellyUSA7.0923-3¼Q
2John BrennanUSA6.8622-6¼
3Albert WeinsteinGER6.7722-2¾
4Tim AhearneGBR6.7222-0¾
5Al BellerbyGBR6.4421-1¾
6George BarberCAN6.4121-0½
7Carl SilfverstrandSWE6.3420-9½

Qualifying Round, Group C (22 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Frank IronsUSA7.4424-5QOR
2Frank Mount PleasantUSA6.8222-4½
3Charles WilliamsGBR6.6521-10
ACBram EversNED
ACJames O'ConnellUSA

Qualifying Round, Group D (22 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Denis MurrayGBR6.7122-0¼
2Frank LukemanCAN6.5921-7½
3Willie WattGBR6.4221-0¾
ACJacobus HoogveldNED
ACHugo WieslanderSWE
ACHermann von BönninghausenGER

Qualifying Round, Group E (22 July 1908)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Cal BrickerCAN7.0823-3Q
2Gunnar RönströmSWE6.6721-10½
3Arthur HoffmannGER6.5021-4
ACHenri GutierrezFRA
ACLionel CornishGBR
ACGarfield MacDonaldCAN
ACArvid RingstrandSWE
ACHenry OlsenNOR

Final Round (22 July 1908 — 15:30)

PosAthleteNOCDistanceDistance (Imp.)
1Frank IronsUSAOR
2Dan KellyUSA
3Cal BrickerCAN