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Long Jump, Men

Date 4 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin
Participants43 from 27 countries

The heavy favorite was the American, Jesse Owens, holder of the world record. In the qualifying he fouled his first two jumps but came through on his final attempt to make the final. In the final Owens led from the first round, improving his marks in rounds two, five, and six, to win the gold medal with an Olympic record 8.06 (26-5½). Silver was taken by Germany’s Luz Long and the bronze medal went to Japan’s Naoto Tajima.

1733Jesse OwensUSA7.64 (NP)8.06w (1)GoldOR
2862Luz LongGER– (NP)7.87w (2)Silver
3396Naoto TajimaJPN– (NP)7.74w (3)Bronze
=4861Wilhelm LeichumGER– (NP)7.73w (=4)
=4347Arturo MaffeiITA– (NP)7.73w (=4)
6778Bob ClarkUSA– (NP)7.67w (6)
7777John BrooksUSA– (NP)7.41w (7)
8191Robert PaulFRA– (NP)7.34w (8)
9860Artur BäumleGER– (NP)7.32w (9)
=10476Otto BergNOR– (NP)7.30w (=10)
=10594Åke StenqvistSWE– (NP)7.30w (=10)
12327Gianni CaldanaITA– (NP)7.26w (12)
13682Josef VosolsoběTCH– (NP)7.18w (13)
1488Sam RichardsonCAN– (NP)7.13w (14)
1559Márcio de OliveiraBRA– (NP)7.05w (15)
16397Kenshi TogamiJPN– (NP)6.18w (16)
NP r1/223Mohammad KhanAFG– (NP)
NP r1/252Émile BinetBEL– (NP)
NP r1/2116Zhang JiakuiCHN– (NP)
NP r1/2117Hao ChundeCHN– (NP)
NP r1/2118Situ GuangCHN– (NP)
NP r1/2143Willy RasmussenDEN6.92 (NP)
NP r1/2145Ruudi ToomsaluEST7.00est (NP)
NP r1/2177Martti TolamoFIN– (NP)
NP r1/2176Onni RajasaariFIN– (NP)
NP r1/2226Claude HeimFRA7.10 (NP)
NP r1/2227André PrébolinFRA7.07 (NP)
NP r1/2286Eddie BoyceGBR– (NP)
NP r1/2285George TraynorGBR– (NP)
NP r1/212Grigorios LamprakisGRE– (NP)
NP r1/2718Henrik KoltaiHUN– (NP)
NP r1/2395Masao HaradaJPN– (NP)
NP r1/2454François MerschLUX– (NP)
NP r1/2463Pascual GutiérrezMEX– (NP)
NP r1/2309Marten KlasemaNED– (NP)
NP r1/2530Carlos de la GuerraPER– (NP)
NP r1/2531Max BerendsonPER– (NP)
NP r1/2536Niño RamírezPHI– (NP)
NP r1/2565Bondoc Ionescu-CrumROU– (NP)
NP r1/2628Jean StuderSUI– (NP)
NP r1/2680Jiří HoffmannTCH– (NP)
NP r1/2681Rudolf PolameTCH– (NP)
NP r1/2423Ivo BuratovićYUG– (NP)
DNS39Basil DickinsonAUS
DNS37Jack MetcalfeAUS
DNS133Pedro del VecchioCOL
DNS142Ingvard AndersenDEN
DNS643Ignacio SánchezESP
DNS627Walter MäderSUI

Qualifying Round (4 August 1936)

All those reaching 7.15 metres advanced to the final.

NPJesse OwensUSA7.64Q
NPNaoto TajimaJPNQ
NPWilhelm LeichumGERQ
NPArturo MaffeiITAQ
NPJohn BrooksUSAQ
NPRobert PaulFRAQ
NPArtur BäumleGERQ
NPÅke StenqvistSWEQ
NPGianni CaldanaITAQ
NPJosef VosolsoběTCHQ
NPSam RichardsonCANQ
NPMárcio de OliveiraBRAQ
NPKenshi TogamiJPNQ
NPClaude HeimFRA7.10
NPAndré PrébolinFRA7.07
NPWilly RasmussenDEN6.92
NPBondoc Ionescu-CrumROU
NPCarlos de la GuerraPER
NPEddie BoyceGBR
NPÉmile BinetBEL
NPFrançois MerschLUX
NPGeorge TraynorGBR
NPGrigorios LamprakisGRE
NPZhang JiakuiCHN
NPHenrik KoltaiHUN
NPIvo BuratovićYUG
NPJiří HoffmannTCH
NPMax BerendsonPER
NPMarten KlasemaNED
NPMartti TolamoFIN
NPMasao HaradaJPN
NPMohammad KhanAFG
NPNiño RamírezPHI
NPOnni RajasaariFIN
NPPascual GutiérrezMEX
NPRudolf PolameTCH
NPRuudi ToomsaluEST7.00est
NPHao ChundeCHN
NPSitu GuangCHN
NPJean StuderSUI

Final Round (4 August 1936 — 17:45)

1733Jesse OwensUSA8.06w7.74w7.87w7.75w×7.94w8.06wOR
2862Luz LongGER7.87w7.54w7.74w7.84w7.73w7.87w×
3396Naoto TajimaJPN7.74w7.65w×7.74w7.52w7.60w×
=4861Wilhelm LeichumGER7.73w××7.52w7.38w7.25w7.73w
=4347Arturo MaffeiITA7.73w7.50w7.47w7.73w7.22w7.42w7.39w
6778Bob ClarkUSA7.67w×7.60w7.54w7.60w7.67w7.57w
7777John BrooksUSA7.41w7.34w7.41w7.19w
8191Robert PaulFRA7.34w7.34w6.93w7.08w
9860Artur BäumleGER7.32w7.32w7.21w7.13w
=10594Åke StenqvistSWE7.30w7.30w7.13w6.68w
=10476Otto BergNOR7.30w7.30w×6.95w
12327Gianni CaldanaITA7.26w7.26w7.16w7.26w
13682Josef VosolsoběTCH7.18w×7.03w7.18w
1488Sam RichardsonCAN7.13w7.13w××
1559Márcio de OliveiraBRA7.05w×6.81w7.05w
16397Kenshi TogamiJPN6.18w6.18w××