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100 metres Butterfly, Men

Date24 July 1996
LocationGeorgia Tech Aquatic Center, Atlanta, Georgia
Participants58 from 52 countries
Olympic Record 53.00 / Anthony Nesty SUR / 21 September 1988

Rafał Szukała of Poland might have been world champion but it was clear that the two best in the world in this event were Denis Pankratov of Russia and Scott Miller of Australia. The two proved this beyond a doubt by being the only two to qualify for the final by swimming under 53 seconds in the heats.

Pankratov blitzed the field in the first 50 metres while Miller floundered down in sixth place. The Australian picked up his pace in the second half and moved through the field up to second place. The Russian could not be caught for gold and he finished in 52.27 to take 0.05 secs off his own world record. Silver medalist Miller set the third fastest time ever but still finished a quarter of a second down on Pankratov. Another Russian, Vladislav Kulikov finished third. This victory completed the butterfly double for Pankratov.

PosSwimmerNOCR1B FinalFinal
1Denis PankratovRUS52.96 (1 h8)52.27 (1)Gold
2Scott MillerAUS52.89 (1 h7)52.53 (2)Silver
3Vladislav KulikovRUS53.54 (2 h6)53.13 (3)Bronze
4Jiang ChengjiCHN53.40 (2 h8)53.20 (4)
5Rafał SzukałaPOL53.41 (3 h8)53.29 (5)
6Michael KlimAUS53.42 (3 h7)53.30 (6)
7Stephen ClarkeCAN53.41 (1 h6)53.33 (7)
8Pavlo KhnykinUKR53.25 (2 h7)53.58 (8)
=9James HickmanGBR53.73 (5 h7)53.23 (=1)
=9Mark HendersonUSA53.58 (4 h7)53.23 (=1)
11Péter HorváthHUN53.69 (4 h8)53.48 (3)
12Ricardo BusquetsPUR53.90 (=1 h4)53.65 (4)
13Takashi YamamotoJPN53.95 (6 h7)53.98 (5)
14Franck EspositoFRA53.77 (3 h6)54.02 (6)
15Eddie ParentiCAN54.03 (7 h7)54.19 (7)
16John HargisUSA54.06 (4 h6)54.29 (8)
17Francisco SánchezVEN53.90 (=1 h4)1
18Denys SylantievUKR54.33 (5 h8)
19Lars FrölanderSWE54.37 (5 h6)
20Yukihiro MatsushitaJPN54.50 (6 h8)
=21Oliver LampeGER54.56 (6 h6)
=21Andrey GavrilovKAZ54.56 (1 h5)
=23Miloš MiloševićCRO54.62 (2 h5)
=23Stefan AartsenNED54.62 (7 h8)
25Vesa HanskiFIN54.73 (3 h5)
26Denislav KalchevBUL54.81 (8 h7)
27Derya BüyükuncuTUR54.89 (3 h4)
28Vladan MarkovićSCG54.90 (4 h4)
29Jesús GonzálezMEX54.94 (4 h5)
30Diego PerdomoCOL55.08 (7 h6)
31Dan KutlerISR55.11 (5 h5)
32André TeixeiraBRA55.23 (1 h3)
33Javier GolovchenkoURU55.26 (5 h4)
34Danyon LoaderNZL55.39 (6 h5)
35Răzvan PetcuROU55.50 (6 h4)
36Peter MankočSLO55.59 (7 h5)
37Rubén PiñedaESA56.01 (1 h2)
38José MeolansARG56.02 (8 h8)
39Andrea OrianaITA56.04 (8 h5)
40Giovanni LinscheerSUR56.09 (2 h3)
41Janko GojkovićBIH56.11 (3 h3)
42Kire FilipovskiMKD56.13 (1 h1)
43Georgios PopotasGRE56.16 (7 h4)
44Roberto DelgadoECU56.29 (4 h3)
45Anthony AngMAS56.41 (5 h3)
=46Tamer ZinhomEGY56.46 (8 h4)
=46Maxim CazmirciucMDA56.46 (6 h3)
48Ravil NachayevUZB56.61 (2 h2)
49Artūrs JakovļevsLAT56.62 (3 h2)
50Arthur LiHKG56.92 (4 h2)
51Patrick SagisiGUM56.93 (7 h3)
52Yang Dae-CheolKOR57.05 (2 h1)
53PJ ThumSGP57.07 (5 h2)
54Mindaugas BružasLTU57.10 (3 h1)
55José IsazaPAN57.62 (6 h2)
56Alain SergileHAI58.23 (7 h2)
57Kamal Salman MasudPAK58.59 (4 h1)
58David PereyraBOL1:01.63 (5 h1)
DNSSalim IlesALG– (DNS h2)
DNSMartín López-ZuberoESP– (DNS h6)
DNSIndrek SeiEST– (DNS h3)

Round One (24 July 1996)

Fastest eight advanced to the final. Places 9-16 advanced to the B Final.

Heat One (11:15)

14Kire FilipovskiMKD56.130.71
25Yang Dae-CheolKOR57.050.73
33Mindaugas BružasLTU57.100.79
46Kamal Salman MasudPAK58.590.87
52David PereyraBOL1:01.630.74

Heat Two (11:19)

13Rubén PiñedaESA56.010.73
24Ravil NachayevUZB56.610.85
36Artūrs JakovļevsLAT56.620.78
41Arthur LiHKG56.920.87
57PJ ThumSGP57.071.03
62José IsazaPAN57.620.77
78Alain SergileHAI58.230.74
DNS5Salim IlesALG

Heat Three (11:23)

14André TeixeiraBRA55.230.83
23Giovanni LinscheerSUR56.090.82
36Janko GojkovićBIH56.110.76
41Roberto DelgadoECU56.290.74
55Anthony AngMAS56.410.82
67Maxim CazmirciucMDA56.460.81
78Patrick SagisiGUM56.930.77
DNS2Indrek SeiEST

Heat Four (11:27)

=13Francisco SánchezVEN53.900.76q
=15Ricardo BusquetsPUR53.900.63q
34Derya BüyükuncuTUR54.890.79
42Vladan MarkovićSCG54.900.75
51Javier GolovchenkoURU55.260.75
68Răzvan PetcuROU55.500.88
77Georgios PopotasGRE56.160.77
86Tamer ZinhomEGY56.460.80

Heat Five (11:31)

16Andrey GavrilovKAZ54.560.87
24Miloš MiloševićCRO54.620.72
31Vesa HanskiFIN54.730.78
42Jesús GonzálezMEX54.940.81
58Dan KutlerISR55.110.79
67Danyon LoaderNZL55.390.84
73Peter MankočSLO55.590.80
85Andrea OrianaITA56.040.82

Heat Six (11:35)

12Stephen ClarkeCAN53.410.77Q
24Vladislav KulikovRUS53.540.78Q
33Franck EspositoFRA53.770.66q
45John HargisUSA54.060.70
56Lars FrölanderSWE54.370.72
67Oliver LampeGER54.560.78
71Diego PerdomoCOL55.080.78
DNS8Martín López-ZuberoESP

Heat Seven (11:39)

14Scott MillerAUS52.890.78QOR
27Pavlo KhnykinUKR53.250.76Q
35Michael KlimAUS53.420.81Q
43Mark HendersonUSA53.580.73q
56James HickmanGBR53.730.83q
62Takashi YamamotoJPN53.950.72q
71Eddie ParentiCAN54.030.73q
88Denislav KalchevBUL54.810.80

Heat Eight (11:43)

14Denis PankratovRUS52.960.82Q
22Jiang ChengjiCHN53.400.76Q
33Rafał SzukałaPOL53.410.76Q
46Péter HorváthHUN53.690.74q
55Denys SylantievUKR54.330.82
68Yukihiro MatsushitaJPN54.500.71
71Stefan AartsenNED54.620.78
87José MeolansARG56.020.80

B Final (24 July 1996)

=13James HickmanGBR53.230.77
=14Mark HendersonUSA53.230.74
35Péter HorváthHUN53.480.71
42Ricardo BusquetsPUR53.650.62
57Takashi YamamotoJPN53.980.70
66Franck EspositoFRA54.020.66
71Eddie ParentiCAN54.190.75
88John HargisUSA54.290.70

Final (24 July 1996 — 20:13)

15Denis PankratovRUS52.270.81WR
24Scott MillerAUS52.530.79
38Vladislav KulikovRUS53.130.76
46Jiang ChengjiCHN53.200.73
52Rafał SzukałaPOL53.290.75
61Michael KlimAUS53.300.81
77Stephen ClarkeCAN53.330.79
83Pavlo KhnykinUKR53.580.75