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200 metres Individual Medley, Men

Date20 – 21 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants56 from 49 countries

After a 104 year wait for an Olympic swimming championship Italy won three in Sydney in 2000. Two of the golds went to Domenico Fioravanti in the breaststroke events and the other, in this event, to Massimiliano Rosolino. Rosolino had already won two medals in freestyle events in Sydney and had been long established as one of the best in the world without ever quite reaching champion status.

This all changed during the course of the race and especially over the course of the third leg, breaststroke, where Rosolino swept into the lead. On his specialist freestyle leg he moved even further away to record the second fastest time ever and break the Olympic record. Tom Dolan and Tom Wilkens, both of the USA, completed the podium positions. Dolan had already retained his 400 metres medley title in these Games.

1Massi RosolinoITA2:00.92 (1 h7)2:01.14 (1 h2)1:58.98 (1)Gold
2Tom DolanUSA2:01.55 (1 h5)2:00.38 (1 h1)1:59.77 (2)Silver
3Tom WilkensUSA2:02.21 (1 h6)2:01.51 (4 h2)2:00.87 (3)Bronze
4Attila CzeneHUN2:02.66 (5 h5)2:01.56 (3 h1)2:01.16 (4)
5Marcel WoudaNED2:01.89 (2 h5)2:01.40 (2 h2)2:01.48 (5)
6Christian KellerGER2:02.09 (4 h5)2:01.23 (2 h1)2:02.02 (6)
7Xavier MarchandFRA2:02.86 (4 h6)2:01.81 (4 h1)2:02.23 (7)
8Jani SievinenFIN2:02.00 (3 h5)2:01.46 (3 h2)2:02.49 (8)
9Matt DunnAUS2:02.44 (2 h6)2:01.95 (5 h1)
10Curtis MydenCAN2:01.95 (2 h7)2:01.99 (6 h1)
11Cezar BădițăROU2:02.48 (3 h6)2:02.02 (5 h2)
12Jens KruppaGER2:03.08 (5 h6)2:02.55 (7 h1)
13Jordi CarrascoESP2:02.89 (4 h7)2:02.90 (6 h2)
14Rob Van der ZantAUS2:02.77 (3 h7)2:02.91 (7 h2)
15Brian JohnsCAN2:03.12 (6 h5)2:02.92 (8 h2)
16Jiro MikiJPN2:03.33 (6 h6)2:03.90 (8 h1)
17Terence ParkinRSA2:03.33 (5 h7)
18Peter MankočSLO2:03.45 (7 h6)
19István BatháziHUN2:03.63 (6 h7)
20Theo VersterRSA2:03.64 (7 h5)
21Jan VíťazkaCZE2:03.66 (7 h7)
22Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:04.04 (8 h5)
23Dean KentNZL2:04.07 (1 h4)
24Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:04.18 (2 h4)
25Xie XufengCHN2:04.67 (8 h6)
26George BovellTTO2:04.68 (1 h3)
27Michael WindischAUT2:05.15 (3 h4)
28Yves PlatelSUI2:05.19 (4 h4)
29Grigory MatuzkovKAZ2:05.45 (1 h2)
30Susumu TabuchiJPN2:05.68 (8 h7)
31Artem HoncharenkoUKR2:05.98 (5 h4)
32Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:06.01 (2 h3)
33Han Gyu-CheolKOR2:06.42 (3 h3)
34Arsenio LópezPUR2:06.49 (4 h3)
35Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:06.85 (2 h2)
36Krešimir ČačCRO2:07.04 (6 h4)
37Javier DíazMEX2:07.28 (3 h2)
38Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD2:07.45 (4 h2)
39Miki HalikaISR2:07.53 (7 h4)
40Andrey PakinKGZ2:07.88 (1 h1)
41Stephen FahyBER2:07.92 (5 h3)
42George GleasonISV2:08.25 (2 h1)
43Phathanyu YimsumruayTHA2:08.38 (8 h4)
44Wu Nien-PinTPE2:08.85 (6 h3)
45Walter ArcipreteARG2:08.89 (5 h2)
46Alex FongHKG2:09.00 (6 h2)
47Andrei ZaharovMDA2:09.13 (7 h3)
48Uğur Orel OralTUR2:09.51 (7 h2)
49Đorđe FilipovićSCG2:09.58 (3 h1)
50Felix SutantoINA2:09.77 (4 h1)
51Haitham HassanEGY2:09.92 (8 h3)
52Francisco PicassoURU2:10.97 (8 h2)
53Giorgos DimitriadisCYP2:12.76 (5 h1)
54Saad KhalloqiMAR2:13.22 (6 h1)
55Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:16.23 (7 h1)
56Omar Abu-FaresJOR2:21.22 (8 h1)

Round One (20 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:25)

17Andrey PakinKGZ2:07.880.94
25George GleasonISV2:08.250.78
33Đorđe FilipovićSCG2:09.580.82
44Felix SutantoINA2:09.770.71
56Giorgos DimitriadisCYP2:12.760.77
61Saad KhalloqiMAR2:13.220.88
72Sultan Al-OtaibiKUW2:16.230.79
88Omar Abu-FaresJOR2:21.220.88

Heat Two (11:29)

13Grigory MatuzkovKAZ2:05.450.83
26Jeremy KnowlesBAH2:06.850.84
35Javier DíazMEX2:07.280.76
42Aleksandar MiladinovskiMKD2:07.450.81
54Walter ArcipreteARG2:08.890.88
67Alex FongHKG2:09.000.79
71Uğur Orel OralTUR2:09.510.76
88Francisco PicassoURU2:10.970.79

Heat Three (11:33)

14George BovellTTO2:04.680.87
25Oleg PukhnatyUZB2:06.010.89
33Han Gyu-CheolKOR2:06.420.81
42Arsenio LópezPUR2:06.490.78
51Stephen FahyBER2:07.920.67
66Wu Nien-PinTPE2:08.850.66
77Andrei ZaharovMDA2:09.130.88
88Haitham HassanEGY2:09.920.83

Heat Four (11:37)

14Dean KentNZL2:04.070.80
22Valērijs KalmikovsLAT2:04.180.80
31Michael WindischAUT2:05.150.79
48Yves PlatelSUI2:05.190.76
55Artem HoncharenkoUKR2:05.980.89
63Krešimir ČačCRO2:07.040.94
76Miki HalikaISR2:07.530.86
87Phathanyu YimsumruayTHA2:08.380.76

Heat Five (11:41)

14Tom DolanUSA2:01.550.74
25Marcel WoudaNED2:01.890.91
36Jani SievinenFIN2:02.000.77
43Christian KellerGER2:02.090.79
52Attila CzeneHUN2:02.660.83
67Brian JohnsCAN2:03.120.81
71Theo VersterRSA2:03.640.73
88Ioannis KokkodisGRE2:04.040.83

Heat Six (11:46)

14Tom WilkensUSA2:02.210.78
25Matt DunnAUS2:02.440.88
32Cezar BădițăROU2:02.480.86
46Xavier MarchandFRA2:02.860.76
53Jens KruppaGER2:03.080.82
67Jiro MikiJPN2:03.330.69
78Peter MankočSLO2:03.450.83
81Xie XufengCHN2:04.670.90

Heat Seven (11:51)

14Massi RosolinoITA2:00.920.85
25Curtis MydenCAN2:01.950.78
33Rob Van der ZantAUS2:02.770.75
42Jordi CarrascoESP2:02.890.79
56Terence ParkinRSA2:03.330.76
61István BatháziHUN2:03.630.79
78Jan VíťazkaCZE2:03.660.71
87Susumu TabuchiJPN2:05.680.82

Semi-Finals (20 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (20:32)

14Tom DolanUSA2:00.380.69Q
23Christian KellerGER2:01.230.77Q
32Attila CzeneHUN2:01.560.80Q
47Xavier MarchandFRA2:01.810.75Q
56Matt DunnAUS2:01.950.87
65Curtis MydenCAN2:01.990.80
71Jens KruppaGER2:02.550.82
88Jiro MikiJPN2:03.900.68

Heat Two (20:38)

14Massi RosolinoITA2:01.140.84Q
25Marcel WoudaNED2:01.400.89Q
33Jani SievinenFIN2:01.460.77Q
46Tom WilkensUSA2:01.510.79Q
52Cezar BădițăROU2:02.020.90
61Jordi CarrascoESP2:02.900.82
77Rob Van der ZantAUS2:02.910.76
88Brian JohnsCAN2:02.920.84

Final (21 September 2000 — 20:24)

15Massi RosolinoITA1:58.980.79OR
24Tom DolanUSA1:59.770.66
37Tom WilkensUSA2:00.870.77
41Attila CzeneHUN2:01.160.85
56Marcel WoudaNED2:01.480.88
63Christian KellerGER2:02.020.77
78Xavier MarchandFRA2:02.230.79
82Jani SievinenFIN2:02.490.75