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Slalom, Women

Date26 February 2010
LocationWhistler Creekside, Whistler (Lower Dave Murray)
Participants87 from 47 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Klemen BergantSLO
Course Setter (Run 2)Günter ObkircherAUT
DetailsGates: 62
Length: 610 m
Start Altitude: 985 m
Vertical Drop: 180 m

The women’s Alpine skiing events ended with the slalom. The dominate skiers in the 2009-10 season were Maria Riesch who won in Levi, Šárka Záhrobská who won in Aspen, Sandrine Aubert who won in Åre and Zagreb, Marlies Schild who won in Lienz and Flachau, and Kathrin Zettel who won the final World Cup race about one month prior to the Olympics in Maribor. The Slalom World Cup standings after seven of eight races saw Riesch (winner of the 2008-09 Slalom World Cup) in the lead followed by Zettel, Aubert, and Schild (winner of the Slalom World Cup in 2006-07 and 2007-08). Schild had recovered right before this season after missing the 2008-09 season due to a complex fracture of her left lower leg after a fall in a training run on 9 October 2008. Riesch was also the reigning 2009 world champion as she won gold at Val d’Isère, while Záhrobská took silver and Tanja Poutiainen finished third. At the 2007 World Championship in Åre Záhrobská won gold in front of Schild (silver) and Anja Pärson (bronze). Pärson (gold) and Schild (bronze) had also medaled at Torino in the slalom, leaving absent only the 2006 silver medalist Nicole Hosp, who had sustained an ACL tear in her right knee on 24 October 2009 after a fall in the first race (giant slalom) of the season in Sölden.

As with a number of the other alpine skiing events, this too was held in poor weather conditions, fog being the main culprit. However the race went ahead on schedule and, after the first run, super combined gold medalist Riesch had the fastest time of 50.75 seconds, followed by slalom specialists Záhrobská, 0.40 seconds behind, and Schild another 0.25 seconds back. Elisabeth Görgl, with the 22nd fastest time of the first run, took the early lead in the second run with a combined time of 1:44.97, which would eventually be good enough for 7th place, and her time was not bettered until Aubert, 7th fastest in the first run. The medals would eventually be decided among the three leaders after the first run. Schild, first off of the three leaders, set the combined target time of 1:43.32. Záhrobská, skiing with a degree of caution, let slip her first run advantage to finish in 1:43.90, behind Schild. With the pressure on, and having seen her sister Susanne straddle a gate when threatening to set a fast time, Maria Riesch skied a controlled second run to finish in a combined time of 1:42.89 and win her second gold medal of the Games. This made Riesch the most successful Alpine skier at Vancouver, making her the only participant to win two gold medals. She used Head skis to win the race as did Záhrobská to win bronze. Schild used Atomic for her silver medal, while Maria Pietilä-Holmner trusted Rossignol to place fourth.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
15Maria RieschGER1:42.8950.75 (1)52.14 (3)Gold
21Marlies SchildAUT1:43.3251.40 (3)51.92 (1)Silver
37Šárka ZáhrobskáCZE1:43.9051.15 (2)52.75 (7)Bronze
42Maria Pietilä-HolmnerSWE1:44.2251.64 (5)52.58 (6)
59Sandrine AubertFRA1:44.4651.68 (7)52.78 (8)
63Tanja PoutiainenFIN1:44.9351.67 (6)53.26 (16)
76Elisabeth GörglAUT1:44.9753.01 (=22)51.96 (2)
818Nicole GiusITA1:45.0151.71 (8)53.30 (17)
926Tina MazeSLO1:45.0952.28 (14)52.81 (9)
1011Veronika ZuzulováSVK1:45.1452.11 (=11)53.03 (11)
1125Manuela MölggITA1:45.3153.09 (24)52.22 (4)
1229Ana JelušićCRO1:45.4352.37 (16)53.06 (14)
1312Kathrin ZettelAUT1:45.5952.59 (18)53.00 (10)
1414Christina GeigerGER1:45.6252.10 (10)53.52 (19)
1522Frida HansdotterSWE1:45.6752.50 (17)53.17 (15)
168Sarah SchleperUSA1:45.8851.83 (9)54.05 (28)
1715Brigitte ActonCAN1:45.9352.11 (=11)53.82 (21)
184Denise KarbonITA1:45.9453.44 (27)52.50 (5)
1937Anna GoodmanCAN1:46.0453.01 (=22)53.03 (12)
2013Erin MielzynskiCAN1:46.0952.60 (19)53.49 (18)
2117Therese BorssénSWE1:46.7152.97 (21)53.74 (20)
2223Marina NiggLIE1:46.8353.78 (30)53.05 (13)
2331Maruša FerkSLO1:47.0353.20 (26)53.83 (22)
2416Jana GantnerováSVK1:47.4653.54 (28)53.92 (26)
2519Nika FleissCRO1:47.5953.68 (29)53.91 (25)
2624Anne-Sophie BarthetFRA1:47.8353.82 (31)54.01 (27)
2730Karen PersynBEL1:47.9654.09 (33)53.87 (23)
2843Yelena ProstevaRUS1:48.3454.20 (34)54.14 (30)
2927Nastasia NoensFRA1:48.5754.49 (36)54.08 (29)
3036Hailey DukeUSA1:48.6954.02 (32)54.67 (31)
3138Marie-Michèle GagnonCAN1:49.5155.64 (42)53.87 (24)
3232Nevena IgnjatovićSRB1:50.4855.27 (41)55.21 (33)
3339Lyaysan RayanovaRUS1:50.8255.13 (40)55.69 (35)
3449Matea FerkCRO1:50.9354.95 (39)55.98 (36)
3534Agnieszka Gąsienica-DanielPOL1:52.1957.06 (46)55.13 (32)
3621Macarena Simari BirknerARG1:52.3556.84 (44)55.51 (34)
3735Bohdana MatsotskaUKR1:53.0056.46 (43)56.54 (37)
3846Maryia ShkanavaBLR1:54.5056.92 (45)57.58 (39)
3942Sofija NovoselićCRO1:54.9158.17 (48)56.74 (38)
4052Žana NovakovićBIH1:55.9558.19 (49)57.76 (40)
4153Noelle BarahonaCHI1:57.8258.74 (=50)59.08 (41)
4233Tiiu NurmbergEST1:57.9958.91 (52)59.08 (42)
4351Chirine NjeimLBN1:58.2058.97 (53)59.23 (43)
4450Zsófia DömeHUN1:58.3258.74 (=50)59.58 (44)
4564Anna BereczHUN1:59.6359.81 (60)59.82 (45)
4644Kim Seon-JuKOR2:00.0359.70 (58)1:00.33 (46)
4755Sophia RalliGRE2:00.4159.32 (55)1:01.09 (48)
4847Maya HarrissonBRA2:01.671:01.18 (64)1:00.49 (47)
4961Liene FimbauereLAT2:02.111:00.30 (62)1:01.81 (50)
5070Nino TsiklauriGEO2:02.3259.77 (59)1:02.55 (52)
5165Cynthia DenzlerCOL2:02.391:01.14 (63)1:01.25 (49)
5273Yina Moe-LangeDEN2:04.701:02.75 (66)1:01.95 (51)
5368Sophia PapamichalopoulouCYP2:05.181:02.47 (65)1:02.71 (53)
5460Jacky ChamounLBN2:18.031:09.41 (70)1:08.62 (54)
5566Marjan KalhorIRI2:18.601:08.65 (69)1:09.95 (55)
DNF56Susanne RieschGER51.46 (4)– (DNF)
DNF82Fanny ChmelarGER52.12 (13)– (DNF)
DNF58Michaela KirchgasserAUT52.31 (15)– (DNF)
DNF79Anja PärsonSWE52.93 (20)– (DNF)
DNF72Chiara CostazzaITA53.18 (25)– (DNF)
DNF67Megan McJamesUSA54.41 (35)– (DNF)
DNF76Mona LøsethNOR54.53 (37)– (DNF)
DNF80Mireia GutiérrezAND54.81 (38)– (DNF)
DNF77Anastasiya SkriabinaUKR57.53 (47)– (DNF)
DNF86María Belén Simari BirknerARG58.99 (54)– (DNF)
DNF78Maja KlepićBIH59.43 (56)– (DNF)
DNF40Ornella OettlPER59.61 (57)– (DNF)
DNF85Lizaveta KuzmenkaBLR59.97 (61)– (DNF)
DNF87Jelena LolovićSRB1:05.67 (68)– (DNS)
DNF81Xia LinaCHN1:10.60 (71)– (DNF)
DNF20Sanni LeinonenFIN– (DNF)
DNF28Claire DautherivesFRA– (DNF)
DNF59Andrea JardiESP– (DNF)
DNF57Marija TrmčićSRB– (DNF)
DNF54Chemmy AlcottGBR– (DNF)
DNF10Lindsey VonnUSA– (DNF)
DNF48Mariya KirkovaBUL– (DNF)
DNF62Íris GuðmundsdóttirISL– (DNF)
DNF63Sofie JuárezAND– (DNF)
DNF41Ana DrevSLO– (DNF)
DNF45Petra ZakouřilováCZE– (DNF)
DNF75Tuğba DaşdemirTUR– (DNF)
DNF74Gaia Bassani AntivariAZE– (DNF)
DNF71Nicol GastaldiARG– (DNF)
DNF83Kseniya GrigoryevaUZB– (DNF)
DQ69Ani-Matilda SerebrakyanARM[1:03.29] (DQ)
DQ84Kirsty McGarryIRL[59.28] (DQ)