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200 metres Freestyle, Men

Date10 – 12 August 2008
LocationBeijing Guojia Youyong Zhongxin, Beijing Aolinpike Gongyuan, Beijing
Participants57 from 49 countries
Olympic Record 1:44.71 / Ian Thorpe AUS / 16 August 2004

Already having won the 400 individual medley and the 4×100 freestyle relay as part of the US team, Michael Phelps entered the 200 metre freestyle as an overwhelming favourite. Phelps, the world record holder in the event, had been beaten into third in this race in 2004 and, when he failed to win either his heat or semi-final, a little seed of doubt was sown. The final proved that Phelps had simply been careful not to exert himself too much early in his competition schedule as he powered clear by halfway and then kept up his scintillating pace to take 0.90 seconds off his own world record and win the race by nearly two seconds. Behind Phelps was the newly crowned 400 metre freestyle champion Park Tae-Hwan of Korea who held off the challenge of Phelps’ training partner at Team Wolverine, Peter Vanderkaay.

1Michael PhelpsUSA1:46.48 (2 h8)1:46.28 (3 h2)1:42.96 (1)Gold
2Park Tae-HwanKOR1:46.73 (3 h8)1:45.99 (2 h2)1:44.85 (2)Silver
3Peter VanderkaayUSA1:47.39 (2 h7)1:45.76 (1 h2)1:45.14 (3)Bronze
4Jean BassonRSA1:46.31 (1 h6)1:46.13 (1 h1)1:45.97 (4)
5Paul BiedermannGER1:47.09 (1 h7)1:46.41 (4 h2)1:46.00 (5)
6Dominik MeichtrySUI1:45.80 (1 h8)1:46.54 (6 h2)1:46.95 (6)
7Yoshihiro OkumuraJPN1:46.89 (5 h8)1:46.44 (5 h2)1:47.14 (7)
8Robbie RenwickGBR1:47.82 (3 h7)1:47.07 (7 h2)1:47.47 (8)
9Dan IzotovRUS1:46.80 (4 h8)1:47.24 (2 h1)
10Ross DavenportGBR1:47.13 (6 h8)1:47.35 (3 h1)
11Emiliano BrembillaITA1:47.04 (4 h6)1:47.70 (4 h1)
12Nicholas SprengerAUS1:47.64 (6 h6)1:47.80 (5 h1)
13Dominik KollAUT1:47.81 (7 h8)1:47.87 (6 h1)
14Colin RussellCAN1:46.58 (3 h6)1:48.13 (7 h1)
15Nimrod ShapiraISR1:47.78 (1 h5)1:48.16 (8 h2)
16Rodrigo CastroBRA1:47.87 (7 h6)1:48.71 (8 h1)
17Brent HaydenCAN1:46.40 (2 h6)1
18Amaury LeveauxFRA1:47.44 (5 h6)2
=19Oussama MellouliTUN1:47.97 (8 h6)
=19Aleksandr SukhorukovRUS1:47.97 (4 h7)
21Darian TownsendRSA1:48.08 (2 h5)
22Kenrick MonkAUS1:48.17 (5 h7)
23Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:48.18 (3 h5)
24Sho UchidaJPN1:48.34 (4 h5)
25Romāns MiloslavskisLAT1:48.41 (6 h7)
26Shaune FraserCAY1:48.60 (5 h5)
27Gard KvaleNOR1:48.73 (1 h4)
28Massi RosolinoITA1:48.76 (7 h7)
29Andreas ZisimosGRE1:48.82 (6 h5)
30Glenn SurgelooseBEL1:48.92 (7 h5)
31Jon RudDEN1:48.96 (2 h4)
32Ryan PiniPNG1:49.04 (1 h3)
33Zhang EnjianCHN1:49.15 (8 h7)
34Łukasz GąsiorPOL1:49.25 (8 h8)
35Norbert KovácsHUN1:49.34 (3 h4)
36Martín KutscherURU1:49.61 (4 h4)
37Dominik StragaCRO1:49.63 (2 h3)
38Christoffer WikströmSWE1:49.84 (5 h4)
39Tiago VenâncioPOR1:50.24 (8 h5)
40Radovan SiljevskiSRB1:50.25 (3 h3)
41Bryan TaySGP1:50.41 (1 h2)
42Crox AcuñaVEN1:50.52 (4 h3)
43Julio César GalofreCOL1:50.62 (5 h3)
44Daniel BegoMAS1:50.92 (6 h3)
45Vladimir SidorkinEST1:51.27 (2 h2)
46Květoslav SvobodaCZE1:51.67 (6 h4)
47Saulius BinevičiusLTU1:51.80 (7 h3)
48Virdhawal KhadeIND1:51.86 (7 h4)
49Raphaël StacchiottiLUX1:52.01 (8 h4)
50Mario MontoyaCRC1:52.19 (3 h2)
51Mahrez MebarekALG1:52.66 (4 h2)
52Artur DilmanKAZ1:52.90 (5 h2)
53Irak'li RevishviliGEO1:53.60 (1 h1)
54Ibragim NazarovUZB1:56.27 (6 h2)
55Mihajlo RistovskiMKD1:57.45 (2 h1)
56Andrei ZaharovMDA1:58.62 (7 h2)
57Emanuele NicoliniSMR1:59.47 (3 h1)
DNSLuka TurkSLO– (DNS h3)

Round One (10 August 2008)

Fastest 16 swimmers advanced to semi-finals

Heat One (18:54)

14Irak'li RevishviliGEO1:53.600.77
23Mihajlo RistovskiMKD1:57.450.84
35Emanuele NicoliniSMR1:59.470.72

Heat Two (18:58)

16Bryan TaySGP1:50.410.62
25Vladimir SidorkinEST1:51.270.76
33Mario MontoyaCRC1:52.190.99
44Mahrez MebarekALG1:52.660.77
52Artur DilmanKAZ1:52.900.86
61Ibragim NazarovUZB1:56.270.90
77Andrei ZaharovMDA1:58.620.86

Heat Three (19:01)

15Ryan PiniPNG1:49.040.76
21Dominik StragaCRO1:49.630.81
37Radovan SiljevskiSRB1:50.250.75
43Crox AcuñaVEN1:50.520.78
52Julio César GalofreCOL1:50.620.72
66Daniel BegoMAS1:50.920.65
78Saulius BinevičiusLTU1:51.800.84
DNS4Luka TurkSLO

Heat Four (19:05)

14Gard KvaleNOR1:48.730.85
27Jon RudDEN1:48.960.74
35Norbert KovácsHUN1:49.340.64
46Martín KutscherURU1:49.610.76
53Christoffer WikströmSWE1:49.840.91
62Květoslav SvobodaCZE1:51.670.78
78Virdhawal KhadeIND1:51.860.75
81Raphaël StacchiottiLUX1:52.010.68

Heat Five (19:09)

16Nimrod ShapiraISR1:47.780.78Q
25Darian TownsendRSA1:48.080.69
31Serhiy AdvenaUKR1:48.180.84
44Sho UchidaJPN1:48.340.73
52Shaune FraserCAY1:48.600.71
63Andreas ZisimosGRE1:48.820.82
78Glenn SurgelooseBEL1:48.920.74
87Tiago VenâncioPOR1:50.240.77

Heat Six (19:13)

14Jean BassonRSA1:46.310.68Q
22Brent HaydenCAN1:46.400.75Q
33Colin RussellCAN1:46.580.76Q
47Emiliano BrembillaITA1:47.040.83Q
55Amaury LeveauxFRA1:47.440.76Q
66Nicholas SprengerAUS1:47.640.84Q
71Rodrigo CastroBRA1:47.870.69q
88Oussama MellouliTUN1:47.970.78

Heat Seven (19:17)

15Paul BiedermannGER1:47.090.86Q
24Peter VanderkaayUSA1:47.390.73Q
37Robbie RenwickGBR1:47.820.74q
43Aleksandr SukhorukovRUS1:47.970.78
56Kenrick MonkAUS1:48.170.75
68Romāns MiloslavskisLAT1:48.410.82
72Massi RosolinoITA1:48.760.84
81Zhang EnjianCHN1:49.150.75

Heat Eight (19:21)

12Dominik MeichtrySUI1:45.800.68Q
24Michael PhelpsUSA1:46.480.73Q
35Park Tae-HwanKOR1:46.730.67Q
43Dan IzotovRUS1:46.800.78Q
57Yoshihiro OkumuraJPN1:46.890.72Q
66Ross DavenportGBR1:47.130.72Q
71Dominik KollAUT1:47.810.83Q
88Łukasz GąsiorPOL1:49.250.74

Semi-Finals (11 August 2008)

Fastest eight swimmers advanced to final

Heat One (10:14)

14Jean BassonRSA1:46.130.71Q
23Dan IzotovRUS1:47.240.72
32Ross DavenportGBR1:47.350.71
46Emiliano BrembillaITA1:47.700.81
57Nicholas SprengerAUS1:47.800.86
61Dominik KollAUT1:47.870.80
75Colin RussellCAN1:48.130.72
88Rodrigo CastroBRA1:48.710.73

Heat Two (10:19)

17Peter VanderkaayUSA1:45.760.75Q
23Park Tae-HwanKOR1:45.990.68Q
35Michael PhelpsUSA1:46.280.74Q
42Paul BiedermannGER1:46.410.88Q
56Yoshihiro OkumuraJPN1:46.440.74Q
64Dominik MeichtrySUI1:46.540.65Q
78Robbie RenwickGBR1:47.070.76Q
81Nimrod ShapiraISR1:48.160.78

Final (12 August 2008 — 10:16)

16Michael PhelpsUSA1:42.960.73WR
25Park Tae-HwanKOR1:44.850.67
34Peter VanderkaayUSA1:45.140.75
43Jean BassonRSA1:45.970.69
52Paul BiedermannGER1:46.000.86
61Dominik MeichtrySUI1:46.950.68
77Yoshihiro OkumuraJPN1:47.140.71
88Robbie RenwickGBR1:47.470.74