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100 metres Breaststroke, Men

Date16 – 17 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants66 from 60 countries
Olympic Record 1:00.60 WR / Fred Deburghgraeve BEL / 20 July 1996

In June and July 2000 Roman Sludnov of Russia and America’s Ed Moses posted the two fastest times in history and the scene was set for the two men to dispute the Olympic title and possibly even break the one-minute barrier for the event. Even when Domenico Fioravanti, the Italian who held the European title, set the fastest time in both qualifying rounds few thought that that he could beat the duo to the Olympic championships.

Fioravanti had other ideas and, with neither Sludnov nor Moses quite up to their top form, the Italian broke the Olympic record on the way to becoming his nation’s first ever Olympic swimming champion. A few days later he added another gold in the 200 metres breaststroke but he was denied an opportunity to defend these titles. Shortly before the Athens Games he was forced to retire due to a genetic heart abnormality

1Domenico FioravantiITA1:01.32 (1 h8)1:00.84 (1 h2)1:00.46 (1)Gold
2Ed MosesUSA1:01.59 (3 h8)1:01.22 (2 h2)1:00.73 (2)Silver
3Roman SludnovRUS1:02.15 (3 h9)1:01.15 (1 h1)1:00.91 (3)Bronze
4Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:01.68 (2 h7)1:01.31 (3 h2)1:01.34 (4)
5Daniel MálekCZE1:01.56 (2 h8)1:01.60 (2 h1)1:01.50 (5)
6Morgan KnabeCAN1:01.81 (3 h7)1:01.70 (3 h1)1:01.58 (6)
7Brett PetersenRSA1:02.20 (4 h8)1:01.42 (4 h2)1:01.63 (7)
8Remo LütolfSUI1:02.54 (6 h8)1:01.81 (4 h1)1:01.88 (8)
9Károly GüttlerHUN1:01.66 (1 h7)1:01.83 (5 h1)
10Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:01.87 (4 h7)1:01.88 (5 h2)
11Jarno PihlavaFIN1:02.21 (4 h9)1:01.92 (6 h1)
12Jens KruppaGER1:02.09 (2 h9)1:01.92 (6 h2)
13Marcel WoudaNED1:02.00 (1 h9)1:01.94 (7 h1)
14Darren MewGBR1:02.42 (5 h8)1:01.98 (7 h2)
15Oleh LisohorUKR1:02.24 (5 h9)1:02.00 (8 h2)
16Hugues DuboscqFRA1:02.40 (5 h7)1:02.89 (8 h1)
17Phil RogersAUS1:02.77 (1 h6)
18José CoutoPOR1:02.79 (7 h8)
19Elvin ChiaMAS1:02.81 (2 h6)
20Mark WarneckeGER1:02.85 (6 h9)
21Akira HayashiJPN1:02.86 (7 h9)
22Patrick SchmollingerAUT1:02.87 (3 h6)
23Adam WhiteheadGBR1:02.91 (6 h7)
24Marek KrawczykPOL1:03.00 (4 h6)
25Pat CalhounUSA1:03.03 (7 h7)
26Patrik IsakssonSWE1:03.05 (8 h9)
27Steven FergusonNZL1:03.06 (5 h6)
28Terence ParkinRSA1:03.11 (8 h7)
29Zhu YiCHN1:03.20 (8 h8)
30Vanja RoguljCRO1:03.58 (6 h6)
31Eduardo FischerBRA1:03.72 (7 h6)
=32Raiko PachelEST1:03.99 (8 h6)
=32Tal StrickerISR1:03.99 (1 h5)
=34Valērijs KalmikovsLAT1:04.02 (=1 h4)
=34Arsenio LópezPUR1:04.02 (=1 h4)
36Vadim TatarovMDA1:04.12 (1 h3)
37Francisco SurianoESA1:04.31 (2 h3)
38Álvaro FortunyGUA1:04.35 (2 h5)
39Alwin de PrinsLUX1:04.37 (3 h5)
40Yang Shang-HsuanTPE1:04.54 (4 h5)
41Andrew BreeIRL1:04.58 (3 h4)
42Nikola SavčićSCG1:04.64 (4 h4)
43Alfredo JacoboMEX1:04.67 (5 h5)
44Iván RodríguezPAN1:04.68 (6 h5)
45Jo Gyeong-HwanKOR1:04.71 (5 h4)
46Aliaksandr HukauBLR1:04.96 (7 h5)
47Wickus NienaberSWZ1:04.98 (3 h3)
48Juan José MadrigalCRC1:05.14 (1 h2)
49Jörg LindemeierNAM1:05.25 (4 h3)
50Matthew KwokHKG1:05.28 (5 h3)
51Sylvain FauréMON1:05.51 (2 h2)
52Hjalti GuðmundssonISL1:05.55 (6 h4)
53Sergio FerreyraARG1:05.75 (8 h5)
54Aleksandr SavitskyKAZ1:05.95 (6 h3)
55Jean-Luc RazakarivonyMAD1:05.97 (3 h2)
56Ahmad Al-KudmaniKSA1:06.07 (4 h2)
57Daniel LiewSGP1:06.41 (7 h4)
58Krasimir ZakhovBUL1:07.09 (7 h3)
59Yevgeny PetrashovKGZ1:07.32 (8 h4)
60Hakan KiperTUR1:07.46 (8 h3)
61Antonio LeónPAR1:08.12 (1 h1)
62Malick FallSEN1:08.60 (5 h2)
63Kieran ChanPNG1:13.34 (2 h1)
64Karar Samedul IslamBAN1:14.93 (6 h2)
65Joe AtuhaireUGA1:22.35 (3 h1)
ACFacinet BangouraGUI– (AC h2)DQ

Round One (16 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (11:45)

13Antonio LeónPAR1:08.120.85
25Kieran ChanPNG1:13.340.95
34Joe AtuhaireUGA1:22.350.93

Heat Two (11:48)

14Juan José MadrigalCRC1:05.140.80
23Sylvain FauréMON1:05.510.78
36Jean-Luc RazakarivonyMAD1:05.970.89
45Ahmad Al-KudmaniKSA1:06.070.75
52Malick FallSEN1:08.600.85
67Karar Samedul IslamBAN1:14.930.84
AC1Facinet BangouraGUIDQ1

Heat Three (11:51)

11Vadim TatarovMDA1:04.120.92
24Francisco SurianoESA1:04.310.76
35Wickus NienaberSWZ1:04.980.77
42Jörg LindemeierNAM1:05.250.80
53Matthew KwokHKG1:05.280.66
67Aleksandr SavitskyKAZ1:05.950.82
78Krasimir ZakhovBUL1:07.090.84
86Hakan KiperTUR1:07.460.89

Heat Four (11:54)

=13Arsenio LópezPUR1:04.020.76
=17Valērijs KalmikovsLAT1:04.020.80
35Andrew BreeIRL1:04.580.84
42Nikola SavčićSCG1:04.640.81
58Jo Gyeong-HwanKOR1:04.710.80
64Hjalti GuðmundssonISL1:05.550.79
71Daniel LiewSGP1:06.410.72
86Yevgeny PetrashovKGZ1:07.320.97

Heat Five (11:57)

15Tal StrickerISR1:03.990.77
26Álvaro FortunyGUA1:04.350.78
33Alwin de PrinsLUX1:04.370.84
42Yang Shang-HsuanTPE1:04.540.78
54Alfredo JacoboMEX1:04.670.78
68Iván RodríguezPAN1:04.680.87
77Aliaksandr HukauBLR1:04.960.90
81Sergio FerreyraARG1:05.750.77

Heat Six (12:00)

15Phil RogersAUS1:02.770.74
26Elvin ChiaMAS1:02.810.83
34Patrick SchmollingerAUT1:02.870.83
42Marek KrawczykPOL1:03.000.74
53Steven FergusonNZL1:03.060.79
67Vanja RoguljCRO1:03.580.78
71Eduardo FischerBRA1:03.720.75
88Raiko PachelEST1:03.990.84

Heat Seven (12:03)

17Károly GüttlerHUN1:01.660.78Q
25Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:01.680.67Q
33Morgan KnabeCAN1:01.810.79Q
46Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:01.870.80Q
58Hugues DuboscqFRA1:02.400.80Q
62Adam WhiteheadGBR1:02.910.78
74Pat CalhounUSA1:03.030.68
81Terence ParkinRSA1:03.110.75

Heat Eight (12:07)

15Domenico FioravantiITA1:01.320.79Q
21Daniel MálekCZE1:01.560.86Q
34Ed MosesUSA1:01.590.73Q
43Brett PetersenRSA1:02.200.74Q
56Darren MewGBR1:02.420.93Q
62Remo LütolfSUI1:02.540.89Q
78José CoutoPOR1:02.790.78
87Zhu YiCHN1:03.200.86

Heat Nine (12:11)

18Marcel WoudaNED1:02.000.91Q
27Jens KruppaGER1:02.090.82Q
34Roman SludnovRUS1:02.150.77Q
45Jarno PihlavaFIN1:02.210.73Q
52Oleh LisohorUKR1:02.240.75Q
66Mark WarneckeGER1:02.850.73
73Akira HayashiJPN1:02.860.66
81Patrik IsakssonSWE1:03.050.82

Semi-Finals (16 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:43)

12Roman SludnovRUS1:01.150.79Q
24Daniel MálekCZE1:01.600.78Q
33Morgan KnabeCAN1:01.700.77Q
48Remo LütolfSUI1:01.810.79Q
55Károly GüttlerHUN1:01.830.76
67Jarno PihlavaFIN1:01.920.72
76Marcel WoudaNED1:01.940.89
81Hugues DuboscqFRA1:02.890.78

Heat Two (19:48)

14Domenico FioravantiITA1:00.840.86Q
25Ed MosesUSA1:01.220.77Q
33Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:01.310.68Q
47Brett PetersenRSA1:01.420.71Q
56Dmitry KomornikovRUS1:01.880.81
62Jens KruppaGER1:01.920.82
78Darren MewGBR1:01.980.78
81Oleh LisohorUKR1:02.000.75

Final (17 September 2000 — 19:33)

14Domenico FioravantiITA1:00.460.77OR
23Ed MosesUSA1:00.730.74
35Roman SludnovRUS1:00.910.77
46Kosuke KitajimaJPN1:01.340.68
57Daniel MálekCZE1:01.500.80
61Morgan KnabeCAN1:01.580.75
72Brett PetersenRSA1:01.630.75
88Remo LütolfSUI1:01.880.83