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Slalom, Men

Date19 February 1984
LocationBjelašnica (Olympia)
Participants101 from 38 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)Tullio GabrielliITA
Course Setter (Run 2)Peter ProdingerAUT
DetailsGates: 60 / 58
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1563 m
Vertical Drop: 200 m

Ingemar Stenmark was still the best technical skier in the world but was declared ineligible by the IOC for being a professional, which was quite hypocritical as all the world’s top skiers were paid well for their talents. With Stenmark out the favorite’s role fell to American Phil Mahre, who was overall World Cup champion in 1982 and 1983, and won discipline titles in the slalom and giant slalom in 1982 and the giant slalom in 1983. But Mahre skied somewhat raggedly on the first run, finishing only in third place, the lead taken by his twin brother, Steve, with Sweden’s Jonas Nilsson in second. Steve Mahre had a big lead for the slalom of 0.67 seconds, but his second run would place him only eighth. Phil fared better, posting the second best time on the second time down, which brought him the gold medal, although Steve held on for the silver medal. Nilsson dropped to fourth, with the bronze going to France’s Didier Bouvet. The best time on the second run was posted by Italy’s Oswald Tötsch who finished fourth overall. The Mahre twins’ 1-2 finish was the eighth time in Olympic history (thru 1984) that siblings had finished 1-2 in an individual Olympic event, but thru 2008, it is the only time this has been accomplished by twins.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
111Phil MahreUSA1:39.4151.55 (3)47.86 (2)Gold
23Steve MahreUSA1:39.6250.85 (1)48.77 (8)Silver
316Didier BouvetFRA1:40.2051.99 (5)48.21 (3)Bronze
41Jonas NilssonSWE1:40.2551.52 (2)48.73 (=6)
517Oswald TötschITA1:40.4852.81 (7)47.67 (1)
610Petar PopangelovBUL1:40.6852.40 (6)48.28 (4)
713Bojan KrižajYUG1:41.5152.98 (10)48.53 (5)
819Lars-Göran HalvarssonSWE1:41.7052.97 (9)48.73 (=6)
915Stig StrandSWE1:41.9552.95 (8)49.00 (10)
1028Thomas BürglerSUI1:42.0353.16 (11)48.87 (9)
1125Tomaž CerkovnikYUG1:42.9753.39 (15)49.58 (11)
1231Toshihiro KaiwaJPN1:43.8753.61 (20)50.26 (12)
1320Jože KuraltYUG1:44.8553.52 (19)51.33 (13)
1449Markus HubrichNZL1:49.5356.75 (25)52.78 (14)
1547Borislav KiryakovBUL1:50.2457.00 (26)53.24 (15)
1644Nicholas WilsonGBR1:52.0857.33 (27)54.75 (16)
1752Matthias HubrichNZL1:54.3658.63 (29)55.73 (20)
1848Péter KozmaHUN1:54.3859.14 (31)55.24 (17)
1963Andrés FigueroaCHI1:55.3859.79 (32)55.59 (18)
2060Dieter LinnebergCHI1:55.7859.86 (33)55.92 (22)
2164Hans KossmannCHI1:56.271:00.15 (35)56.12 (23)
2259Jorge BirknerARG1:56.551:00.85 (37)55.70 (19)
2377Miguel PurcellCHI1:58.001:02.26 (38)55.74 (21)
2466Nicolás van DitmarARG2:00.481:02.30 (39)58.18 (24)
2591Lazaros ArkhontopoulosGRE2:03.961:04.16 (40)59.80 (25)
2681Hubertus von FürstenbergMEX2:08.171:04.42 (41)1:03.75 (26)
2793Yakup Kadri BirinciTUR2:13.861:07.53 (44)1:06.33 (28)
2885Ioannis TriantafyllidisGRE2:13.891:09.21 (47)1:04.68 (27)
2983Wu DeqiangCHN2:14.011:07.62 (45)1:06.39 (29)
3075Li GuangquanCHN2:16.591:09.12 (46)1:07.47 (30)
3190Kim Jin-HaeKOR2:17.451:09.42 (49)1:08.03 (32)
3273Ali Fuad HaşılTUR2:17.581:09.65 (50)1:07.93 (31)
3386Liu ChangchengCHN2:18.751:09.87 (51)1:08.88 (34)
3488Erkan MermutTUR2:19.021:09.29 (48)1:09.73 (35)
3589Eu Woo-YounKOR2:21.451:11.28 (53)1:10.17 (36)
3670Ong Ching-MingTPE2:22.631:10.33 (52)1:12.30 (38)
3798Sabahattin HamamcıoğluTUR2:23.351:14.56 (56)1:08.79 (33)
3894Ahmad OuachitMAR2:23.381:13.04 (54)1:10.34 (37)
3987Nabil KhalilLBN2:28.271:14.54 (55)1:13.73 (39)
4074Francesco CardelliSMR2:33.731:17.67 (59)1:16.06 (40)
4171Lambros LambrouCYP2:34.621:17.27 (58)1:17.35 (42)
4299Edward SamenLBN2:39.091:19.93 (61)1:19.16 (45)
4384Christian BolliniSMR2:40.041:23.50 (62)1:16.54 (41)
4497Ahmed Ait MoulayMAR2:43.251:24.80 (64)1:18.45 (43)
4579Eduardo KopperCRC2:43.331:24.39 (63)1:18.94 (44)
4668Jamil El-ReedyEGY2:56.931:30.56 (65)1:26.37 (46)
4792Giannos PipisCYP3:01.521:30.69 (66)1:30.83 (47)
AC14Alex GiorgiITA51.96 (4)– (AC)DNF
AC23Roberto GrigisITA53.19 (12)– (AC)DNF
AC35Tiger ShawUSA53.45 (17)– (AC)DNF
AC22Florian BeckFRG53.49 (18)– (AC)DNF
AC27Vladimir AndreyevURS54.01 (21)– (AC)DNF
AC43Hans EnnAUT54.05 (22)– (AC)DNF
AC46Luis Fernández OchoaESP55.28 (24)– (AC)DNF
AC45Árni Þór ÁrnasonISL57.71 (28)– (AC)DNF
AC51Henri MollinBEL1:00.07 (34)– (AC)DNF
AC55Scott Alan SánchezBOL1:00.16 (36)– (AC)DNF
AC72Américo AsteteARG1:04.90 (42)– (AC)DNF
AC96Sotirios AxiotiadesLBN1:15.54 (57)– (AC)DNF
AC80Brahim Ait SibrahimMAR1:18.90 (60)– (AC)DNF
AC100Alekhis FotiadisCYP– (AC)DNF
AC95Lin Chi-LiangTPE– (AC)DNF
AC82Park Byung-RoKOR– (AC)DNF
AC76Tony SukkarLBN– (AC)DNF
AC65Albert LloveraAND– (AC)DNF
AC62David LajouxMON– (AC)DNF
AC61Jordi TorresAND– (AC)DNF
AC57Mihai Bîră, Jr.ROU– (AC)DNF
AC56Pierre CouqueletBEL– (AC)DNF
AC54Guðmundur JóhannssonISL– (AC)DNF
AC53Günther MarxerLIE– (AC)DNF
AC50David MercerGBR– (AC)DNF
AC42Mario KonzettLIE– (AC)DNF
AC39Egon HirtFRG– (AC)DNF
AC38Carlos SalvadoresESP– (AC)DNF
AC37Mitko HadzhievBUL– (AC)DNF
AC36Michael TommyCAN– (AC)DNF
AC34Jure FrankoYUG– (AC)DNF
AC33Hubert StrolzAUT– (AC)DNF
AC32Yves TavernierFRA– (AC)DNF
AC30Naomine IwayaJPN– (AC)DNF
AC29Odd SørliNOR– (AC)DNF
AC26Joël GaspozSUI– (AC)DNF
AC24Pirmin ZurbriggenSUI– (AC)DNF
AC8Andi WenzelLIE– (AC)DNF
AC5Max JulenSUI– (AC)DNF
AC4Michel CanacFRA– (AC)DNF
AC2Paolo De ChiesaITA– (AC)DNF
AC103Pavlos FotiadisCYP– (AC)DQ
AC78Andreas PantelidisGRE– (AC)DQ
AC67Fernando EnevoldsenARG– (AC)DQ
AC18Michel VionFRA– (AC)DQ
AC9Paul FrommeltLIE51.00 (AC)DQ
AC7Franz GruberAUT– (AC)DQ
AC6Anton SteinerAUT– (AC)DQ
AC40Jorge PérezESP53.25 (13)49.46 (AC)DQ
AC12Bengt FjällbergSWE53.31 (14)51.78 (AC)DQ
AC21Osamu KodamaJPN53.42 (16)50.29 (AC)DQ
AC41Valentin GichevBUL54.32 (23)49.81 (AC)DQ
AC58Zolt BalazsROU59.01 (30)– (AC)DQ
AC102Giannis StamatiouGRE1:06.82 (43)– (AC)DQ
DNS101Arturo KinchCRC– (DNS)
DNS69Lamine GuèyeSEN– (DNS)