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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date 7 July 1912 — 02:00
LocationStockholms Olympiastadion, Stockholm
Participants123 from 16 countries
Format315.385 km. (196.0 miles) individual time trial.

The race was a mammoth time trial of over 315 km (196 miles) on the Mälaren Rundt course around Stockholm. The individual and team road race events were held concurrently, with the team event based on the times of the best four finishing individual riders for each team.

The riders were sent off at two minute intervals, with the last scheduled rider starting at 7 AM (0700). Of the 151 entrants only 123 riders eventually started. The individual event was won by Rudolph “Okey” Lewis of South Africa. He started quickly and led by 11½ minutes at 120 km. Increasing the lead to 17 minutes at 200 km., he slowed slightly coming in, but still won by almost nine minutes over Freddie Grubb of Great Britain. As the second starter, going off at 2:02 AM, he was the first overall finisher as well. Little is known about Lewis’ cycling career, even by South African experts. It was noted that the weather at the start time of 2 AM was cool, with no wind, which favored the very early starters. By 7 AM a strong westerly wind was blowing directly into the faces of the later starting riders. As the second starter, Lewis definitely benefited from his start position.

The previous record for the Mälaren Rundt was 11-22:07.0, set in 1909 by Henrik Morén of Sweden, a 10-time winner of the race, including nine consecutive wins from 1902-1910. In 1912 Morén also won the Swedish seletcing competition held on this track in 11-56:23. Lewis lowered the record by almost 41 minutes. No less than 16 riders, including Morén himself, in 15th place, bettered the previous record.

In addition to the Olympic medals, a Diploma of Merit was given to cyclists who finished within 25% of the winner’s time. As Lewis finished in 10-42:39, all riders under 13-23:18.8 qualified, and thus 81 of the 94 riders who finished received this special diploma.

1Rudolph LewisRSA10-42:39.0Gold
2Freddie GrubbGBR10-51:24.2Silver
3Carl SchutteUSA10-52:38.8Bronze
4Leon MeredithGBR11-00:02.6
5Frank BrownCAN11-01:00.0
6Antti RaitaFIN11-02:20.3
7Erik FriborgSWE11-04:17.0
8Ragnar MalmSWE11-08:14.5
9Axel Wilhelm PerssonSWE11-10:59.6
10Algot LönnSWE11-12:02.5
11Al LoftesUSA11-13:51.3
12Alex EkströmSWE11-14:50.7
13Albert KrushelUSA11-17:30.2
14Birger AndreassenNOR11-20:14.6
15Henrik MorénSWE11-21:31.9
16John WilsonGBR11-21:43.0
17Walden MartinUSA11-23:55.2
18Charlie MossGBR11-23:55.8
19Werner KarlssonSWE11-24:18.0
20Joe KopskyUSA11-27:06.0
21Vilho Oskari TilkanenFIN11-28:38.5
22Bill HammondGBR11-29:16.8
23Robert RammerAUT11-30:40.8
24Robert ThompsonGBR11-31:16.0
25Olaf Meyland-SmithDEN11-32:24.2
26Franz LemnitzGER11-34:32.2
27Rudolf BaierGER11-35:01.5
28John BechtUSA11-35:04.8
29Stanley JonesGBR11-37:40.6
30Bert GaylerGBR11-39:01.8
31Adolf KoflerAUT11-39:32.6
32Charles HansenDEN11-40:04.0
33Oswald RathmannGER11-40:18.4
34Johan KankkonenFIN11-41:35.5
35Jock MillerGBR11-44:01.6
36Georg WarsowGER11-45:24.0
37Francis HigginsGBR11-45:44.5
38Arthur GibbonGBR11-46:00.2
39Charlie DaveyGBR11-47:26.3
40Joseph RacineFRA11-50:32.7
41David StevensonGBR11-52:55.0
42Alberto DowneyCHI11-53:02.5
43Rudolf KramerAUT11-53:12.8
44Otto MännelGER11-53:27.4
45Sepp HellensteinerAUT11-54:00.2
46Josef ZilkerAUT11-54:38.7
47Paul HenrichsenNOR11-55:23.2
48Johannes ReinwaldtDEN11-57:20.0
49Charlie HillGBR11-57:56.5
50André CapelleFRA11-59:48.4
51Gunnar BjörkSWE12-00:49.4
52Alois WachaAUT12-01:12.4
53Godtfred OlsenDEN12-06:18.8
54Jesse PikeUSA12-06:21.6
55Wilhelm RabeGER12-06:55.8
56Jerome SteinertUSA12-08:32.3
57Josef RiederGER12-12:32.4
58Cárlos KollerCHI12-13:49.2
59Ernie MerlinGBR12-16:08.6
60Andrejs ApsītisRUS12-18:20.6
61Martin KochGER12-18:22.5
62Robert BirkerGER12-19:27.6
63Bohumil RamešBOH12-20:12.2
64René GagnetFRA12-20:32.6
65Anton HansenNOR12-21:23.7
66Hjalmar VäreFIN12-21:29.2
67Michael WalkerGBR12-27:49.9
68James StevensonGBR12-27:50.8
69Arturo FriedemannCHI12-28:20.8
70Frank MeissnerUSA12-29:09.0
71Frank GuyGBR12-32:19.4
72Valdemar NielsenDEN12-33:09.2
73István MüllerHUN12-39:28.0
74José TorresCHI12-39:39.5
75János HenzselHUN12-42:16.3
76Hermann SmielGER12-49:01.6
77Gyula MazurHUN12-50:55.8
78George WatsonCAN12-52:22.2
79Carl LüthjeGER13-00:31.8
80Ralph MecredyGBR13-03:39.0
81John WalkerGBR13-15:50.2
82Matthew WalshGBR13-31:17.0
83Georges ValentinFRA13-33:59.5
84Ignác TeiszenbergerHUN13-38:35.8
85Bernard DoyleGBR13-42:11.8
86George CorsarGBR13-51:22.8
87Václav TintěraBOH14-10:34.6
88Bohumil KubrychtBOH14-11:21.0
89Étienne ChéretFRA14-15:18.1
90Arthur GriffithsGBR14-15:24.0
91Gaston AlancourtFRA14-23:59.3
92Pierre PeinaudFRA14-49:59.4
93André LepèreFRA15-03:18.1
94Alexis MichielsFRA15-15:59.2
ACFyodor BorisovRUSDNF (between Bålsta-Järva)
ACKároly TeppertHUNDNF (between Bålsta-Järva)
ACHans OlsenDENDNF (between Enköping-Bålsta)
ACCarl OlsenNORDNF (in Enköping)
ACAugusts KepkeRUSDNF (in Kungsör)
ACJānis PrātnieksRUSDNF (between Eskilstuna-Kungsör)
ACValdemar Christoffer NielsenDENDNF (between Eskilstuna-Kungsör)
ACJan VokounBOHDNF (between Eskilstuna-Kungsör)
ACEdgars RihtersRUSDNF (in Eskilstuna)
ACCarl LundquistSWEDNF (between Strängnäs-Eskilstuna)
ACArvid PetterssonSWEDNF (between Strängnäs-Eskilstuna)
ACFridrihs BošsRUSDNF (between Strängnäs-Eskilstuna)
ACJohn KirkGBRDNF (in Strängnäs)
ACKarl GulbrandsenNORDNF (in Strängnäs)
ACJēkabs BukseRUSDNF (between Strängnäs-Läggesta)
ACMartin SæterhaugNORDNF (in Läggestatrakterna)
ACHjalmar LevinSWEDNF (between Södertälje-Läggesta)
ACOtto JensenDENDNF (between Södertälje-Läggesta)
ACJean PatouBELDNF (between Södertälje-Läggesta)
ACSergey PesterevRUSDNF (between Södertälje-Läggesta)
ACJacques MarcaultFRADNF (outside Södertälje)
ACJānis LīvensRUSDNF (outside Södertälje)
ACLouis BèsFRADNF (outside Södertälje)
ACRené RillonFRADNF (2 km. beyond Södertälje)
ACArthur StokesGBRDNF (in Södertälje)
ACKārlis KepkeRUSDNF (in Södertälje)
ACFrantišek KundertBOHDNF (before Södertälje)
ACJuho JaakonahoFINDNF (before Södertälje)
ACJosef LandsbergSWEDNF (by Midsommarkransen)