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Featherweight (≤57 kilograms), Men

Date18 September – 2 October 1988
LocationJam-sil Hak-saeng Che-yuk-gwan, Seoul Sports Complex, Seoul
Participants48 from 48 countries
FormatSingle elimination tournament.

The obvious favourite for the Olympic title was the American Kelcie Banks. As both World and Pan-American champion he arrived as probably the biggest certainty for gold in the entire tournament. As such it came as a massive shock when his Olympic campaign failed to last past the three minute mark of his first contest. Banks was dealing comfortably with Dutch fighter Regilio Tuur when Tuur suddenly exploded a right hook onto his temple. He was knocked spark out and the referee ended the contest without even beginning to count.

The man who gained from Banks’ demise was the Italian Giovanni Parisi. Parisi took the Olympic gold medal with an series of fine displays that culminated when he landed a big left hook on the jaw of Daniel Dumitrescu which separated the Romanian from his senses and led to him being counted out halfway through the first round of the final. Parisi later turned professional and held world titles at both lightweight and light-welterweight during the mid-nineties. Tuur also became a world professional champion.

One of the most unfortunate boxers of the Games was Canadian Jamie Pagendam. He lost his second round fight with the Mongolian Tserendorjiin Amarjargal when the referee stopped the fight when Pagendam was hurt in the final round. The result was then overturned in the Canadian’s favour because the referee had overlooked the fact that Amarjargal had received three standing eight counts in the second round which, by the rules, should have meant Pagendam was awarded the victory. Pagendam was still not allowed to continue.

1Giovanni ParisiITAGold
2Daniel DumitrescuROUSilver
=3Abdel Hak AchikMARBronze
=3Lee Jae-HyeokKORBronze
=5Liu DongCHN
=5Ya'acov ShmuelISR
=5Regilio TuurNED
=5Tomasz NowakPOL
=9Omar CataríVEN
=9Serge BouembaGAB
=9Mekhak GhazaryanURS
=9Richard PittmanCOK
=9Wanchai PongsriTHA
=9Dave AndersonGBR
=9Andre SeymourBAH
=9Kirkor KirkorovBUL
=17Frank AvelarESA
=17Moussa KagambegaBUR
=17John FrancisIND
=17Ilham LahiaINA
=17Ljubiša SimićYUG
=17Lu Chih-HsiungTPE
=17John MironaSUD
=17Dumsane MabuzaSWZ
=17Wataru YamadaJPN
=17Esteban FloresPUR
=17John WanjauKEN
=17Paul FitzgeraldIRL
=17Ulaipalota TauatamaSAM
=17Jarmo EskelinenFIN
=17Jamie PagendamCAN
=17Darrell HilesAUS
=33Bakary FofanaCIV
=33Anthony KonyegwachieNGR
=33Patrick MwambaZAM
=33Ali Mohamed JafferYMD
=33László SzőkeHUN
=33Kelcie BanksUSA
=33Domingo DamigellaARG
=33Emilio VillegasDOM
=33Evance MalengaMAW
=33Djingarey MamoudouNIG
=33Orlando DollentePHI
=33Serigne FallGUI
=33Tserendorjiin AmarjargalMGL
=33Diego DrummGDR
=33Ali ÇelikizTUR
=33Miguel Ángel GonzálezMEX

Round One

Date18 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the second round.
Match #118 SepFrank AvelarESA
Match #218 SepAbdel Hak AchikMAR
Match #318 SepMoussa KagambegaBUR
Match #418 SepOmar CataríVEN
Match #518 SepJohn FrancisIND
Match #618 SepLiu DongCHN
Match #718 SepIlham LahiaINA
Match #818 SepSerge BouembaGAB
Match #918 SepMekhak GhazaryanURS
Match #1018 SepLjubiša SimićYUG
Match #1118 SepGiovanni ParisiITA
Match #1218 SepLu Chih-HsiungTPE
Match #1318 SepYa'acov ShmuelISR
Match #1418 SepJohn MironaSUD
Match #1518 SepRichard PittmanCOK
Match #1618 SepDumsane MabuzaSWZ
Match #1718 SepWataru YamadaJPNReferee stops contest (outclassed)Bakary FofanaCIV
Match #1818 SepDaniel DumitrescuROUDecisionAnthony KonyegwachieNGR
Match #1918 SepEsteban FloresPURDecisionPatrick MwambaZAM
Match #2018 SepWanchai PongsriTHAReferee stops contest (outclassed)Ali Mohamed JafferYMD
Match #2118 SepJohn WanjauKENDecisionLászló SzőkeHUN
Match #2218 SepRegilio TuurNEDKnock-outKelcie BanksUSA
Match #2318 SepDave AndersonGBRDecisionDomingo DamigellaARG
Match #2418 SepPaul FitzgeraldIRLDecisionEmilio VillegasDOM
Match #2518 SepUlaipalota TauatamaSAMDecisionEvance MalengaMAW
Match #2618 SepTomasz NowakPOLDecisionDjingarey MamoudouNIG
Match #2718 SepAndre SeymourBAHDisqualifiedOrlando DollentePHI
Match #2818 SepJarmo EskelinenFINDecisionSerigne FallGUI
Match #2918 SepJamie PagendamCANReferee stops contest (head blow)Tserendorjiin AmarjargalMGL
Match #3018 SepKirkor KirkorovBULDecisionDiego DrummGDR
Match #3118 SepDarrell HilesAUSDecisionAli ÇelikizTUR
Match #3218 SepLee Jae-HyeokKORDecisionMiguel Ángel GonzálezMEX

Round Two

Date22 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the third round.
Match #122 SepAbdel Hak AchikMARDecisionFrank AvelarESA
Match #222 SepOmar CataríVENKnock-outMoussa KagambegaBUR
Match #322 SepLiu DongCHNDecisionJohn FrancisIND
Match #422 SepSerge BouembaGABDecisionIlham LahiaINA
Match #522 SepMekhak GhazaryanURSDecisionLjubiša SimićYUG
Match #622 SepGiovanni ParisiITADecisionLu Chih-HsiungTPE
Match #722 SepYa'acov ShmuelISRReferee stops contest (head blow)John MironaSUD
Match #822 SepRichard PittmanCOKDecisionDumsane MabuzaSWZ
Match #922 SepDaniel DumitrescuROUDecisionWataru YamadaJPN
Match #1022 SepWanchai PongsriTHADecisionEsteban FloresPUR
Match #1122 SepRegilio TuurNEDDecisionJohn WanjauKEN
Match #1222 SepDave AndersonGBRDecisionPaul FitzgeraldIRL
Match #1322 SepTomasz NowakPOLWalkoverUlaipalota TauatamaSAM
Match #1422 SepAndre SeymourBAHWalkoverJarmo EskelinenFIN
Match #1522 SepKirkor KirkorovBULWalkoverJamie PagendamCAN
Match #1622 SepLee Jae-HyeokKORDecisionDarrell HilesAUS

Round Three

Date26 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the quarter-finals.
Match #126 SepAbdel Hak AchikMARKnock-outOmar CataríVEN
Match #226 SepLiu DongCHNDecisionSerge BouembaGAB
Match #326 SepGiovanni ParisiITAReferee stops contest (head blow)Mekhak GhazaryanURS
Match #426 SepYa'acov ShmuelISRDecisionRichard PittmanCOK
Match #526 SepDaniel DumitrescuROUDecisionWanchai PongsriTHA
Match #626 SepRegilio TuurNEDReferee stops contest (outclassed)Dave AndersonGBR
Match #726 SepTomasz NowakPOLDecisionAndre SeymourBAH
Match #826 SepLee Jae-HyeokKORDecisionKirkor KirkorovBUL


Date28 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the semi-finals.
Match #128 SepAbdel Hak AchikMARKnock-outLiu DongCHN
Match #228 SepGiovanni ParisiITADecisionYa'acov ShmuelISR
Match #328 SepDaniel DumitrescuROUDecisionRegilio TuurNED
Match #428 SepLee Jae-HyeokKORDecisionTomasz NowakPOL


Date29 September 1988
FormatWinner of each match advanced to the final match.
Match #129 SepGiovanni ParisiITAReferee stops contest (outclassed)Abdel Hak AchikMAR
Match #229 SepDaniel DumitrescuROUDecisionLee Jae-HyeokKOR

Final Round

Date2 October 1988
Match 1/202 OctGiovanni ParisiITAReferee stops contest (head blow)Daniel DumitrescuROU