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Slalom, Women

Date21 February 2014
LocationGornolyzhniy Tsenter Rosa Khutor, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants85 from 48 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
DetailsGates: 61
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1160 m
Vertical Drop: 200 m

The fifth and final women’s Alpine skiing event was held on Friday, 21 February, and took place as scheduled on a separate slalom slope within the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center. The first run started in late afternoon and the second run was held as a night-race under floodlights. The current slalom World Cup season saw Mikaela Shiffrin winning three races in Levi, Bormio, and Flachau, while Marlies Schild won in Courchevel and Lienz, and Frida Hansdotter topped the result in the last race before the Olympics in Kranjska Gora. This brought Shiffrin in the lead of the standings followed by Hansdotter, Marlies Schild, and Marie-Michèle Gagnon. Marlies Schild was the 2011 World champion and also won the slalom World Cup in 2010/11 and 2011/12 with Shiffrin as reigning 2013 World chamipon and 2012/13 slalom World Cup winner. With her 35th career win in Lienz, Marlies Schild also overtook Vreni Schneider in the list of all-time slalom World Cup wins. So all was focused on a generational duel between the young 18-year-old superstar Mikaela Shiffrin and 32-year-old grand dame Marlies Schild.

In the opening run the early skiers would post the fastest times. Going first, the pace was set by Bernadette Schild (AUT) with a time of 53.41. This didn’t last long as Super Combined champion and Vancouver slalom gold medalist Maria Höfl-Riesch (GER) overtook this with 53.11. Two skiers later Tina Maze (SLO), Giant Slalom champion, set a time of 53.29 to challenge the leaders. But easily the fastest was Mikaela Shiffrin (USA) who skied the course in 52.62 to take a lead of almost half a second into the second run. Coming next with bib number 7 was Marlies Schild, but she lost more than 1.3 seconds and finished the first run only in sixth position.

With the top 30 going in reverse order in the second run, Frida Hansdotter (SWE) had the fourth fastest time down the course to finish with a combined time of 1:45.90. Next down the course was Kathrin Zettel, seventh after the first run but powering to the second fastest time on the second run to take the lead with 1:45.35. Sixth after the first run, Marlies Schild (AUT) then set the new target time of 1:45.07, having posted the fastest time on the second run with 51.11. Maze then had a poor second run to finish in 1:46.25, ultimately placing eighth. As the course deteriorated Höfl-Riesch was relatively slow and her combined time of 1:45.73 finish fourth. Going last, Shiffrin, despite a mistake on the course, when she almost fell backwards and had to recover, held her nerve with the sixth fastest time of the run, winning gold over the two Austrians by a margin of 0.53 seconds.

Shiffrin became the youngest ever Olympic slalom champion and her idol Marlies Schild became the first women to win a third medal in the same Alpine skiing event after silver in Vancouver and bronze in Torino. Skiing manufacturer Atomic, who did not win a single medal before this event, made a clean sweep of the podium.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
16Mikaela ShiffrinUSA1:44.5452.62 (1)51.92 (6)Gold
27Marlies SchildAUT1:45.0753.96 (6)51.11 (1)Silver
312Kathrin ZettelAUT1:45.3554.00 (7)51.35 (2)Bronze
43Maria Höfl-RieschGER1:45.7353.11 (2)52.62 (=9)
54Frida HansdotterSWE1:45.9054.05 (8)51.85 (4)
621Emelie WikströmSWE1:46.1154.55 (11)51.56 (3)
78Nastasia NoensFRA1:46.1253.81 (5)52.31 (8)
85Tina MazeSLO1:46.2553.29 (3)52.96 (14)
911Marie-Michèle GagnonCAN1:47.3754.32 (10)53.05 (15)
1014Šárka StrachováCZE1:47.3955.14 (14)52.25 (7)
119Anna Swenn-LarssonSWE1:47.9154.58 (12)53.33 (19)
1216Tanja PoutiainenFIN1:48.0154.94 (13)53.07 (16)
1328Anémone MarmottanFRA1:48.9657.08 (24)51.88 (5)
1422Barbara WirthGER1:49.0056.31 (16)52.69 (11)
1523Britt PhelanCAN1:49.1156.41 (17)52.70 (12)
1629Mona LøsethNOR1:49.4456.82 (21)52.62 (=9)
1720Denise FeierabendSUI1:49.4755.80 (15)53.67 (22)
1824Anne-Sophie BarthetFRA1:50.1156.99 (23)53.12 (17)
=1932Maruša FerkSLO1:50.1657.43 (26)52.73 (13)
=1931Petra VlhováSVK1:50.1656.42 (18)53.74 (23)
2134Marina NiggLIE1:50.6457.47 (27)53.17 (18)
2239Martina DubovskáCZE1:51.4257.80 (28)53.62 (21)
2342Kseniya AlopinaRUS1:51.7458.37 (29)53.37 (20)
2451Julia FordUSA1:52.8758.88 (30)53.99 (24)
2549Salomé BáncoraARG1:55.5259.26 (=31)56.26 (26)
2659Žana NovakovićBIH1:55.9959.79 (35)56.20 (25)
2752Macarena Simari BirknerARG1:56.5159.82 (36)56.69 (29)
2825Michelle GisinSUI1:57.121:00.73 (38)56.39 (27)
2950Maryia ShkanavaBLR1:57.2359.67 (33)57.56 (31)
3061Lelde GasūnaLAT1:57.291:00.47 (37)56.82 (30)
3146Greta SmallAUS1:57.601:01.19 (40)56.41 (28)
3256Lavinia ChrystalAUS1:57.9059.74 (34)58.16 (33)
3348Andrea KomšićCRO1:58.601:00.82 (39)57.78 (32)
3460Helga María VilhjálmsdóttirISL2:03.221:02.69 (43)1:00.53 (34)
3565Anna BereczHUN2:04.921:03.28 (44)1:01.64 (38)
3664Erla ÁsgeirsdóttirISL2:05.081:03.55 (45)1:01.53 (36)
3768Agnese ĀboltiņaLAT2:06.621:05.44 (49)1:01.18 (35)
3874Sofia RalliGRE2:06.771:05.20 (47)1:01.57 (37)
3971Maya HarrissonBRA2:08.331:04.88 (46)1:03.45 (42)
4075 CamillePOR2:08.501:05.24 (48)1:03.26 (41)
4178Tuğba KocaagaTUR2:08.961:06.22 (51)1:02.74 (40)
4276Élise PellegrinMLT2:09.831:07.10 (52)1:02.73 (39)
4372Jasmine CampbellISV2:10.371:06.09 (50)1:04.28 (43)
4483Ivana BulatovićMNE2:12.801:07.49 (53)1:05.31 (44)
4582Kenza TaziMAR2:17.151:10.19 (56)1:06.96 (45)
4669Triin TobiEST2:20.451:11.43 (57)1:09.02 (47)
4787Jacky ChamounLBN2:28.741:16.05 (58)1:12.69 (48)
4886Forough AbbasiIRI2:35.691:26.71 (60)1:08.98 (46)
4954Gang Yeong-SeoKOR2:36.451:18.84 (59)1:17.61 (49)
DNF1Bernadette SchildAUT53.41 (4)– (DNF)
DNF13Michaela KirchgasserAUT54.06 (9)– (DNF)
DNF30Adeline BaudFRA56.50 (19)– (DNF)
DNF26Resi StieglerUSA56.81 (20)– (DNF)
DNF33Federica BrignoneITA56.98 (22)– (DNF)
DNF18Chiara CostazzaITA57.32 (25)– (DNF)
DNF37Jana GantnerováSVK59.26 (=31)– (DNF)
DNF57Emily BamfordAUS1:02.13 (41)– (DNF)
DNF58Mariya KirkovaBUL1:02.33 (42)– (DNF)
DNF81Kseniya GrigoryevaUZB1:07.77 (54)– (DNF)
DNF73Florence BellIRL1:07.84 (55)– (DNF)
DNF2Maria Pietilä-HolmnerSWE– (DNF)
DNF10Wendy HoldenerSUI– (DNF)
DNF15Nina LøsethNOR– (DNF)
DNF19Erin MielzynskiCAN– (DNF)
DNF27Elli TerwielCAN– (DNF)
DNF35Nevena IgnjatovićSRB– (DNF)
DNF36Aleksandra KluśPOL– (DNF)
DNF38Megan McJamesUSA– (DNF)
DNF40Kateřina PauláthováCZE– (DNF)
DNF43Sofija NovoselićCRO– (DNF)
DNF44Barbara KantorováSVK– (DNF)
DNF45Barbara LukáčováSVK– (DNF)
DNF47Mireia GutiérrezAND– (DNF)
DNF53Kim So-HuiKOR– (DNF)
DNF55Julietta QuirogaARG– (DNF)
DNF62Noelle BarahonaCHI– (DNF)
DNF63Maryna Gąsienica-DanielPOL– (DNF)
DNF66Karolina ChrapekPOL– (DNF)
DNF67Nino TsiklauriGEO– (DNF)
DNF70Xia LinaCHN– (DNF)
DNF77Ieva JanuškevičiūtėLTU– (DNF)
DNF84Ornella OettlPER– (DNF)
DNF85Alessia Afi DipolTOG– (DNF)
DQ17Christina GeigerGER[55.79] (DQ)1
DQ80Suela MëhilliALB[1:10.05] (DQ)2
DNS41Katarina LavtarSLO– (DNS)
DNS79Gaia Bassani AntivariAZE– (DNS)
DNS88Alexandra TaylorCYP– (DNS)