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100 metres Freestyle, Men

Date19 – 20 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants73 from 66 countries

Held right in the middle of the Olympic swimming programme this race had a perfect cast list. There was Aleksandr Popov of Russia, the defending champion returning from a life threatening injury, American Gary Hall, Jr., cast as the brash anti-hero in the eyes of the Australian fans, Pieter van den Hoogenband, the rising star from Holland who had already won the 200 metres freestyle, and, last but not least, Michael Klim, the Australian hoping to win on home soil. Klim had already put his marker down by setting a world record in the first leg of the 4 x 100 freestyle relay. This record lasted all of six days until van den Hoogenband took a third of a second off it in the semi-finals. The Dutchman did not match his semi-final time in the final but still finished well clear of everyone else with Popov, Hall and Klim finishing in that order behind him separated by just 0.05 seconds.

Worthy as van den Hoogenband’s efforts were they garnered less worldwide publicity then the events of qualifying heat one. Three men attempted to start the race but two false started leaving Eric Moussambani of Equatorial Guinea as the only man left. He started well enough but it soon became apparent that he was tiring badly over the third quarter of the race and near the end he was struggling so badly that it looked as if he may have to be rescued from the pool. He did eventually reach the finish but only in a time of 1:52.72. which was over a minute down on most of the field and would not have been enough to qualify from the heats of the 200 metres. For a brief moment Moussambani, nicknamed “Eric the Eel” by the media, became the most famous swimmer in the world.

1Pieter van den HoogenbandNED48.64 (1 h9)47.84 (1 h2)48.30 (1)Gold
2Aleksandr PopovRUS49.29 (3 h10)48.84 (2 h1)48.69 (2)Silver
3Gary Hall, Jr.USA49.32 (2 h9)49.13 (4 h2)48.73 (3)Bronze
4Michael KlimAUS49.09 (1 h10)48.80 (1 h1)48.74 (4)
5Neil WalkerUSA49.73 (3 h8)49.04 (3 h2)49.09 (5)
6Lars FrölanderSWE49.16 (2 h10)48.93 (2 h2)49.22 (6)
7Denis PimankovRUS49.45 (=1 h8)49.43 (3 h1)49.36 (7)
8Chris FydlerAUS49.45 (=1 h8)49.55 (5 h2)49.44 (8)
9Attila ZuborHUN49.79 (5 h9)49.58 (6 h2)
10José MeolansARG49.75 (6 h10)49.66 (4 h1)
11Duje DraganjaCRO49.83 (1 h7)49.67 (=5 h1)
12Lorenzo VismaraITA49.74 (=4 h10)49.67 (=5 h1)
13Salim IlesALG49.70 (3 h9)49.70 (7 h1)
14Christian TrögerGER49.76 (4 h8)49.80 (8 h1)
15Roland SchoemanRSA49.74 (=4 h10)49.84 (7 h2)
16Gustavo BorgesBRA49.76 (4 h9)49.93 (8 h2)
17Bartosz KizierowskiPOL49.84 (7 h10)
18Johan KenkhuisNED49.93 (5 h8)
=19Karel NovySUI50.19 (6 h9)
=19Stefan NystrandSWE50.19 (6 h8)
21Peter MankočSLO50.28 (1 h6)
22Romain BarnierFRA50.32 (7 h8)
23Rolandas GimbutisLTU50.46 (2 h7)
24Kim Min-SeokKOR50.49 (2 h6)
25Torsten SpannebergGER50.56 (3 h7)
26Yannick LupienCAN50.62 (7 h9)
27Pavlo KhnykinUKR50.63 (8 h8)
28Javier BotelloESP50.87 (4 h7)
29Craig HutchisonCAN50.90 (5 h7)
30Marcos HernándezCUB50.95 (6 h7)
31Aleh RukhlevichBLR50.96 (8 h9)
32Thierry WoutersBEL51.07 (7 h7)
33Jere HårdFIN51.11 (8 h7)
=34Sergey AshikhminKGZ51.28 (=3 h6)
=34Spyros BitsakisGRE51.28 (=3 h6)
36Carl ProbertFIJ51.34 (1 h4)
37Richard BeraINA51.52 (5 h6)
38Yoav BruckISR51.62 (6 h6)
39Nikola KalabićSCG51.82 (1 h5)
=40Christopher MurrayBAH51.93 (2 h4)
=40Allen OngMAS51.93 (2 h5)
42George GleasonISV52.00 (3 h5)
43Indrek SeiEST52.09 (3 h4)
44Tamer ZinhomEGY52.14 (4 h4)
45Květoslav SvobodaCZE52.18 (4 h5)
46Paul KutscherURU52.22 (1 h3)
=47Fernando JácomeCOL52.24 (=5 h4)
=47Mark ChaySGP52.24 (=5 h4)
49Željko PanićBIH52.40 (7 h6)
50Francisco SánchezVEN52.43 (8 h6)
51Howard HindsAHO52.52 (2 h3)
52Glen WalshawZIM52.53 (7 h4)
53Igor SitnikovKAZ52.57 (5 h5)
54Aleksandr AgafonovUZB52.58 (3 h3)
55Wu Nien-PinTPE52.72 (6 h5)
56Felipe DelgadoECU52.78 (7 h5)
57Khrysanthos PapakhrysanthouCYP52.82 (8 h5)
58Ríkarður RíkarðssonISL52.85 (4 h3)
59George BovellTTO52.90 (5 h3)
60Gentle OffoinNGR52.91 (6 h3)
61Kenny RobertsSEY53.40 (7 h3)
62Rodrigo OlivaresCHI53.50 (8 h4)
63Gregory ArkhurstCIV53.55 (1 h2)
64Alejandro CastellanosHON54.06 (8 h3)
65Hamid Reza MobarezIRI54.12 (2 h2)
66Christophe LimMRI54.33 (3 h2)
67Ganaagiin GalbadrakhMGL58.79 (4 h2)
68Ragi EddeLBN59.26 (5 h2)
69Marien Michel NgouabiCGO1:00.39 (6 h2)
70Dawood YoussefBRN1:02.45 (7 h2)
71Éric MoussambaniGEQ1:52.72 (1 h1)
ACKarim BareNIG– (AC h1)DQ
ACFarhod OripovTJK– (AC h1)DQ
DNSXuxa SchererBRA– (DNS h10)

Round One (19 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:02)

15Éric MoussambaniGEQ1:52.721.06
AC3Farhod OripovTJKDQ1
AC4Karim BareNIGDQ2

Heat Two (10:05)

13Gregory ArkhurstCIV53.550.75
24Hamid Reza MobarezIRI54.120.81
35Christophe LimMRI54.330.70
46Ganaagiin GalbadrakhMGL58.790.86
52Ragi EddeLBN59.260.92
67Marien Michel NgouabiCGO1:00.390.72
71Dawood YoussefBRN1:02.450.82

Heat Three (10:08)

14Paul KutscherURU52.220.75
22Howard HindsAHO52.520.81
33Aleksandr AgafonovUZB52.580.84
45Ríkarður RíkarðssonISL52.850.84
56George BovellTTO52.900.94
61Gentle OffoinNGR52.910.96
77Kenny RobertsSEY53.400.78
88Alejandro CastellanosHON54.060.85

Heat Four (10:11)

12Carl ProbertFIJ51.340.81
25Christopher MurrayBAH51.930.71
37Indrek SeiEST52.090.76
46Tamer ZinhomEGY52.140.84
=54Mark ChaySGP52.240.78
=58Fernando JácomeCOL52.240.83
73Glen WalshawZIM52.530.74
81Rodrigo OlivaresCHI53.500.84

Heat Five (10:14)

11Nikola KalabićSCG51.820.78
22Allen OngMAS51.930.64
37George GleasonISV52.000.78
43Květoslav SvobodaCZE52.180.84
56Igor SitnikovKAZ52.570.87
64Wu Nien-PinTPE52.720.67
75Felipe DelgadoECU52.780.74
88Khrysanthos PapakhrysanthouCYP52.820.84

Heat Six (10:17)

13Peter MankočSLO50.280.82
21Kim Min-SeokKOR50.490.77
=35Spyros BitsakisGRE51.280.82
=38Sergey AshikhminKGZ51.280.86
57Richard BeraINA51.520.73
66Yoav BruckISR51.620.82
72Željko PanićBIH52.400.81
84Francisco SánchezVEN52.430.66

Heat Seven (10:20)

18Duje DraganjaCRO49.830.81Q
22Rolandas GimbutisLTU50.460.84
34Torsten SpannebergGER50.560.85
43Javier BotelloESP50.870.78
55Craig HutchisonCAN50.900.81
61Marcos HernándezCUB50.950.70
77Thierry WoutersBEL51.070.77
86Jere HårdFIN51.110.80

Heat Eight (10:23)

=12Denis PimankovRUS49.450.80Q
=15Chris FydlerAUS49.450.74Q
34Neil WalkerUSA49.730.75Q
47Christian TrögerGER49.760.79Q
56Johan KenkhuisNED49.930.77
61Stefan NystrandSWE50.190.78
73Romain BarnierFRA50.320.78
88Pavlo KhnykinUKR50.630.80

Heat Nine (10:27)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED48.640.90Q
25Gary Hall, Jr.USA49.320.76Q
37Salim IlesALG49.700.71Q
43Gustavo BorgesBRA49.760.81Q
56Attila ZuborHUN49.790.80Q
62Karel NovySUI50.190.86
78Yannick LupienCAN50.620.83
81Aleh RukhlevichBLR50.960.81

Heat Ten (10:31)

15Michael KlimAUS49.090.75Q
26Lars FrölanderSWE49.160.75Q
34Aleksandr PopovRUS49.290.89Q
=41Roland SchoemanRSA49.740.70Q
=42Lorenzo VismaraITA49.740.83Q
68José MeolansARG49.750.81Q
77Bartosz KizierowskiPOL49.840.76
DNS3Xuxa SchererBRA

Semi-Finals (19 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:02)

14Michael KlimAUS48.800.76Q
25Aleksandr PopovRUS48.840.83Q
33Denis PimankovRUS49.430.81Q
47José MeolansARG49.660.80
=52Lorenzo VismaraITA49.670.83
=58Duje DraganjaCRO49.670.81
76Salim IlesALG49.700.73
81Christian TrögerGER49.800.77

Heat Two (19:07)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED47.840.87QWR
25Lars FrölanderSWE48.930.74Q
32Neil WalkerUSA49.040.78Q
43Gary Hall, Jr.USA49.130.75Q
56Chris FydlerAUS49.550.78Q
68Attila ZuborHUN49.580.80
77Roland SchoemanRSA49.840.73
81Gustavo BorgesBRA49.930.80

Final (20 September 2000 — 19:53)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED48.300.86
23Aleksandr PopovRUS48.690.85
37Gary Hall, Jr.USA48.730.77
45Michael KlimAUS48.740.75
52Neil WalkerUSA49.090.81
66Lars FrölanderSWE49.220.73
71Denis PimankovRUS49.360.80
88Chris FydlerAUS49.440.78