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200 metres Freestyle, Men

Date17 – 18 September 2000
LocationSydney International Aquatic Centre, Olympic Park, Sydney, New South Wales
Participants51 from 44 countries

Ian Thorpe was world record holder at the distance and had just thrilled the Australian nation by firstly winning the 400 metre freestyle and then anchoring the home team to a thrilling relay victory. In the eyes of the home crowd he seemed unbeatable but in the semi-final his record was broken by Pieter van den Hoogenband, the Dutchman who been the star of the 1999 European Championships In the next race Thorpe responded with a time just 0.02 seconds off the new mark and the stage was set for a titanic struggle between the two men.

In the early stages of the final the two were joined at the front of the race by American Josh Davis and the three pulled away from the rest. Thorpe led at 50 metres but “Hoogie”, as he became known to the Australian public, came back to lead at halfway and while Thorpe tried mightily to close on the Dutchman, he could not do so and van den Hoogenband took the Olympic title. Davis paid for his attempt to stay with the pace and was overtaken for bronze by Massimiliano Rosolino. For his performances in Sydney Pieter van den Hoogenband was named the Dutch Sportsman of the Year for 2000.

1Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:46.71 (1 h6)1:45.35 (1 h1)1:45.35 (1)Gold
2Ian ThorpeAUS1:46.56 (1 h7)1:45.37 (1 h2)1:45.83 (2)Silver
3Massi RosolinoITA1:47.37 (2 h7)1:46.60 (2 h2)1:46.65 (3)Bronze
4Josh DavisUSA1:48.43 (1 h5)1:47.06 (2 h1)1:46.73 (4)
5Paul PalmerGBR1:49.83 (4 h5)1:48.79 (5 h2)1:47.95 (5)
6Jamie SalterGBR1:48.77 (2 h5)1:48.64 (3 h1)1:48.74 (6)
7Rick SayCAN1:48.62 (3 h7)1:48.50 (3 h2)1:48.76 (7)
8Grant HackettAUS1:49.23 (3 h6)1:48.76 (4 h2)1:49.46 (8)
9Scott GoldblattUSA1:49.05 (4 h7)1:48.83 (4 h1)
10Andrey KapralovRUS1:49.92 (5 h7)1:49.04 (6 h2)
11Béla SzabadosHUN1:50.10 (5 h6)1:49.36 (7 h2)
12Ihar KaliadaBLR1:49.01 (2 h6)1:49.52 (8 h2)
13Stefan HerbstGER1:49.84 (5 h5)1:49.72 (5 h1)
14Attila ZuborHUN1:50.11 (6 h5)1:49.87 (6 h1)
15Örn ArnarsonISL1:49.78 (3 h5)1:50.41 (7 h1)
16Stefan PohlGER1:50.07 (4 h6)1:50.56 (8 h1)
17Dragoș ComanROU1:50.20 (6 h7)
18Květoslav SvobodaCZE1:50.29 (7 h7)
19Martijn ZuijdwegNED1:50.37 (6 h6)
20Jacob CarstensenDEN1:50.41 (7 h5)
21Mark JohnstonCAN1:50.92 (8 h5)
22Arūnas SavickasLTU1:52.02 (1 h4)
23Mark ChaySGP1:52.22 (1 h2)
24Rostyslav SvanidzeUKR1:52.35 (2 h4)
25Ricardo PedrosoPOR1:52.60 (3 h4)
26Mark KwokHKG1:52.71 (4 h4)
27Damian AlleyneBAR1:52.75 (1 h3)
28Dmitry KuzminKGZ1:52.93 (5 h4)
29U CheolKOR1:53.02 (2 h3)
30Javier DíazMEX1:53.20 (3 h3)
31Andrei CecanMDA1:53.23 (6 h4)
32Jonathan DuncanNZL1:53.27 (4 h3)
33Rodrigo CastroBRA1:53.65 (7 h4)
34Fernando JácomeCOL1:54.17 (5 h3)
35Francisco PáezVEN1:54.32 (6 h3)
36Dimitrios ManganasGRE1:54.36 (7 h6)
37Allen OngMAS1:54.53 (2 h2)
38Wu Nien-PinTPE1:54.58 (7 h3)
39George GleasonISV1:54.64 (3 h2)
40Glen WalshawZIM1:54.70 (8 h4)
41Nikola KalabićSCG1:54.75 (4 h2)
42Aytekin MindanTUR1:54.86 (5 h2)
43Vicha RatanachoteTHA1:54.91 (8 h3)
44Oleg TsvetkovskyUZB1:54.93 (1 h1)
45Carl ProbertFIJ1:54.98 (6 h2)
46Mahmoud El-WaniEGY1:55.19 (2 h1)
47Sebastien PaddingtonTTO1:55.40 (3 h1)
48Andrey KvasovKAZ1:55.72 (7 h2)
49Alexandros ArestiCYP1:57.54 (8 h2)
50Hakimuddin Shabbir HabibullaIND1:58.35 (4 h1)
51Santiago DeuAND1:59.31 (5 h1)
DNSRyk NeethlingRSA– (DNS h6)
DNSDmitry ChernyshovRUS– (DNS h7)

Round One (17 September 2000)

Fastest 16 advanced to the semi-finals.

Heat One (10:25)

13Oleg TsvetkovskyUZB1:54.930.79
25Mahmoud El-WaniEGY1:55.190.84
34Sebastien PaddingtonTTO1:55.400.78
46Hakimuddin Shabbir HabibullaIND1:58.350.80
52Santiago DeuAND1:59.310.89

Heat Two (10:30)

15Mark ChaySGP1:52.220.78
22Allen OngMAS1:54.530.63
37George GleasonISV1:54.640.78
43Nikola KalabićSCG1:54.750.78
58Aytekin MindanTUR1:54.860.81
61Carl ProbertFIJ1:54.980.85
74Andrey KvasovKAZ1:55.720.80
86Alexandros ArestiCYP1:57.540.88

Heat Three (10:35)

15Damian AlleyneBAR1:52.750.76
22U CheolKOR1:53.020.70
33Javier DíazMEX1:53.200.77
44Jonathan DuncanNZL1:53.270.88
51Fernando JácomeCOL1:54.170.82
67Francisco PáezVEN1:54.320.89
78Wu Nien-PinTPE1:54.580.70
86Vicha RatanachoteTHA1:54.910.75

Heat Four (10:40)

15Arūnas SavickasLTU1:52.020.82
27Rostyslav SvanidzeUKR1:52.350.86
36Ricardo PedrosoPOR1:52.600.83
41Mark KwokHKG1:52.710.64
54Dmitry KuzminKGZ1:52.930.87
63Andrei CecanMDA1:53.230.80
72Rodrigo CastroBRA1:53.650.71
88Glen WalshawZIM1:54.700.75

Heat Five (10:45)

14Josh DavisUSA1:48.430.73Q
23Jamie SalterGBR1:48.770.82Q
38Örn ArnarsonISL1:49.780.90Q
45Paul PalmerGBR1:49.830.88Q
57Stefan HerbstGER1:49.840.85Q
61Attila ZuborHUN1:50.110.82Q
76Jacob CarstensenDEN1:50.410.75
82Mark JohnstonCAN1:50.920.81

Heat Six (10:50)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:46.710.93Q
22Ihar KaliadaBLR1:49.010.69Q
35Grant HackettAUS1:49.230.77Q
47Stefan PohlGER1:50.070.86Q
56Béla SzabadosHUN1:50.100.68Q
61Martijn ZuijdwegNED1:50.370.83
78Dimitrios ManganasGRE1:54.360.81
DNS3Ryk NeethlingRSA

Heat Seven (10:56)

14Ian ThorpeAUS1:46.560.82QOR
25Massi RosolinoITA1:47.370.84Q
36Rick SayCAN1:48.620.77Q
43Scott GoldblattUSA1:49.050.80Q
52Andrey KapralovRUS1:49.920.82Q
68Dragoș ComanROU1:50.200.90
71Květoslav SvobodaCZE1:50.290.85
DNS7Dmitry ChernyshovRUS

Semi-Finals (17 September 2000)

Fastest eight advanced to the final.

Heat One (19:14)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:45.350.90QWR
25Josh DavisUSA1:47.060.70Q
33Jamie SalterGBR1:48.640.78Q
46Scott GoldblattUSA1:48.830.84
57Stefan HerbstGER1:49.720.80
68Attila ZuborHUN1:49.870.85
72Örn ArnarsonISL1:50.410.89
81Stefan PohlGER1:50.560.83

Heat Two (19:20)

14Ian ThorpeAUS1:45.370.80Q
25Massi RosolinoITA1:46.600.88Q
33Rick SayCAN1:48.500.76Q
42Grant HackettAUS1:48.760.78Q
57Paul PalmerGBR1:48.790.85Q
61Andrey KapralovRUS1:49.040.85
78Béla SzabadosHUN1:49.360.68
85Ihar KaliadaBLR1:49.520.72

Final (18 September 2000 — 19:11)

14Pieter van den HoogenbandNED1:45.350.84=WR
25Ian ThorpeAUS1:45.830.79
33Massi RosolinoITA1:46.650.81
46Josh DavisUSA1:46.730.68
58Paul PalmerGBR1:47.950.87
67Jamie SalterGBR1:48.740.79
72Rick SayCAN1:48.760.81
81Grant HackettAUS1:49.460.77