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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date31 July – 1 August 1952
LocationWestendin tennishalli, Espoo
Participants66 from 26 countries

The sabre had long been a stronghold of Hungarian fencing but in 1952 they achieved a level of peak dominance that they had only achieved once before when they placed seven of their men in the top eight back in 1912. Their second ever medal sweep in the event was led by 40-year-old [Pál Kovács[(), the World Champion from 1937, who remained unbeatable throughout the duration of the event. Kovács achieved the rare distinction of having won 19 out of 19 bouts during the competition.

The 1948 champion, Aladár Gerevich, lost to Kovács, which was his only defeat in the final stage consigned him to the silver medal position with a third Hungarian, Tibor Berczelly, winning a barrage to claim the bronze medal and seal the Hungarian sweep. The three Hungarians would win a combined total of 16 Olympic titles in careers that were interrupted by the Second World War.

In the pools, if two or more fencers had the same number of victories and the tie had to be broken to determine which fencer(s) qualified for the next round or to determine the gold medalist in the final round, then barrage bouts were fenced to resolve the tie. In all other cases, ties were resolved by whichever fencers had the fewest number of touches received or, if there was a tie in touches received, then by the greatest number of touches given. The number of touches scored in the barrage bouts is not known.

1Pál KovácsHUNGold
2Aladár GerevichHUNSilver
3Tibor BerczellyHUNBronze
4Gastone DarèITA
5Werner PlattnerAUT
6Jacques LefèvreFRA
7Vincenzo PintonITA
8Heinz LechnerAUT
9Gustave BalisterBEL
4 p2 r3/4Hubert LoiselAUT
4 p3 r3/4Adalbert Gurath, Sr.ROU
=4 p1 r3/4Daniel SandeARG
=4 p1 r3/4Ivan ManayenkoURS
=4 p1 r3/4Joe de CaprilesUSA
5 p2 r3/4Jean LevavasseurFRA
5 p3 r3/4Leszek SuskiPOL
6 p2 r3/4Jerzy PawłowskiPOL
6 p3 r3/4François HeyvaertBEL
7 p1 r3/4Ilie TudorROU
4 p1 r2/4Renzo NostiniITA
5 p1 r2/4Palle FreyDEN
5 p2 r2/4George WorthUSA
5 p3 r2/4Boris BelyakovURS
5 p4 r2/4Marcel Van Der AuweraBEL
=5 p5 r2/4Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY
=5 p5 r2/4Henry NordinSWE
6 p1 r2/4Antonio HaroMEX
6 p2 r2/4Lev KuznetsovURS
6 p3 r2/4Jean-François TournonFRA
6 p4 r2/4William BeatleyGBR
7 p1 r2/4José D'AndreaARG
7 p2 r2/4Wojciech ZabłockiPOL
7 p3 r2/4Otto GreterSUI
7 p5 r2/4Bob AndersonGBR
=7 p4 r2/4Ion SantoROU
=7 p4 r2/4Willy FascherGER
8 p1 r2/4Allan KwartlerUSA
8 p2 r2/4Edgardo PominiARG
8 p3 r2/4Raimondo CarneraDEN
8 p5 r2/4Jules Amez-DrozSUI
5 p1 r1/4Ivan RubenDEN
5 p2 r1/4Estevão MolnarBRA
5 p3 r1/4Hans EsserGER
5 p4 r1/4Ernst RauSAA
5 p5 r1/4Benito RamosMEX
5 p6 r1/4Richard LiebscherGER
5 p7 r1/4Bo ErikssonSWE
6 p1 r1/4Umberto MenegalliSUI
6 p2 r1/4Karl BachSAA
6 p3 r1/4Farid Abou-ShadiEGY
6 p4 r1/4John FethersAUS
6 p5 r1/4Alfred EriksenNOR
6 p7 r1/4Álvaro SilvaPOR
=6 p6 r1/4Edmundo LópezVEN
=6 p6 r1/4Eduardo LópezGUA
=6 p6 r1/4Günther KnödlerSAA
7 p1 r1/4Olaf SandnerVEN
7 p2 r1/4Jock GibsonAUS
7 p3 r1/4Roland AsselinCAN
7 p4 r1/4Rafael CámaraMEX
7 p5 r1/4José FerreiraPOR
7 p7 r1/4Shinichi MakiJPN
8 p1 r1/4Ivan LundAUS
8 p2 r1/4João PessanhaPOR
8 p4 r1/4Gustavo GutiérrezVEN
8 p7 r1/4Olgierd PorebskiGBR
DNSHeinz PutzlAUT
DNSRobert BayotBEL
DNSEdward BrookeCAN
DNSAbelardo MenéndezCUB
DNSSalah DessoukiEGY
DNSMohamed ZulficarEGY
DNSRoger TredgoldGBR
DNSRudolf KárpátiHUN
DNSEgill KnutzenNOR
DNSJerzy TwardokensPOL
DNSAndrei VîlceaROU
DNSVladimir VyshpolskyURS
DNSTibor NyilasUSA
DNSAugusto GutiérrezVEN

Round One (31 July 1952 — 8:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to quarter-finals.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Hubert LoiselAUT6120Q
2Leszek SuskiPOL4322Q
3Edgardo PominiARG4323Q
4Ion SantoROU4325Q
5Ivan RubenDEN3425
6Umberto MenegalliSUI3431
7Olaf SandnerVEN2532
6Umberto MenegalliSUI3431
8Ivan LundAUS2533

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Wojciech ZabłockiPOL6120Q
2William BeatleyGBR5221Q
3Willy FascherGER5225Q
4Werner PlattnerAUT4322Q
5Estevão MolnarBRA4323
6Karl BachSAA2532
7Jock GibsonAUS2533
8João PessanhaPOR0735

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1José D'AndreaARG5121Q
2Heinz LechnerAUT422719Q
3Antonio HaroMEX422519Q
4Adalbert Gurath, Sr.ROU4221Q
5Hans EsserGER3325
6Farid Abou-ShadiEGY1528
7Roland AsselinCAN0630

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
=1François HeyvaertBEL5114Q
=1Ivan ManayenkoURS5115Q
=1Jerzy PawłowskiPOL5122Q
4Raimondo CarneraDEN3426Q
5Ernst RauSAA3426
6John FethersAUS2628
7Rafael CámaraMEX2532
8Gustavo GutiérrezVEN1529

Pool 5

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Gustave BalisterBEL4216Q
2Boris BelyakovURS4117Q
3Bob AndersonGBR4220Q
4Daniel SandeARG3326Q
5Benito RamosMEX2423
6Alfred EriksenNOR2426
7José FerreiraPOR1424

Pool 6

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
=1Ilie TudorROU5117Q
=1Marcel Van Der AuweraBEL5218Q
3Henry NordinSWE5223Q
4Jules Amez-DrozSUI4325Q
5Richard LiebscherGER4326
=6Edmundo LópezVEN1633
=6Eduardo LópezGUA1517
=6Günther KnödlerSAA1423

Pool 7

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Palle FreyDEN6012Q
2Otto GreterSUI5222Q
3Lev KuznetsovURS5111Q
4Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY4325Q
5Bo ErikssonSWE4325
6Álvaro SilvaPOR2529
7Shinichi MakiJPN0630
8Olgierd PorebskiGBR0630

Quarter-Finals (31 July 1952 — 15:00)

Top four finishers in each pool advanced to semi-finals. Competitors from nations in the sabre team finals were also advanced to quarter-finals.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Aladár GerevichHUN6112Q
2Leszek SuskiPOL5220Q
3Ivan ManayenkoURS5222Q
4Renzo NostiniITA4324Q
5Palle FreyDEN3425
6Antonio HaroMEX3429
7José D'AndreaARG1632
8Allan KwartlerUSA1634

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTDTR
1Pál KovácsHUN6014Q
2Werner PlattnerAUT51Q
3Gustave BalisterBEL4322Q
4Adalbert Gurath, Sr.ROU4330Q
5George WorthUSA342827
6Lev KuznetsovURS342227
7Wojciech ZabłockiPOL2530
8Edgardo PominiARG0735

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Tibor BerczellyHUN5220Q
2Heinz LechnerAUT5221Q
3Ilie TudorROU5223Q
4François HeyvaertBEL4325Q
5Boris BelyakovURS3426
6Jean-François TournonFRA3431
7Otto GreterSUI2533
8Raimondo CarneraDEN1634

Pool 4

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Vincenzo PintonITA5114Q
2Jean LevavasseurFRA5115Q
3Joe de CaprilesUSA5117Q
4Daniel SandeARG5223Q
5Marcel Van Der AuweraBEL3322
6William BeatleyGBR2524
=7Ion SantoROU0630
=7Willy FascherGER0630

Pool 5

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Jacques LefèvreFRA501Q
=2Gastone DarèITA4218Q
=2Jerzy PawłowskiPOL4221Q
4Hubert LoiselAUT4117Q
=5Helmi Abdel RahmanEGY2426
=5Henry NordinSWE2426
7Bob AndersonGBR1421
8Jules Amez-DrozSUI0525

Semi-Finals (1 August 1952 — 8:00)

Top three finishers in each pool advanced to final.

Pool 1

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
=1Aladár GerevichHUN4113Q
=1Gastone DarèITA4114Q
=1Heinz LechnerAUT4117Q
=4Daniel SandeARG2320
=4Ivan ManayenkoURS2322
=4Joe de CaprilesUSA2424
7Ilie TudorROU0525

Pool 2

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Pál KovácsHUN506Q
2Vincenzo PintonITA4116Q
3Gustave BalisterBEL2321Q
4Hubert LoiselAUT2320
5Jean LevavasseurFRA1422
6Jerzy PawłowskiPOL1424

Pool 3

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Jacques LefèvreFRA4112Q
2Werner PlattnerAUT3114Q
3Tibor BerczellyHUN3217Q
4Adalbert Gurath, Sr.ROU2318
5Leszek SuskiPOL1318
6François HeyvaertBEL1422

Final Pool (1 August 1952 — 15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTR
1Pál KovácsHUN8019
2Aladár GerevichHUN7116
3Tibor BerczellyHUN5322
4Gastone DarèITA5327
5Werner PlattnerAUT4434
6Jacques LefèvreFRA3525
7Vincenzo PintonITA2632
8Heinz LechnerAUT2635
9Gustave BalisterBEL0840