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Slalom, Women

Date 9 February 2022 — 10:15
LocationYanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre, West Dazhuangke, Zhangshanying, Yanqing District (Ice River)
Participants88 from 51 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.

The women’s slalom was the second female Alpine skiing event in Beijing. There were two clear favourites for this event with Petra Vlhová and Mikaela Shiffrin. They had won all seven slaloms held in the ongoing World Cup season, with Vlhová winning in Levi (twice), Lienz, Zagreb, and Kranjska Gora, while Shiffrin triumphed in Killington and Schladming. Vlhová also topped the standings with Shiffrin second, followed by Wendy Holdener, Lena Dürr, and Katharina Liensberger.

Since the last Olympics in 2018, Shiffrin had won the Crystal Globe in 2018 and 2019, Vlhová in 2020, and Liensberger in 2021, with the world titles going to Shiffrin in 2019 and Liensberger in 2021. A question mark was left as to who would take gold after Vlhová only finished 14th, and Shiffrin did not finish in the first technical event in Beijing two days earlier, when neither had been at their best. Interestingly, their coaches had been chosen to set the courses with Mike Day in the first run and Mauro Pini in the second run.

The race was opened by bib number 1 Dürr, and it turned out that her performance would be the best on the first run with Gisin only 3/100ths of a second behind. Surprisingly placed third after the first run was giant slalom gold medallist Sara Hector, only 0.11 seconds behind the lead. In fourth was another surprise with Andreja Slokar, followed by Holdener in fifth, with Liensberger and Vlhová in seventh and eighth respectively, both already more than 6/10ths behind Dürr. It was even worse for Shiffrin, as the course setting of her coach was no help and she went out after only about five seconds racing.

In the second run, Vlhová took advantage of the course setting of her coach and stormed with the best run time to take the gold medal. Liensberger going down just after Vlhová set the second-best time to win silver as none of the others from the best six after run one were able to catch them. Holdener took bronze 0.12 behind Vlhová and 0.04 behind Liensberger, but finished 0.07 ahead of midway leader Dürr. As fifth placed Slokar was also only 0.22 behind Vlhová, this was the closest women’s Olympic slalom ever.

This was the first ever medal for Slovakia in an Alpine skiing event. With Vlhová and Liensberger, the manufacturer Rossignol won two medals, while Holdener won bronze for Head, allowing this brand to win a medal in each of the first four races in Beijing. A record number of 51 nations participated in this event, which was the highest number of different countries to do so in a female Olympic Alpine skiing event ever. Finishing 50th and last was Lee Wen-Yi, who became the first ever Olympic Alpine skier for Chinese Taipei.

PosNumberCompetitorNOCTimeRun #1Run #2
12Petra VlhováSVK1:44.9852.89 (8)52.09 (1)Gold
25Katharina LiensbergerAUT1:45.0652.83 (7)52.23 (2)Silver
36Wendy HoldenerSUI1:45.1052.65 (5)52.45 (4)Bronze
41Lena DürrGER1:45.1752.17 (1)53.00 (9)
517Andreja SlokarSLO1:45.2052.64 (4)52.56 (5)
64Michelle GisinSUI1:45.5852.20 (2)53.38 (=18)
716Camille RastSUI1:45.7553.35 (9)52.40 (3)
813Paula MoltzanUSA1:46.1852.79 (6)53.39 (20)
93Anna Swenn-LarssonSWE1:46.3153.44 (11)52.87 (6)
1028Aline DaniothSUI1:46.6453.66 (13)52.98 (8)
1114Ana BucikSLO1:46.6753.73 (14)52.94 (7)
1218Katharina HuberAUT1:46.9253.54 (12)53.38 (=18)
1311Martina DubovskáCZE1:47.0353.90 (16)53.13 (14)
148Katharina GallhuberAUT1:47.3353.40 (10)53.93 (25)
1525Thea StjernesundNOR1:47.4854.22 (19)53.26 (16)
1621Erin MielzynskiCAN1:47.5253.93 (17)53.59 (22)
179Laurence St-GermainCAN1:47.5754.51 (22)53.06 (10)
1829Emma AicherGER1:47.5954.48 (21)53.11 (=12)
1922Nastasia NoensFRA1:47.8654.68 (24)53.18 (15)
2045Maryia ShkanavaBLR1:47.8954.79 (25)53.10 (11)
=2124Charlie GuestGBR1:47.9653.84 (15)54.12 (28)
=2119Ali NullmeyerCAN1:47.9654.67 (23)53.29 (17)
2310Leona PopovićCRO1:48.4255.31 (30)53.11 (=12)
2427Charlotta SäfvenbergSWE1:48.7055.25 (27)53.45 (21)
2536Zrinka LjutićCRO1:48.9155.03 (26)53.88 (=23)
2640Katie HensienUSA1:49.3155.43 (31)53.88 (=23)
2726Amelia SmartCAN1:49.3255.26 (=28)54.06 (26)
2832Elsa FermbäckSWE1:49.3355.26 (=28)54.07 (27)
2946Anita GulliITA1:49.7855.46 (32)54.32 (29)
3033Lara Della MeaITA1:50.5356.00 (35)54.53 (30)
3148Yekaterina TkachenkoROC1:50.6855.97 (34)54.71 (31)
3235Gabriela CapováCZE1:51.2455.96 (33)55.28 (33)
3343Anastasiya GornostayevaROC1:51.5056.39 (39)55.11 (32)
3444A. J. HurtUSA1:52.1956.68 (40)55.51 (34)
3547Sakurako MukogawaJPN1:52.7356.09 (36)56.64 (=37)
3651Polina MelnikovaROC1:52.7456.86 (41)55.88 (35)
3741Riikka HonkanenFIN1:52.9756.33 (37)56.64 (=37)
3862Hólmfríður Dóra FriðgeirsdóttirISL1:53.8757.39 (43)56.48 (36)
3954Kim So-HuiKOR1:54.1157.31 (42)56.80 (39)
4055Zita TóthHUN1:55.8657.97 (44)57.89 (40)
4161Noa SzőllősISR1:57.3458.21 (45)59.13 (41)
4265Nino TsiklauriGEO2:00.481:00.11 (47)1:00.37 (42)
4359Mialitiana ClercMAD2:02.881:02.22 (51)1:00.66 (43)
4478Ornella OettlPER2:04.591:03.25 (53)1:01.34 (44)
4571Esma AlićBIH2:04.651:01.72 (50)1:02.93 (45)
4683Manon OuaissLBN2:05.651:02.69 (52)1:02.96 (46)
4780Kong FanyingCHN2:11.951:05.97 (54)1:05.98 (47)
4875Tess ArbezIRL2:14.611:07.83 (55)1:06.78 (48)
4982Özlem ÇarıkçıoğluTUR2:18.921:09.45 (56)1:09.47 (49)
5088Lee Wen-YiTPE2:46.041:36.49 (58)1:09.55 (50)
DNF12Sara HectorSWE52.29 (3)– (DNF)
DNF20Mina Fürst HoltmannNOR54.19 (18)– (DNF)
DNF31Federica BrignoneITA54.41 (20)– (DNF)
DNF50Elese SommerováCZE56.38 (38)– (DNF)
DNF64Vanina GuerillotPOR59.45 (46)– (DNF)
DNF68Liene BondareLAT1:00.45 (48)– (DNF)
DNF66Eva VukadinovaBUL1:01.71 (49)– (DNF)
DNF81Atefeh AhmadiIRI1:11.88 (57)– (DNF)
DNF7Mikaela ShiffrinUSA– (DNF)
DNF15Katharina TruppeAUT– (DNF)
DNF23Maria Therese TvibergNOR– (DNF)
DNF30Neja DvornikSLO– (DNF)
DNF34Meta HrovatSLO– (DNF)
DNF37Asa AndoJPN– (DNF)
DNF38Rosa PohjolainenFIN– (DNF)
DNF39Alex TilleyGBR– (DNF)
DNF42Andrea KomšićCRO– (DNF)
DNF49Katie VestersteinEST– (DNF)
DNF52Magdalena ŁuczakPOL– (DNF)
DNF53Kathryn ParkerAUS– (DNF)
DNF56Gang Yeong-SeoKOR– (DNF)
DNF57Erika PykalainenFIN– (DNF)
DNF58Francesca BaruzziARG– (DNF)
DNF60Zuzanna CzapskaPOL– (DNF)
DNF63Rebeka JančováSVK– (DNF)
DNF67Gwyneth Ten RaaLUX– (DNF)
DNF69Maria-Eleni TsiovolouGRE– (DNF)
DNF70Mida Fah JaimanTHA– (DNF)
DNF72Aruwin SalehhuddinMAS– (DNF)
DNF73Emilia AramburoCHI– (DNF)
DNF74Anastasiya ShepilenkoUKR– (DNF)
DNF76Ni YuemingCHN– (DNF)
DNF77Jelena VujičićMNE– (DNF)
DNF79Maria Ioana ConstantinROU– (DNF)
DNF84Gabija ŠinkūnaitėLTU– (DNF)
DNF85Alexandra TroitskayaKAZ– (DNF)
DNF86Audrey KingHKG– (DNF)
DNF87Anna TorsaniSMR– (DNF)