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Sabre, Individual, Men

Date16 – 18 July 1912
LocationÖstermalms Idrottsplats, Stockholm
Participants64 from 12 countries

The maximum permitted blade length was increased to 900 mm but the dimensions of the guard and maximum overall weight remained the same as in 1908. These dimensions were later to be adopted by the FIE. The target area for sabre was reduced from the whole body to “toutes les parties du corps, situées au-dessus de la ligne horizontale passant par la fourche” (“all body parts, located above the horizontal line passing through the crotch”) which seems to mean that touches to the lower torso and hips were valid but touches to the legs were not. It was only after the First World War that the modern sabre target was adopted. Standings in the pools were based on the greater number of victories, then by the greater number of touches scored, and finally by the fewest number of touches received.

In 1908 at London, Hungary began their dominance of Olympic sabre fencing. They won the team event, and Jenő Fuchs won the individual sabre gold medal. Fuchs was back in Stockholm, the leader of a powerful Hungarian sabre team. Seven of the eight finalists were Hungarian, and Fuchs defended his Olympic gold medal.

From 1908 through 1964 a Hungarian fencer always won the sabre gold medal at the Olympics, with the exception of 1920, when Hungary was not invited as they were considered an aggressor nation in World War I. Hungarians also won all the world championships in individual sabre from 1923 through 1937 and, after World War II, 1951-55.

1Jenő FuchsHUNGold
2Béla BékessyHUNSilver
3Ervin MészárosHUNBronze
4Zoltán SchenkerHUN
5Nedo NadiITA
6Péter TóthHUN
7Lajos WerknerHUN
8Dezső FöldesHUN
3 p1 r3/4Béla ZulawszkyHUN
3 p2 r3/4Alfred SysonGBR
3 p3 r3/4Pál PajzsHUN
3 p4 r3/4László BertiHUN
4 p1 r3/4Bertalan DunayHUN
4 p3 r3/4Charles Van Der BylGBR
4 p4 r3/4Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS
5 p1 r3/4Friedrich SchwarzGER
5 p3 r3/4Boris ArsenyevRUS
5 p4 r3/4William MarshGBR
6 p3 r3/4Birger PersonneSWE
6 p4 r3/4Oluf BerntsenDEN
DNS p1 r3/4Anatoly TimofeyevRUS
DNS p2 r3/4Julius LichtenfelsGER
DNS p2 r3/4Oszkár GerdeHUN
DNS p2 r3/4Vladimir AndreyevRUS
4 p1 r2/4Giovanni BenfratelloITA
4 p3 r2/4Ernst zu HohenloheAUT
4 p5 r2/4Hans ThomsonGER
4 p6 r2/4Jens BerthelsenDEN
4 p7 r2/4Alfred KeeneGBR
4 p8 r2/4Francesco PietrasantaITA
=4 p2 r2/4Alfred SauerUSA
=4 p2 r2/4Harry ButterworthGBR
=4 p2 r2/4Aristide PontenaniITA
=4 p2 r2/4Nikolay KuznetsovRUS
5 p5 r2/4Edward BrookfieldGBR
5 p7 r2/4Martin NordenströmSWE
5 p8 r2/4Alfred Ridley-MartinGBR
=5 p1 r2/4Ejnar LevisonDEN
=5 p1 r2/4Georg StöhrGER
DNS p2 r2/4Albert BogenAUT
DNS p3 r2/4Edoardo AlaimoITA
DNS p3 r2/4Vladimir DanichRUS
DNS p4 r2/4Karl MünichAUT
DNS p5 r2/4Franz DereaniAUT
DNS p6 r2/4Hendrik de IonghNED
DNS p6 r2/4Josef JavůrekBOH
DNS p7 r2/4Josef PuhmAUT
DNS p8 r2/4Albertson Van Zo PostUSA
4 p1 r1/4Gustaf ArmgarthSWE
4 p2 r1/4Friedrich GollingAUT
4 p3 r1/4Boris NepokupnoyRUS
4 p6 r1/4Johannes KollingNED
4 p7 r1/4Konstantin VaterkampfRUS
4 p12 r1/4Pavel FilatovRUS
4 p13 r1/4Walter GatesRSA
4 p14 r1/4Archie CorbleGBR
4 p16 r1/4Gunnar LindholmSWE
=4 p4 r1/4Aleksandr ShkylevRUS
=4 p4 r1/4Zdeněk BártaBOH
=4 p5 r1/4Carl-Gustaf KlerckSWE
=4 p5 r1/4Georgy ZakyrichRUS
=4 p8 r1/4Douglas GodfreeGBR
=4 p8 r1/4Aleksandr MordovinRUS
5 p2 r1/4Helge WernerSWE

Round One (16 – 17 July 1912)

Top three in each pool advance to the quarter-finals.

Pool One (16 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Giovanni BenfratelloITA30Q
2Lajos WerknerHUN21Q
3Vladimir DanichRUS12Q
4Gustaf ArmgarthSWE03

Pool Two (16 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
=1Béla ZulawszkyHUN31Q
=1Julius LichtenfelsGER31Q
3Vladimir AndreyevRUS22Q
4Friedrich GollingAUT22
5Helge WernerSWE04

Pool Three (16 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Karl MünichAUT30Q
2Hans ThomsonGER21Q
3Jens BerthelsenDEN12Q
4Boris NepokupnoyRUS03

Pool Four (16 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Edoardo AlaimoITA40Q
=2Albert BogenAUT22Q
=2Oluf BerntsenDEN22Q
=4Aleksandr ShkylevRUS13
=4Zdeněk BártaBOH13

Pool Five (16 July 1912 — 12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Charles Van Der BylGBR31Q
2Josef JavůrekBOH31Q
3Josef PuhmAUT22Q
=4Carl-Gustaf KlerckSWE13
=4Georgy ZakyrichRUS13

Pool Six (16 July 1912 — 12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Ejnar LevisonDEN30Q
2Alfred Ridley-MartinGBR21Q
3Anatoly TimofeyevRUS12Q
4Johannes KollingNED03

Pool Seven (16 July 1912 — 12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Béla BékessyHUN30Q
2Franz DereaniAUT12Q
3William MarshGBR12Q
4Konstantin VaterkampfRUS12

Pool Eight (16 July 1912 — 12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
=1Hendrik de IonghNED31Q
=1Péter TóthHUN31Q
3Martin NordenströmSWE22Q
=4Douglas GodfreeGBR13
=4Aleksandr MordovinRUS13

Pool Nine

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Georg StöhrGERQbye
=1Ervin MészárosHUNQbye
=1Nikolay KuznetsovRUSQbye

Pool Ten

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUSQbye
=1Jenő FuchsHUNQbye
=1Birger PersonneSWEQbye

Pool Eleven

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Bertalan DunayHUNQbye
=1Ernst zu HohenloheAUTQbye
=1Boris ArsenyevRUSQbye

Pool Twelve (16 July 1912 — 15:00-18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Zoltán SchenkerHUN30Q
2Friedrich SchwarzGER21Q
3Harry ButterworthGBR12Q
4Pavel FilatovRUS03

Pool Thirteen (17 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Francesco PietrasantaITA30Q
2Pál PajzsHUN12Q
3Alfred SysonGBR12Q
4Walter GatesRSA12

Pool Fourteen (17 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Oszkár GerdeHUN30Q
2Nedo NadiITA21Q
3Albertson Van Zo PostUSA12Q
4Archie CorbleGBR03

Pool Fifteen (17 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
=1Alfred SauerUSAQbye
=1Dezső FöldesHUNQbye
=1Alfred KeeneGBRQbye

Pool Sixteen (17 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1László BertiHUN30Q
2Aristide PontenaniITA21Q
3Edward BrookfieldGBR12Q
4Gunnar LindholmSWE03

Quarter-Finals (17 July 1912 — 12:00-18:00)

Top three in each pool advance to the semi-finals.

Pool One (12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
1László BertiHUN0Q
2Bertalan DunayHUN1Q
3Vladimir AndreyevRUS2Q
4Giovanni BenfratelloITA3
=5Ejnar LevisonDEN4
=5Georg StöhrGER4

Pool Two (12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
1Lajos WerknerHUN0Q
2Oszkár GerdeHUN1Q
3Anatoly TimofeyevRUS2Q
=4Alfred SauerUSA3
=4Harry ButterworthGBR3

Pool Three (12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
1Ervin MészárosHUN0Q
2Friedrich SchwarzGER1Q
3William MarshGBR2Q
4Ernst zu HohenloheAUT3

Pool Four (12:00-15:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Béla BékessyHUN1Q
=1Dezső FöldesHUN1Q
3Oluf BerntsenDEN2Q
=4Aristide PontenaniITA3
=4Nikolay KuznetsovRUS3

Pool Five (15:00-18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
1Zoltán SchenkerHUN1Q
=2Charles Van Der BylGBR2Q
=2Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS2Q
4Hans ThomsonGER2
5Edward BrookfieldGBR3

Pool Six (15:00-18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Alfred SysonGBR0Q
=1Jenő FuchsHUN0Q
3Boris ArsenyevRUS2Q
4Jens BerthelsenDEN3

Pool Seven (15:00-18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts Lost
=1Nedo NadiITA1Q
=1Pál PajzsHUN1Q
3Béla ZulawszkyHUN2Q
4Alfred KeeneGBR2
5Martin NordenströmSWE4

Pool Eight (15:00-18:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Péter TóthHUN0Q
=2Julius LichtenfelsGER1Q
=2Birger PersonneSWE1Q
4Francesco PietrasantaITA1
5Alfred Ridley-MartinGBR4

Semi-Finals (18 July 1912 — 09:00-12:00)

Top two in each pool advance to the final.

Pool One

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Béla BékessyHUN50Q
2Nedo NadiITA41Q
3Béla ZulawszkyHUN32
4Bertalan DunayHUN23
5Friedrich SchwarzGER14

Pool One Béla BékessyHUN Nedo NadiITA
Pool One Béla BékessyHUN Béla ZulawszkyHUN
Pool One Béla BékessyHUN Bertalan DunayHUN
Pool One Béla BékessyHUN Friedrich SchwarzGER
Pool One Nedo NadiITA Béla ZulawszkyHUN
Pool One Nedo NadiITA Bertalan DunayHUN
Pool One Nedo NadiITA Friedrich SchwarzGER
Pool One Béla ZulawszkyHUN Bertalan DunayHUN
Pool One Béla ZulawszkyHUN Friedrich SchwarzGER
Pool One Bertalan DunayHUN Friedrich SchwarzGER

Pool Two

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Péter TóthHUN20Q
2Jenő FuchsHUN11Q
3Alfred SysonGBR02

Pool Two Péter TóthHUN Jenő FuchsHUN
Pool Two Péter TóthHUN Alfred SysonGBR
Pool Two Jenő FuchsHUN Alfred SysonGBR

Pool Three

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Ervin MészárosHUN50Q
2Dezső FöldesHUN41Q
3Pál PajzsHUN32
4Charles Van Der BylGBR23
5Boris ArsenyevRUS14
6Birger PersonneSWE05

Pool Three Ervin MészárosHUN Dezső FöldesHUN
Pool Three Ervin MészárosHUN Pál PajzsHUN
Pool Three Ervin MészárosHUN Charles Van Der BylGBR
Pool Three Ervin MészárosHUN Boris ArsenyevRUS
Pool Three Ervin MészárosHUN Birger PersonneSWE
Pool Three Dezső FöldesHUN Pál PajzsHUN
Pool Three Dezső FöldesHUN Charles Van Der BylGBR
Pool Three Dezső FöldesHUN Boris ArsenyevRUS
Pool Three Dezső FöldesHUN Birger PersonneSWE
Pool Three Pál PajzsHUN Charles Van Der BylGBR
Pool Three Pál PajzsHUN Boris ArsenyevRUS
Pool Three Pál PajzsHUN Birger PersonneSWE
Pool Three Charles Van Der BylGBR Boris ArsenyevRUS
Pool Three Charles Van Der BylGBR Birger PersonneSWE
Pool Three Boris ArsenyevRUS Birger PersonneSWE

Pool Four

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts Lost
1Lajos WerknerHUN50Q
2Zoltán SchenkerHUN41Q
3László BertiHUN32
4Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS23
5William MarshGBR14
6Oluf BerntsenDEN05

Pool Four Lajos WerknerHUN Zoltán SchenkerHUN
Pool Four Lajos WerknerHUN László BertiHUN
Pool Four Lajos WerknerHUN Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS
Pool Four Lajos WerknerHUN William MarshGBR
Pool Four Lajos WerknerHUN Oluf BerntsenDEN
Pool Four Zoltán SchenkerHUN László BertiHUN
Pool Four Zoltán SchenkerHUN Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS
Pool Four Zoltán SchenkerHUN William MarshGBR
Pool Four Zoltán SchenkerHUN Oluf BerntsenDEN
Pool Four László BertiHUN Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS
Pool Four László BertiHUN William MarshGBR
Pool Four László BertiHUN Oluf BerntsenDEN
Pool Four Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS William MarshGBR
Pool Four Apollon Hüber von GreifenfelsRUS Oluf BerntsenDEN
Pool Four William MarshGBR Oluf BerntsenDEN

Final Pool (18 July 1912 — 14:00-17:00)

PosCompetitor(s)NOCBouts WonBouts LostTGTR
1Jenő FuchsHUN611810
2Béla BékessyHUN521711
3Ervin MészárosHUN521712
4Zoltán SchenkerHUN431713
5Nedo NadiITA431617
6Péter TóthHUN251217
7Lajos WerknerHUN161319
8Dezső FöldesHUN16920

Bout #1 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 0Béla BékessyHUN
Bout #2 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 2Ervin MészárosHUN
Bout #3 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 2Nedo NadiITA
Bout #4 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 1Péter TóthHUN
Bout #5 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 2Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #6 Jenő FuchsHUN 3 – 0Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #7 Béla BékessyHUN 3 – 2Zoltán SchenkerHUN
Bout #8 Béla BékessyHUN 3 – 0Nedo NadiITA
Bout #9 Béla BékessyHUN 3 – 0Péter TóthHUN
Bout #10 Béla BékessyHUN 3 – 2Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #11 Béla BékessyHUN 3 – 1Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #12 Ervin MészárosHUN 3 – 2Béla BékessyHUN
Bout #13 Ervin MészárosHUN 3 – 1Zoltán SchenkerHUN
Bout #14 Ervin MészárosHUN 3 – 2Nedo NadiITA
Bout #15 Ervin MészárosHUN 3 – 1Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #16 Ervin MészárosHUN 3 – 0Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #17 Zoltán SchenkerHUN 3 – 0Jenő FuchsHUN
Bout #18 Zoltán SchenkerHUN 3 – 1Péter TóthHUN
Bout #19 Zoltán SchenkerHUN 3 – 1Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #20 Zoltán SchenkerHUN 3 – 2Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #21 Nedo NadiITA 3 – 2Zoltán SchenkerHUN
Bout #22 Nedo NadiITA 3 – 2Péter TóthHUN
Bout #23 Nedo NadiITA 3 – 2Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #24 Nedo NadiITA 3 – 2Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #25 Péter TóthHUN 3 – 0Ervin MészárosHUN
Bout #26 Péter TóthHUN 3 – 2Lajos WerknerHUN
Bout #27 Lajos WerknerHUN 3 – 1Dezső FöldesHUN
Bout #28 Dezső FöldesHUN 3 – 2Péter TóthHUN