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Giant Slalom, Men

Date19 February 2014 — 11:00
LocationGornolyzhniy Tsenter Rosa Khutor, Mountain Cluster, Krasnaya Polyana
Participants107 from 60 countries
FormatTwo runs, total time determined placement.
Course Setter (Run 1)David ChastanFRA
Course Setter (Run 2)Andy PuelacherAUT
Venue detailsGates: 57 / 59
Length: ?
Start Altitude: 1370 m
Vertical Drop: 410 m

The fourth men’s Alpine ski race was held as scheduled on Wednesday, 19 February. The start of the piste within the Rosa Khutor Alpine Center was located at an altitude of 1,370 metres right above “Big Pan” and followed almost the lower part of the downhill course. There was only one clear favorite, American Ted Ligety. He won the World Championships in giant slalom in both 2011 and 2013 as well as the giant slalom World Cup in 2010/11 and 2012/13. He had also won three of the five World Cup giant slaloms in the current season, in Sölden, Beaver Creek, and St. Moritz. The slope here in Sochi was described as similar to Beaver Creek which was also an advantage for Ligety. His biggest challengers were expected to be Marcel Hirscher, silver medalist at the 2013 World Championships and giant slalom World Cup winner in 2011/12, who won two races in this winter at Val d’Isère and Alta Badia, Felix Neureuther who won the World Cup giant slalom in Adelboden, Alexis Pinturault, and the silver medalist from Vancouver, and Kjetil Jansrud, who had already won two medals in Sochi. But Neureuther was handicaped after a car accident in Germany only five days before, causing whiplash. The current giant slalom World Cup standings saw Hirscher in the lead with Pinturault second, Ligety third, and Fanara fourth.

Pinturault was first down on the first run, and posted a challenging time of 1:22.44. This held the lead until his compatriot Thomas Fanara (FRA) bettered the time by just 0.03 seconds. Shortly afterwards Ligety posted a time of 1:21.08 which put him in the lead after the first run. No skier approached Ligety’s time, the best of the rest being surprising Ondřej Bank (CZE) who was 0.93 seconds behind, Davide Simoncelli (ITA) at 1.27 seconds behind and Matthias Mayer (AUT) who trailed by 1.33 seconds in the same time as Fanara.

With the top 30 going in reverse order on the second run, the first skier to make an impression on the medal positions was Steve Missillier (FRA), 10th after the first run, but in what was to prove the fastest time of the second run in 1:23.19, which put him into the lead with a combined time of 2:45.77. Pinturault then came close but failed by 0.16 seconds to overtake his compatriot. Fanara, Mayer and Simoncelli went without challenging the leaders, and for a while Hirscher found himself in bronze medal position. Bank was next on the course but, perhaps with memories of missing out in the Super Combined event when lying second, only managed the 15th fastest second run and slipped down to eventually finish fifth. Going last Ligety did not have the best race, and his 1.50 second lead over Missillier was gradually eroded, but he just held on to post a combined time of 2:45.29 and take the gold medal, ahead of the two Frenchmen.

Ligety won the fifth gold medal at this Games for skiing manufacturer Head, while Salomon won silver and bronze. Ondřej Bank achieved the best ever Alpine skiing result for a Czech men by finishing fifth. Finishing in 57th place was Luke Henri Steyn remarkable as being the first ever Winter Games competitor for Zimbabwe.

PosNrSkierNOCTimeRun 1Run 2
17Ted LigetyUSA2:45.291:21.08 (1)1:24.21 (14)Gold
210Steve MissillierFRA2:45.771:22.58 (10)1:23.19 (1)Silver
31Alexis PinturaultFRA2:45.931:22.44 (6)1:23.49 (2)Bronze
43Marcel HirscherAUT2:46.231:22.47 (7)1:23.76 (5)
528Ondřej BankCZE2:46.291:22.01 (2)1:24.28 (15)
618Matthias MayerAUT2:46.341:22.41 (=4)1:23.93 (9)
78Benjamin RaichAUT2:46.351:22.67 (13)1:23.68 (4)
82Felix NeureutherGER2:46.591:22.51 (8)1:24.08 (=11)
95Thomas FanaraFRA2:46.731:22.41 (=4)1:24.32 (16)
1021Henrik KristoffersenNOR2:46.791:22.71 (14)1:24.08 (=11)
1124Luca De AliprandiniITA2:46.911:23.08 (19)1:23.83 (7)
126Fritz DopferGER2:46.971:22.59 (11)1:24.38 (=17)
1323Carlo JankaSUI2:47.041:22.52 (9)1:24.52 (19)
1419Matts OlssonSWE2:47.061:23.01 (18)1:24.05 (10)
1522Tim JitloffUSA2:47.131:23.23 (21)1:23.90 (8)
1615Leif Kristian HaugenNOR2:47.151:23.58 (=23)1:23.57 (3)
1720Davide SimoncelliITA2:47.351:22.35 (3)1:25.00 (23)
189Philipp SchörghoferAUT2:47.461:22.83 (15)1:24.63 (20)
1940Jared GoldbergUSA2:47.481:23.66 (27)1:23.82 (6)
2016Bode MillerUSA2:47.821:23.64 (26)1:24.18 (13)
2135Samu TorstiFIN2:47.971:23.59 (25)1:24.38 (=17)
2230Adam ŽampaSVK2:48.411:23.13 (20)1:25.28 (26)
2331Žan KranjecSLO2:48.481:23.82 (29)1:24.66 (21)
2412Mathieu FaivreFRA2:49.431:23.53 (22)1:25.90 (28)
2536Trevor PhilpCAN2:49.551:24.38 (31)1:25.17 (25)
2634Sergey MaytakovRUS2:49.671:23.75 (28)1:25.92 (29)
2725Ivica KostelićCRO2:49.681:23.87 (30)1:25.81 (27)
2846Mauro CaviezelSUI2:49.751:23.58 (=23)1:26.17 (34)
2933Phil BrownCAN2:49.911:24.82 (32)1:25.09 (24)
3027Gino CaviezelSUI2:50.401:25.45 (35)1:24.95 (22)
3163Martin VráblíkCZE2:50.841:24.83 (33)1:26.01 (=30)
3239Andreas ŽampaSVK2:51.621:25.54 (36)1:26.08 (32)
3348Morgan PridyCAN2:51.961:25.95 (39)1:26.01 (=30)
3438Sebastian BrigovićCRO2:52.251:25.82 (38)1:26.43 (35)
3541Vladislav NovikovRUS2:52.651:25.68 (37)1:26.97 (37)
3674Paul de la CuestaESP2:53.261:27.13 (45)1:26.13 (33)
3747Klemen KosiSLO2:53.361:26.61 (43)1:26.75 (36)
3867Marc OliverasAND2:53.741:26.40 (41)1:27.34 (39)
3943Dominic DemscharAUS2:53.771:26.47 (42)1:27.30 (38)
4044Cristian Simari BirknerARG2:53.911:26.02 (40)1:27.89 (40)
4153Jeong Dong-HyeonKOR2:55.261:26.72 (44)1:28.54 (41)
4273Marco PfiffnerLIE2:56.721:27.64 (46)1:29.08 (44)
4349Kristaps ZvejnieksLAT2:57.301:27.80 (47)1:29.50 (46)
4450Adam BarwoodNZL2:57.401:28.51 (49)1:28.89 (43)
4562Trace SmithEST2:57.421:28.25 (48)1:29.17 (45)
4683Arman SerebrakyanARM2:58.401:29.59 (54)1:28.81 (42)
4764Adam LamhamediMAR2:59.231:29.27 (51)1:29.96 (48)
4869Alexandru BarbuROU2:59.241:29.47 (52)1:29.77 (47)
4975Marko RudićBIH2:59.951:29.55 (53)1:30.40 (49)
5079Norbert FarkasHUN3:01.331:29.77 (55)1:31.56 (50)
5160Mohammad KiyadarbandsariIRI3:02.131:30.12 (56)1:32.01 (52)
5288Kostas SykarasGRE3:02.331:30.75 (59)1:31.58 (51)
5359Patrick BrachnerAZE3:03.631:31.32 (60)1:32.31 (53)
5478Massimiliano ValcareggiGRE3:04.361:30.72 (58)1:33.64 (56)
5580Hossein Saveh ShemshakiIRI3:05.221:32.35 (62)1:32.87 (55)
5686Einar KristgeirssonISL3:05.451:32.90 (63)1:32.55 (54)
5790Luke SteynZIM3:06.551:32.20 (61)1:34.35 (59)
5884Jhonatan LonghiBRA3:06.721:33.03 (64)1:33.69 (57)
5996Brynjar GuðmundssonISL3:09.611:33.58 (65)1:36.03 (61)
6094Dmytro MytsakUKR3:11.401:34.22 (67)1:37.18 (64)
61100Yevgeny TimofeyevKGZ3:11.721:34.65 (68)1:37.07 (63)
62101Tarik HadžićMNE3:12.391:36.55 (71)1:35.84 (60)
6399Rokas ZaveckasLTU3:13.041:36.06 (70)1:36.98 (62)
64104Konstantinos PapamichaelCYP3:13.111:35.74 (69)1:37.37 (66)
6598Kanet SucharitakulTHA3:15.061:37.82 (73)1:37.24 (65)
6661Gyeong Seong-HyeonKOR3:15.201:34.03 (66)1:41.17 (70)
67107Artyom VoronovUZB3:15.451:37.09 (72)1:38.36 (68)
6893Emre ŞimşekTUR3:17.641:40.26 (76)1:37.38 (67)
69102Alex MohbatLBN3:17.851:38.96 (75)1:38.89 (69)
70108Manfred OettlPER3:20.961:47.05 (78)1:33.91 (58)
71103Muhammad KarimPAK3:27.411:43.44 (77)1:43.97 (71)
72106Himanshu ThakurIND3:37.551:47.86 (79)1:49.69 (72)
AC4Manfred MölggITA1:22.93 (17)– (AC)DNF
AC14Roberto NaniITA1:22.65 (12)– (AC)DNF
AC17Kjetil JansrudNOR1:22.91 (16)– (AC)DNF
AC32Stepan ZuyevRUS1:24.90 (34)– (AC)DNF
AC71Ross PeraudoAUS1:29.07 (50)– (AC)DNF
AC91Arthur HansePOR1:30.52 (57)– (AC)DNF
AC89Zhang YuxinCHN3:34.741:38.45 (74)1:56.29 (AC)DQ1
AC13Marcus SandellFIN– (AC)DNF
AC26Didier DéfagoSUI– (AC)DNF
AC29Kryštof KrýzlCZE– (AC)DNF
AC37Pavel TrikhichevRUS– (AC)DNF
AC42Filip ZubčićCRO– (AC)DNF
AC45Olivier JenotMON– (AC)DNF
AC51Ferrán TerraESP– (AC)DNF
AC52Sebastiano GastaldiARG– (AC)DNF
AC54Eugenio ClaroCHI– (AC)DNF
AC55Park Je-YunKOR– (AC)DNF
AC56Joan VerdúAND– (AC)DNF
AC57Stefan PrisadovBUL– (AC)DNF
AC58Alex PuenteESP– (AC)DNF
AC65Jorge BirknerARG– (AC)DNF
AC66Henrik von AppenCHI– (AC)DNF
AC68Pol CarrerasESP– (AC)DNF
AC70Marko VukićevićSRB– (AC)DNF
AC72Aleksi BenianidzeGEO– (AC)DNF
AC76Iason AbramashviliGEO– (AC)DNF
AC77Mārtiņš OnskulisLAT– (AC)DNF
AC81Igor LaikertBIH– (AC)DNF
AC82Antonio RistevskiMKD– (AC)DNF
AC85Yury DanilachkinBLR– (AC)DNF
AC95Conor LyneIRL– (AC)DNF
AC97Dow TraversCAY– (AC)DNF
AC109Antonio José PardoVEN– (AC)DNF
AC11Stefan LuitzGER1:21.67 (AC)DQ2
AC105Vincenzo MichelottiSMR– (AC)DQ3
DNS87Erjon TolaALB– (DNS)
DNS92Virgile VandeputISR– (DNS)