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Marathon, Men

Date29 August 2004 — 18:00
LocationPanathinaiko Stadio, Athina
Participants101 from 59 countries
Format42,195 metres (26 miles, 385 yards) point-to-point.
Olympic Record 2-09:21 / Carlos Lopes POR / 12 August 1984

The Athina men’s marathon was contested on the hottest day ever for an Olympic marathon, with the temperature just above 30° C. (86° F.). There was again no definite favorite, and the field of 101 runners set a slow pace, as the runners were concerned about the heat. At the 20 km. mark, Brazil’s Vanderlei de Lima opened up a small lead. By 30 km. he had pulled ahead by almost 50 seconds, but gradually the pursuers started to reel him in a bit, chopping 20 seconds off that lead over the next five kilometers. Unfortunately, at the 36 km. mark, a fan ran onto the course and ran directly at de Lima, pushing him briefly off the course. De Lima saw his stride broken, and he was unable to continue at the same pace. At 39 km. he was caught by Italy’s Stefano Baldini, who went into the lead and held on to win gold medal. The United States’ Meb Keflezighi, and Eritrean immigrant, also passed de Lima, and he took the silver medal, with de Lima holding on to win a bronze.

It turned out that the fan who had assaulted de Lima was a deranged former Irish priest, who had a history of these acts. He had once walked out onto the track at a Formula One race, fortunately not being harmed and not causing an accident, or injury to any drivers. De Lima protested the result, appealing that he should have been declared the winner, and that he would have won the race if not for the disturbance. That is unlikely, as Baldini and Keflezighi were closing on him at the time of incident, and he finished almost 1½ minutes behind Baldini, and 42 seconds behind Keflezighi, only holding off the fourth-place finisher, Britain’s Jon Brown, by 15 seconds. De Lima’s protest was disallowed. For Brown, it was an unfortunate second consecutive fourth place finish in the Olympic marathon.

12157Stefano BaldiniITA2-10:55Gold
23295Meb KeflezighiUSA2-11:29Silver
31234Vanderlei de LimaBRA2-12:11Bronze
41791Jon BrownGBR2-12:26
52263Shigeru AburayaJPN2-13:11
62291Toshinari SuwaJPN2-13:24
72361Eric WainainaKEN2-13:30
82722Alberto ChaíçaPOR2-14:17
92174Alberico Di CeccoITA2-14:34
102359Paul TergatKEN2-14:45
112474Jaouad GharibMAR2-15:12
123247Alan CulpepperUSA2-15:26
132941Leonid ShvetsovRUS2-15:28
142383Lee Bong-JuKOR2-15:33
151679Ambesse TolosaETH2-15:39
162842Gert ThysRSA2-16:08
172379Ji Yeong-JunKOR2-16:14
181612Toni PeñaESP2-16:38
192967Georgy AndreyevRUS2-16:55
202148Haile SatayinISR2-17:25
212643Jonathan WyattNZL2-17:45
221687Janne HolménFIN2-17:50
231833Dan RobinsonGBR2-17:53
242009Nikos PoliasGRE2-17:56
251217Ndabili BashingiliBOT2-18:09
261641Pavel LoskutovEST2-18:09
271620José RíosESP2-18:40
281095Lee TroopAUS2-18:46
291103Michael BuchleitnerAUT2-19:19
303031Anuradha CooraySRI2-19:24
311360Li ZhuhongCHN2-19:26
321142Joachim NshimirimanaBDI2-19:31
332641Dale WarranderNZL2-19:42
342670Waldemar GlinkaPOL2-19:43
352758Jong Myong-CholPRK2-19:47
361751El Hassan LahssiniFRA2-19:50
372662Michał BartoszakPOL2-20:20
382770Ahmed Jumaa JaberQAT2-20:27
392433Ali Mabrouk El-ZaidiLBA2-20:31
403094Samson RamadhaniTAN2-20:38
412388Lee Myeong-SeungKOR2-21:01
422273Tomoaki KunichikaJPN2-21:13
431412José Alirio CarrascoCOL2-21:14
441299Ernest NdissipouCAF2-21:23
451064Nick HarrisonAUS2-21:42
461678Tereje WodajoETH2-21:53
471476Aguelmis RojasCUB2-21:59
483404Abel ChimukokoZIM2-22:09
491011Saïd BelhoutALG2-22:32
501827Matt O'DowdGBR2-22:37
511411Juan Carlos CardonaCOL2-22:49
522163Daniele CaimmiITA2-23:07
531031João N'TyambaANG2-23:26
543012Roman KejžarSLO2-23:34
552513Procopio FrancoMEX2-23:34
563112Wu Wen-ChienTPE2-23:54
571029Toni BernadóAND2-23:55
581619Julio ReyESP2-24:54
592149Asaf BimroISR2-25:20
601053Sisay BezabehAUS2-25:26
611542Silvio GuerraECU2-25:29
622978Mathias NtawulikuraRWA2-26:05
631516Róbert ŠtefkoCZE2-27:12
642041José Amado GarcíaGUA2-27:13
653235Dan BrowneUSA2-27:17
661345Han GangCHN2-27:31
672654Eduardo BuenavistaPHI2-28:18
681735Driss El HimerFRA2-29:07
692510Andrés EspinosaMEX2-29:43
702438Mpesela Ntlot'soeuLES2-30:19
711549Franklin TenorioECU2-31:12
722522José Ernani PalaliaMEX2-31:41
732864Dmitry BurmakinRUS2-31:51
742448Mindaugas PukštasLTU2-33:02
752538Bat-Ochiryn Ser-OdMGL2-33:24
761390Zhu RonghuaCHN2-34:02
772045Alfredo ArévaloGUA2-34:02
781426António Carlos PiñaCPV2-36:22
792373Valery PisarevKGZ2-40:10
802436Zepherinus JosephLCA2-44:19
813065Marcel MataninSVK2-50:26
AC2834Hendrick RamaalaRSADNF
AC3089Zebedayo BayoTANDNF
AC1670Hailu NegussieETHDNF
AC3052Viktor RöthlinSUIDNF
AC1270Riyadh Al-MustafaBRNDNF
AC1259Rômulo WagnerBRADNF
AC2841Ian SysterRSADNF
AC2061Zsolt BácskaiHUNDNF
AC1191Azat RakipovBLRDNF
AC3164Dmytro BaranovskyUKRDNF
AC2473Rachid El-GhanmouniMARDNF
AC1026Rachid ZiarALGDNF
AC1012Mustapha BennacerALGDNF
AC1257André Luiz RamosBRADNF
AC3392Luis FonsecaVENDNF
AC2468Khalid El-BoumliliMARDNF
AC3093John Nada SayaTANDNF
AC3108Gil da CruzTLSDNF
AC1711Jussi UtriainenFINDNF
AC1137Jean-Paul GahimbaréBDIDNF
DNS269Luc KrotwaarNED