Olympians Who Acted in Movies (262)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Trond Abrahamsen NOR IHO Olympics 1980—1984 Hockeyfeber
Lisa-Marie Allen USA FSK Olympics 1980 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Ray Allen USA BKB Olympics 2000 He Got Game
Nils Althin SWE BOX Olympics 1932 Thin Ice; It’s a Pleasure; Around the World
Gerald Ames GBR FEN Olympics 1912 The Prisoner of Zenda; 70 silent movies
Vijay Amritraj IND TEN Olympics 1988 Octopussy and a small part in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
Bob Anderson GBR FEN Olympics 1952 Notably as a light-sabre fight double of Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back.
Jodi Anderson USA ATH Olympics 1984 Personal Best
Shani Anderson GBR ATH Olympics 2000 Fast Girls
Pernilla Andersson SWE JUD Olympics 2000 At least five film appearances as actress and stunt double in dangerous scenes from 2005 to 2012.
Kurt Angle USA WRE Olympics 1996 Warrior; and others
Aziz Asli IRI FBL Olympics 1964 Conquerors of the Desert; A Bridge to Paradise; Iron Claw; Keshtye Noah; Jasem; Tunnel; Farewell to Tehran; Never Without Love; Safar; The Double-Agent
Brahim Asloum FRA BOX Olympics 2000 Victor Young Perez
Essam Bahig EGY FBL Non-starter 1952 Appeared in the 1964 Egyptian film "Tale of the City"
Snowy Baker ANZ
BOX/DIV/SWM Olympics 1908 King Baggot
Charles Barkley USA BKB Olympics 1992—1996 Notably in Space Jam.
Carling Bassett-Seguso CAN TEN Olympics 1988 Spring Fever
Bruce Baumgartner USA WRE Olympics / Other 1984—1996 Foxcatcher
Hans-Jürgen Bäumler GER
FSK Olympics 1960—1964 35 credits on IMDb from 1965-2019
Earl Bell USA ATH Olympics 1976—1988 Personal Best
Wade Bell USA ATH Olympics 1968 Without Limits
Nino Benvenuti ITA BOX Olympics 1960 Alive or Preferably Dead; Mark Shoots First; Carnera: The Walking Mountain
Ernesto Beren PHI GAR Olympics 1968 Acrobat Masters (AKA Men of Action Meet Women of Dracula)
Larry Bird USA BKB Olympics 1992 Space Jam
Jeff Blatnick USA WRE Olympics / Other 1984 Foxcatcher
Jan Blažek CZE
BKB Olympics 1972 Small role in Amadeus.
Judy Blumberg USA FSK Olympics 1980—1984 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Duane Bobick USA BOX Olympics 1972 Billy Boy
Tom Bogs DEN BOX Olympics 1964 Og så er der bal bagefter
Brian Boitano USA FSK Olympics 1984—1994 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Mark Breland USA BOX Olympics 1984 The Lords of Discipline; Summer of Sam; and others
Herman Brix USA ATH Olympics 1928 Notably as Tarzan in several movies, under the pseudonym Bruce Bennett.
Ricky Bruch SWE ATH Olympics 1968—1976 Charleston
Pongsiree Bunluewong THA EVE Olympics 2004 God of Death's Holiday; The Guys; Jan Dara: The Finale; The Outrage
Robert Carr-Hartley KEN SHO Olympics 1972—1984 Adventures of a Jungle Boy (TV Series – 13 episodes); Zanzabuku
Vince Carter USA BKB Olympics 2000 Like Mike
Suzy Chaffee USA ALP Olympics 1968 Fire And Ice
Cassius Clay USA BOX Olympics 1960 The Greatest
Sasha Cohen USA FSK Olympics 2002—2006 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Nadia Comăneci ROU GAR Olympics 1976—1980 The Veil
Bart Conner USA GAR Olympics 1976—1984 Peaceful Warrior; Death and Texas; Stick It
Henry Cooper GBR BOX Olympics 1952 Notably as John Gully MP in Royal Flash.
Gene Corri GBR BOX Referee 1908 As himself in the Alfred Hitchcock melodrama, "The Ring". Appeared in two other movies.
Robin Cousins GBR FSK Olympics 1976—1980 The Cutting Edge
Buster Crabbe USA SWM Olympics 1928—1932 Multiple roles as Tarzan, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers; and others
Gábor Csapó HUN WPO Olympics 1976—1980 In 1979 Csapó had a small role in the Hungarian film “Ki beszél itt szerelemröl?!” (“Who is Talking About Love Here?”)
György Czakó HUN FSK Olympics 1952 Napfény a jégen
Jean, Marquis d'Orgeix FRA EJP Olympics 1948—1952 Under the pseudonym Jean Pâqui.
Tim Daggett USA GAR Olympics 1984 Stick It
Tom Daley GBR DIV Olympics / YOG 2008—2020 Sharknado 5
Muriel Davis-Grossfeld USA GAR Olympics 1956—1964 Had starring role in a television movie "El Coyote" and had a 7-year contract with RKO studios
Michel de Carvalho GBR LUG Olympics 1972—1976 Notably as Faraj in the Oscar winning Lawrence of Arabia under the pseudonym Michel Rey.
Lenika De Simone ESP GAR Olympics 2008 Stick It
Donna de Varona USA SWM Olympics 1960—1964 Fighting Back
Kazimierz Deyna POL FBL Olympics 1972—1976 Notably as Paul Wolchek in Escape to Victory.
Paul Dickenson GBR ATH Olympics 1976—1980 Fast Girls
Babe Didrikson USA ATH Olympics 1932 Pat And Mike
Vlade Divac SRB
BKB Olympics / Administrator 1988—2017 Space Jam; Eddie
Pat Donnelly USA ATH Olympics 1976 Personal Best
Donn Draeger USA KEN Non-Medal 1964 Martial arts coordinator and stunt double for Sean Connery in "You Only Live Twice"
Yury Dumchev RUS
ATH Olympics 1980—1988 25 credits on IMDb from 1987-2013
Stan Dziedzic USA WRE Olympics 1976 Foxcatcher
Trudy Ederle USA SWM Olympics 1924 Swim Girl Swim
Jonathan Edwards GBR ATH Olympics 1988—2000 Fast Girls
Jack Elder USA LUG Olympics 1972 Small part in "It Happened at the World's Fair" (1962)
Patrick Ewing USA BKB Olympics 1984—1992 The Exorcist III; Space Jam; Forget Paris
Ralph Faulkner USA FEN Olympics / Referee 1932 Stuntman and sword fight choreographer in multiple movies between 1917-1971.
Ian Feuer USA FBL Non-starter 1992 As an alien Predator in Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.
Al Feuerbach USA ATH Olympics 1972—1976 Personal Best
Peggy Fleming USA FSK Olympics 1964—1968 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Alex Fong HKG SWM Olympics 2000 Has appeared in over 50 films in his native Hong Kong
George Foreman USA BOX Olympics 1968 The Fighter; Let’s Do It Again
Joe Frazier USA BOX Olympics 1964 Home of Angels; and others
Dan Gable USA WRE Olympics 1972 The Wrestler
Mitch Gaylord USA GAR Olympics 1984 American Anthem; Batman Forever as stunt double for Chris O’Donnell
Anton Geesink NED JUD Olympics / Other / Administrator 1964—2010 Zoals u wenst, mevrouw; Pipo de Clown; Noord-Zuid... aan-uit!; De grote vriezer; I grandi condottieri; Rififi in Amsterdam
Giuseppe Gentile ITA ATH Olympics 1968—1972 Medea
Fortune Gordien USA ATH Olympics 1948—1956 The Egyptian, North to Alaska
Alain Gottvallès FRA SWM Olympics 1960—1964 The Man Who Betrayed the Mafia; Mission spéciale á Caracas
Cliff Gray USA BOB Olympics 1928—1932 Over 20 credits on IMDb from 1914 to 1922 though most are mistakenly attributed to a songwriter of the same name
Florence Griffith Joyner USA ATH Olympics 1984—1988 Run For The Dream: The Gail Devers Story
Emam Ali Habibi IRI WRE Olympics 1956—1960 Appeared in five films between 1968 and 1970
Yoshihiro Hamaguchi JPN SWM Olympics 1952 16 credits on IMDb from 1955-66
Dorothy Hamill USA FSK Olympics 1976 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Scott Hamilton USA FSK Olympics / Other 1980—1984 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Tim Hardaway USA BKB Olympics 2000 Forget Paris
George Harris USA JUD Olympics 1964 Matchless
Jean Heeremans BEL FEN Olympics 1936 11 credits on IMDb from 1948-61
Carol Heiss USA FSK Olympics 1956—1960 Snow White and the Three Stooges
Adel Hekal UAR FBL Olympics 1960 Appeared in three Egyptian films between 1959 and 1964
Sonja Henie NOR FSK Olympics 1924—1936 Notably in the Oscar nominated One in a Million.
Norman Henson PHI GAR Olympics 1968 Acrobat Masters (AKA Men of Action Meet Women of Dracula)
Yoan Pablo Hernández CUB BOX Olympics 2004 as Joe Louis in Max Schmelling
Jean Hervé FRA RGB Olympics 1900 Theatre actor who made occasional appearances in French Films between 1908 and 1951
Grant Hill USA BKB Olympics 1996 What Men Want
Jürgen Hingsen FRG ATH Olympics 1984—1988 Drei und eine halbe Portion
Dan Hodge USA WRE Olympics 1952—1956 The Wrestler
Eleanor Holm USA SWM Olympics 1928—1932 Tarzan’s Revenge
Max Holsboer SUI IHO Olympics / Non-starter / Referee 1920—1936 In several movies by Leni Riefenstahl
Sayed Houda EGY FBL Olympics 1924—1928 Appeared in the 1937 Egyptian comedy film "Al-Riady" (The Sportsman)
Sherri Howard USA ATH Olympics 1984—1988 The Scorpion King
Věra Hrubá CZE
FSK Olympics 1936 as Vera Ralston – 27 credits on IMDb from 1941-58
John Huettner USA SAL Olympics 1932 Notably as an extra in Citizen Kane (1941).
Kyoko Ina USA FSK Olympics 1994—2002 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Kyrie Irving USA BKB Olympics 2016 Uncle Drew
Julie Isphording USA ATH Olympics 1984 Personal Best
Allen Iverson USA BKB Olympics 2004 Like Mike
Colin Jackson GBR ATH Olympics 1988—2000 Fast Girls
Christine Jacob PHI SWM Olympics 1984 Rocky Plus V
Petr Jákl CZE JUD Olympics 2000 Over 40 IMDB credits as screenwriter, actor, producer from 1999 to 2023.
Ludowika Jakobsson-Eilers FIN FSK Olympics / Referee 1920—1936 Starred in a couple of Finnish silent films in 1920s.
Gustav Jankovský TCH BOX Non-starter 1936 10 IMDB credits as an actor and stunt performer from 1963-1985
Bruce Jenner USA ATH Olympics 1972—1976 Can’t Stop the Music
Belita Jepson-Turner GBR FSK Olympics 1936 Notably alongside Clark Gable in Never Let Me Go.
Rafer Johnson USA ATH Olympics / Other 1956—1960 26 credits on IMDb from 1960-89.
Roy Jones, Jr. USA BOX Olympics 1988 The Fighter and notably as Ballard in The Matrix Reloaded.
Michael Jordan USA BKB Olympics 1984—1992 Notably in Space Jam.
Al Joyner USA ATH Olympics 1984 Rookie of the Year
Duke Kahanamoku USA SWM/WPO Olympics 1912—1924 14 credits on IMDb from 1925-55.
Somluck Kamsing THA BOX Olympics / Other 1992—2004 A Prayer Before Dawn
Gus Kenworthy GBR
FRS Olympics 2014—2022 Olympic Dreams
Nancy Kerrigan USA FSK Olympics 1992—1994 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Jason Kidd USA BKB Olympics 2000—2008 Like Mike
Jean-Claude Killy FRA ALP Olympics / Administrator 1964—2015 Snow Job
Joe Kleine USA BKB Olympics 1984 Eddie
Jon Koncak USA BKB Olympics 1984 Eddie
Olga Korbut BLR
GAR Olympics 1972—1976 Koly padayut dereva
Stubby Kruger USA SWM Olympics 1920 Mutiny on The Bounty, Spartacus
Praveen Kumar IND ATH Olympics 1968—1972 Agreement; Pyaasi Nadi as a choreographer.
Jeannette Kwakye GBR ATH Olympics 2008 Fast Girls
Michelle Kwan USA FSK Olympics 1998—2002 Ice Castles
Jules Ladoumègue FRA ATH Olympics 1928 La Cavalcade des heures
Spencer Lam TPE FBL Olympics 1960 47 credits on IMDb from 1992-2004.
Angelos Lamprou GRE ATH Olympics 1928—1932 Film director and cinematographer who occasionally acted in Greek movies.
Luggi Leitner GER
ALP Olympics 1960—1968 Acted as James Bond 007 George Lazenby's double in On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Suzanne Lenglen FRA TEN Olympics / Non-starter 1920—1924 Things Are Looking Up
Sugar Ray Leonard USA BOX Olympics 1976 I Spy; Riot; and others
Lisa Leslie USA BKB Olympics 1996—2008 What Men Want; Uncle Drew; Think Like A Man
Carl Lewis USA ATH Olympics 1984—1996 Alien Hunter
Li Yuejiu CHN GAR Olympics 1984 American Anthem
Nancy Lieberman USA BKB Olympics 1976 Perfect Profile
Åke Lindman FIN FBL Olympics 1952 126 credits on IMDb from 1949-2003
Jaak Lipso EST
BKB Olympics 1964—1968 Me, gamomdziebeli (1971 Soviet crime film)
Nastia Liukin USA GAR Olympics 2008 Stick It
Jack London GBR
ATH Olympics 1928 Old Bones of the River
Luc Longley AUS BKB Olympics 1988—2000 Space Jam
Greg Louganis USA DIV Olympics 1976—1988 Dirty Laundry; and others
Frank Lubin USA BKB Olympics 1936 The Snows of Kilimanjaro; Tokyo After Dark; in the camera and electrical department
Steve Lundquist USA SWM Olympics 1984 Return of The Killer Tomatoes!
Helene Madison USA SWM Olympics 1932 A minor role in the film “The Warrior’s Husband.”
Dan Majerle USA BKB Olympics 1988 Forget Paris
Danny Manning USA BKB Olympics 1988 Eddie
Manuel Martínez ESP ATH Olympics 1996—2008
Rooney Massara GBR ROW Olympics 1972 A Hard Day's Night
Stephen McCain USA GAR Olympics 2000 Numrerous credits including, but non exclusively, stunt work
Josephine McKim USA SWM Olympics 1928—1932 More Than a Secretary; Lady Be Careful; The King Steps Out; The Bride of Frankenstein; Movie-Town; Tarzan and His Mate (double for Maureen O'Sullivan when swimming);
Denis McNamara GBR WRE Olympics 1964 Notably as an extra in Cleopatra (1963).
Peter Mehringer USA WRE Olympics 1932 Knute Rockne All American
Katharine Merry GBR ATH Olympics 1996—2000 Fast Girls
Reggie Miller USA BKB Olympics 1996 Forget Paris; Uncle Drew
Mike Modano USA IHO Olympics 1998—2006 Mighty Ducks 2
Kenny Moore USA ATH Olympics 1968—1972 Personal Best
Glenn Morris USA ATH Olympics 1936 Tarzan’s Revenge; and others
Alonzo Mourning USA BKB Olympics 2000 Space Jam; Like Mike
Chris Mullin USA BKB Olympics 1984—1992 Forget Paris; Uncle Drew
Steve Nash CAN BKB Olympics 2000 Uncle Drew; Like Mike
Ashleigh Nelson GBR ATH Non-starter 2008—2020 Fast Girls
Dirk Nowitzki GER BKB Olympics / Other 2008 Like Mike
Shaquille O'Neal USA BKB Olympics 1996 What Men Want
Charley Paddock USA ATH Olympics 1920—1928 The High School Hero; and others
Carlos Padilla PHI BOX Olympics 1932 For about 20 years, appeared in a large number of movies and also started a career as director.
José Padilla PHI BOX Olympics 1932—1936 Appeared in his first movie in 1931 and had his last appearance in 1974 earning 168 credits in the International Movie Database.
Leander Paes IND TEN Olympics / Other 1992—2016 Rajdhani Express
Roberto Pangaro ITA SWM Olympics 1972—1976 Made a brief appearance in the 1978 Ruggero Deodato film _L’ultimo sapore dell’aria_ (The last taste of the air), playing himself in a cameo
José Panizo ESP WRE Olympics 1960—1964 Was Arnold Schwarzenegger's stunt double in Conan the Barbarian
Raoul Paoli FRA ATH/WRE Olympics / Non-starter / Other 1908—1928 Appeared in French movies of the 1920s and 30s. Notably alongside Clara Bow in "Her Wedding Night" (1930).
Ken Patera USA WLF Olympics 1972 The Wrestler
Carly Patterson USA GAR Olympics 2004 Stick It
Gary Payton USA BKB Olympics 1996—2000 Fear Not; Eddie; and others
Carlo Pedersoli ITA SWM Olympics 1952—1956 Under the pseudonym Bud Spencer.
Ana Peleteiro ESP ATH Olympics 2020 Parallel Mothers
David Pelletier CAN FSK Olympics / Other 2002 Small part in Blades of Glory.
Nat Pendleton USA WRE Olympics 1920 114 credits on IMDb from 1924-1956.
Scottie Pippen USA BKB Olympics 1992—1996 Space Jam
Félix de Pomés ESP FEN Olympics 1924—1928 75 credits on IMDb from 1928-1967.
Pat Porter USA ATH Olympics 1984—1988 Without Limits
Harry Prieste USA DIV Olympics 1920 Played small parts in silent movies
Norman Pritchard IND ATH Olympics 1900 Beau Geste; Jayne Eyre; and others
Pedro Quartucci ARG BOX Olympics 1924 69 credits on IMDb from 1916-1981.
Ota Rademacher CZE
BOX Olympics 1948 16 IMDB credits as an actor and stunt performer from 1963-1976
Aly Raisman USA GAR Olympics 2012—2016 Charlie's Angels
Tapio Rautavaara FIN ATH Olympics 1948 27 credits on IMDb from 1945-1970.
Mary Lou Retton USA GAR Olympics 1984 Scrooged; Naked Gun 33 1/3
Pierre Richard-Willm FRA ART Olympics 1924 Notably as Edmond Dantès in Le comte de Monte Cristo (1943).
Ken Richmond GBR WRE Olympics 1948—1960 The Iron Petticoat; Mad About Men; Fast and Loose; Night and the City
Mitch Richmond USA BKB Olympics 1988—1996 Eddie
Cathy Rigby USA GAR Olympics 1968—1972 McKenna Shoots for the Stars
Charles Rigoulot FRA WLF Olympics 1924 À la manière de Sherlock Holmes; Jamais deux sans trois; L'aventure est au coin de la rue; Paris mes amours; Un soir de bombe
Ronnie Robertson USA FSK Olympics 1956 Summer On Ice; Once Upon A Christmas Time
David Robinson USA BKB Olympics 1988—1996 Forget Paris; Uncle Drew; Like Mike