Olympians Who Were Murdered (119)

Athlete Nation(s) Sport(s) Role(s) Era Notes
Haidar Abdul-Razzaq IRQ FBL Olympics 2004 Assaulted on the streets of Baghdad and died of his injuries.
Frank Adams TTO ATH Olympics 1976—1980 Died from gunshot wounds.
Jorge Agostini CUB FEN Olympics 1948 Murdered.
Marwan Arafat SYR FBL Referee 1980 Killed at the Jordan-Syria border in Nasib by armed militants
Yuliya Balykina BLR ATH Olympics 2012 Murdered.
Celia Barquín ESP GLF YOG 2014 Murdered
Isaac Barrientos PUR BOX Olympics 1984 Shot and killed.
William Bartholomae USA SAL Olympics 1936 Murdered.
Trevor Berbick JAM BOX Olympics 1976 Murdered.
Kumar Khadga Bikram Shah NEP Administrator 1967—1977 Killed in the Nepalese royal massacre
François Bonlieu FRA ALP Olympics 1956—1964 Eventually killed in a fight after an argument.
Chris Brathwaite TTO ATH Olympics 1976—1980 Killed by a sniper at the University of Oregon.
Jack Brinck USA ROW Olympics 1928 Murdered.
Danie Burger RSA ATH Olympics 1956 Killed during a home invasion.
Wojciech Bursa POL SHO Olympics 1936 Murdered by Soviet NKWD.
Sol Butler USA ATH Olympics 1920 Murdered.
Jairo Calanche COL FBL Olympics 1992 Killed by a gunman at a public market.
Alvin Canales PUR BOX YOG 2018 Shot dead as a result of a drive-by shooting.
Omar Cañas COL FBL Olympics 1992 Murdered, along with two other men and a woman, in an execution style killing linked to the drug trade.
Raúl Castañeda MEX BOX Olympics 2004 Shot dead as a result of a drive-by shooting.
Luis Child COL SWM Olympics 1948 He was murdered in his apartment in 1992
Dan Coe ROU FBL Olympics 1964 His wife and his daughter found him in 1981 hanged by the door handle with a rope around his neck and with his knees close to his mouth.
José da Conceição BRA ATH Olympics 1952—1960 Murdered.
Ion Covaci ROU BOX Olympics 1968 Stabbed during a check while on duty (was a policeman)
Alex de Jesús PUR BOX Olympics 2004 Shot 12 times on the street.
Peter Dix IRL SAL Olympics 1976 A victim of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland
Vladimir Durković SRB
FBL Olympics 1960 Durković was shot by a drunken policeman in Sion (Switzerland)
Samuel Félix MEX MPN Olympics 2000 Shot in Lamont, California by and died from his injuries.
Gabriel Fourmigue FRA BOB Olympics 1992—1994
Nasir Gadžihanov MKD WRE Olympics 2000 Shot in his car.
Francisco García MEX WPO Olympics 1968—1976 Assaulted and shot when he did his training routine.
Aladár Háberl HUN CCS/NCB/SJP Olympics / Non-starter 1924 Was killed in a robbery at home
Aden Hagi Yeberow SOM Administrator 2009—2012 Killed in a suicide bombing.
Ronnie Harris USA BOX Olympics 1964 Shot and killed in an apparent holdup attempt.
Shavez Hart BAH ATH Olympics 2016 Shot and killed in an altercation outside a nightclub
Noé Hernández MEX ATH Olympics 2000—2004 Died 17 days after being shot in his head on 30 December 2012.
Jan Hettema RSA CRD/CTR Olympics 1956 Shot during a home invasion.
James Hewson USA ATH Olympics 1956 Murdered.
Tom Hicks USA BOB Olympics 1948 Murdered together with his wife during home invasion.
Gustavo Huet MEX SHO Olympics 1932—1948 Killed by a drunk driver whilst working as a policeman.
Kira Ivanova RUS
FSK Olympics 1980—1988 Found stabbed to death in her apartment.
Ji Yong-Ju KOR BOX Olympics 1968 Stabbed during a fight with his neighbor and died after five days of excessive bleeding.
Anatoly Kamnev RUS
BOX Olympics 1972 Stabbed to death while trying to stop a robbery he witnessed.
Sergey Karamchakov RUS
WRE Olympics 1988 Murdered.
Elias Katz FIN ATH Olympics 1924 Killed by a sharpshooter.
Abdel Hady Khallaf Allah EGY BOX Olympics 1968—1972 Killed in a dispute with his neighbors
Emmit King USA ATH Non-starter 1984—1988 Killed in a shootout after an argument. The other shooter also died in the shootout.
Howell King USA BOX Non-starter 1936 Stabbed to death.
Irina Kostyuchenkova URS
ATH Olympics 1988—1992 Killed by her son in Alushta.
Robert Kotei GHA ATH Olympics 1960 Kotei was executed by a firing squad together with General Fred Akuffo and Lieutenant General Akwasi Afrifa, Colonel Roger Felli, Vice Air Marshal Yaw Boakye and Rear Admiral Joy Amedume by the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council.
Mohiddin Mohamed Kulmiye SOM ATH Olympics 1984—1988 Killed in a random shooting in Mogadishu.
Valter Külvet EST
ATH Olympics 1988 Killed during a carjacking.
Grigorios Lamprakis GRE ATH Olympics 1936 Murdered.
Dave Laut USA ATH Olympics 1984 Shot by his wife, who claimed self-defense for spousal abuse.
Joseph Lazarus USA BOX Olympics 1924 In 1943 Lazarus was killed after mediating a street brawl between a client and two British merchant seamen. After everyone had shaken hands, one of the sailors punched Lazarus through a drugstore window. An artery in his thigh was severed, and he bled to death.
Lee Young-Min KOR FBL Coach 1948 Shot and killed in a burglary by a friend of his son.
Charles de Ligne BEL SSK Olympics 1936 Murdered by a killer hired by his wife.
Antônio Lira BRA ATH Olympics / Other 1932—1936 Shot and killed by a young man who was upset with Brazil’s government.
Matija Ljubek CRO
CSP Olympics / Other 1976—1988 Shot by a relative due to family dispute.
Walter López HON FBL Olympics 2000 Shot by gangs at the border Mexico-Guatemala.
Mauro Cabeçâo BRA FBL Olympics 1976 Shot and killed.
Sonja McCaskie GBR ALP Olympics 1960 Murdered.
Floyd McFarland USA CTR Non-Medal 1900—1904 Murdered.
Ernest Meighan BIZ CRD Olympics 1992 He was killed in a shooting in Belize City just before noon on 9 August 2014, along with three other victims.
Carlos Mejía COL BOX Olympics 1976 He was killed by thieves who wanted to steal his mobile phone
Rogelio Melencio PHI BKB Olympics 1968—1972 Stabbed and killed in a bar brawl
Flávio de Melo BRA ROW Olympics 1988 de Melo was preparing for the Barcelona Olympic Games, when he was assassinated on June 26, 1992, with shots to the head, inside a bus from line 460 (Leblon-São Cristóvão) that passed through Praça da Bandeira.
Galo Miño ECU SHO Olympics 1984 Killed in a shootout with criminals while serving as Police Captain
Chechen-Ool Mongush RUS WRE Olympics 1996 Strangled with a whip and buried in a forest.
Henry Morshead GBR APN Olympics 1924 Murdered by an unknown attacker whilst out riding.
Edwin Mosquera COL WLF Olympics 2008—2016 Shot and killed.
John Muhato KEN SHO Olympics 1972 Died as a result of a carjacking
Elena Murgoci ROU ATH Olympics 1992 Stabbed to death by her former partner.
Damaris Muthee KEN ATH YOG 2010 Strangled to death
Gabe Nava MEX BKB Olympics 1976 Died of bullet wounds following a robbery
Pedro Nolasco DOM BOX Olympics / Other 1984 Murdered during a home invasion.
Lawrence Ogwang UGA ATH Olympics 1956 Murdered by the Idi Amin regime in the 1970s
John Oladipo Oladitan NGR ATH Olympics 1960 Murdered by his chauffeur.
Bouguera El Ouafi ALG
ATH Olympics 1924—1928 †18 October 1959. Killed by members of the Algerian Liberation Movement.
Jakkrit Panichpatikum THA SHO Olympics 1996—2012 Shot and killed by motorcycle gunmen whilst driving his car.
Arnold Peralta HON FBL Olympics 2012 Shot dead as a result of a drive-by shooting.
Ben Piessens BEL ROW Olympics 1948 Killed in New York on Christmas Eve, 1975.
Álex Quiñónez ECU ATH Olympics 2012 Murdered by gunshots
Paul Raschid PAK BOX Non-starter 1948 Killed during political unrest in the former East Pakistan in 1965.
József, Gróf de Révay HUN IHO Olympics 1928 Révay was arrested and killed by the Communist police in 1945
Corinne Rey-Bellet SUI ALP Olympics 1992—2002 Murdered by her husband.
Colin Ridgeway AUS ATH Olympics 1956 In 1993, he was gruesomely murdered in his home in University Park, Texas, after being shot seven times by a man waiting for him.
Lázaro Rivas CUB WRE Olympics 1996—2004 Stabbed to death
Gian Mario Roveraro ITA ATH Olympics 1956 Murdered after investigation into the collapse of the food and dairy conglomerate Parmalat. His body was chopped into pieces and found beneath a motorway bridge 30 km. from Parma.
Spider Sabich USA ALP Olympics 1968 Shot by his girlfriend in the bathroom of their home.
Mário Sabino Júnior BRA JUD Olympics 2000—2004 Shot and killed by a military co-worker.
Mahmoud Sakhaie IRI SHO Olympics 1948 Killed during the 1953 Iranian coup d'état
Irina Salomykova-Vaag RUS
CSP Olympics 1988—1992 Murdered by her husband during domestic dispute.
Raatbek Sanatbayev KGZ WRE Olympics / Other 1996—2000 Shot and killed while campaigning for the Presidency of Kyrgyzstan.
Lucas Sang KEN ATH Olympics 1988 Stoned to death in the violent aftermath to the 2007 Kenyan presidential elections.
Dave Schultz USA WRE Olympics 1984 Shot and killed by his sponsor while in training for the 1996 Olympics.
Sándor Sebők HUN SAL Olympics 1928 Murdered
Yeter Sevimlı TUR BOX Olympics 1968 He was martyred by robbers at her workplace in Ayazağa, where he was working as a security guard
Pritam Singh Sandhu KEN HOC Olympics 1960 Shot dead by robbers at his home in Nairobi, Kenya on 19 March 1999
Prithipal Singh IND HOC Olympics 1960—1968 Assassinated by one of his students in the campus of the Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, on 20 May 1982
Athanasios Skaltsogiannis GRE ATH Olympics 1896 Killed by an inmate while working as a prison guard.
Bud Smith USA BOX Olympics 1948 Shot and killed.
Marian Spojda POL FBL Olympics 1924 Murdered by the Soviet Army in the Katyn Massacre.
Inkululeko Suntele LES BOX Olympics / Other 2016 Stabbed to death while out with friends.
Joe Swindells GBR LAX Non-Medal / Non-starter 1948 Killed at his home in Cyprus by an intruder.
Abrar Hussain Syed PAK BOX Olympics 1984—1992 Shot dead during sectarian violence in Baluchistan.
Man Bahadur Tamang NEP TKW Non-Medal 1988 Killed by Maoists who hacked off his hands and feet.
David Tarsey GBR DIV Olympics 1956 Shot dead together with his wife.
Denis Ten KAZ FSK Olympics 2010—2018 Stabbed to death on a street in Almaty.
Artyom Teryan AZE
WRE Olympics 1952 Murdered following a domestic dispute.
Agnes Tirop KEN ATH Olympics 2020 Stabbed to death in her home
Abdelrahman El-Trabily EGY WRE Olympics 2012 Shot in the head during a march in support of Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi.
Dele Udo NGR ATH Olympics / Non-starter 1976—1980 Shot and killed at a police checkpoint
Fernando Vanoye MEX JUD YOG 2010 Found beaten to death.
Jacques Viaene FRA WPO Olympics 1948 †19 September 1962. Presumed killed after going missing while driving near Al-Jaza'ir (Algiers).
Ingrid Visser NED VVO Olympics 1996 After going missing, she and her partner were found dead, half-buried in an orchard 12 km from their home.
Stanisława Walasiewicz POL ATH Olympics 1932—1936 Shot by muggers in a Cleveland parking lot.
Lorenzo Wright USA ATH Olympics 1948 Shot and killed by his wife.
Eduard Zakharov RUS BOX Olympics 1996 Stabbed to death in a dispute.