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Football, Men

Date3 – 15 August 1936
LocationOlympiastadion, Reichssportfeld, Berlin / Mommsenstadion, Berlin / Poststadion, Berlin / Hertha-BSC-Platz, Berlin
Participants201 from 16 countries
FormatSingle-elimination tournament.

Already before the 1928 Olympics, the FIFA and the IOC had been in conflict over amateur rules. When FIFA allowed professional players to compete at the inaugural World Cup in 1930, football was scratched as an Olympic sport by the IOC Executive committee. It was reinstated for 1936, but amateur rules were enforced. Players were not allowed to receive any compensation, including wage compensation paid to their employers. This ruling caused several European countries to withdraw their entries, and most South American teams forfeited as well.

A major surprise occurred in the first round of the tournament, when medal favourite Sweden was eliminated by Japan despite leading 2-0 at half-time. Another Scandinavian team, Norway, caused a surprise by eliminated the home team in the quarter-finals. The match was attended by German chancellor Adolf Hitler, who reportedly left the stadium in anger after the German loss. Norway eventually held on for third place. The most notable match, however, was another quarter- final, Peru v Austria. The match saw Peru come from 0-2 behind to win the match 4-2 after extra time. But the contest was marred by rough play from both sides, and in overtime several Peruvian spectators stormed the field and held the Austrian players. Because of this, Austria filed a protest, which was upheld by the jury of appeal. A replay was ordered, but Peru failed to show up for that match, with Austria advancing by forfeit. Back in Lima, the decision to replay the match caused riots at the German and Austrian embassies.

The Austrians reached the final, in which they played Italy. Italy was the reigning World Champion, but all of the 1934 players were professionals and not allowed to play in Berlin. As in 1928, the final score was 1-1 after 90 minutes. Italy scored quickly in overtime, and the exhausted Austrians were unable to crack their opponent’s defense in the remaining minutes. Three players would also play on the Italian squad that won the 1938 World Cup: Alfredo Foni, Ugo Locatelli and Pietro Rava.

=5Great BritainGBR10126–5
=9United StatesUSA00100–1

Round One (3 – 6 August 1936)


Match #1 03 Aug 17:30ITA 1 – 0USA
Match #2 03 Aug 17:30NOR 4 – 0TUR
Match #3 04 Aug 17:30JPN 3 – 2SWE
Match #4 04 Aug 17:30GER 9 – 0LUX
Match #5 05 Aug 17:30POL 3 – 0HUN
Match #6 05 Aug 17:30AUT 3 – 1EGY
Match #7 06 Aug 17:30PER 7 – 3FIN
Match #8 06 Aug 17:30GBR 2 – 0CHN

Quarter-Finals (7 – 10 August 1936)


Match #1 07 Aug 17:30ITA 8 – 0JPN
Match #2 07 Aug 17:30NOR 2 – 0GER
Match #3 08 Aug 17:30POL 5 – 4GBR
Match #4 6 08 Aug 17:30PER 74 – 2
Replay #1 8 10 AugAUT

Semi-Finals (10 – 11 August 1936)


Match #1 10 Aug 17:00ITA 2 – 1
Match #2 11 Aug 17:00AUT 3 – 1POL

Final Round (13 – 15 August 1936)

Medal round.

Match 1/2 15 Aug 16:00ITA 2 – 1
Match 3/4 13 Aug 16:00NOR 3 – 2POL


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