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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date10 August 1936 — 08:00
LocationAvus-Nordschleife, Berlin
Participants99 from 28 countries
Format100 kilometre mass start race.

This was the first time that the cycling road race was conducted as a mass start event. The race started and at 8 AM at the North Curve of the Avus motor racing circuit, with the finish line drawn there as well. The course was an out-and-back one over relatively flat roads, and it was not difficult enough to break apart most of the peleton. There were a number of crashes during the race. Many riders used the innovative three-speed bikes, but several of the Peruvian riders had trouble controlling their bikes with these and caused at least one major crash. Some 40 riders sprinted for victory in the final metres, with France’s Robert Charpentier defeating his countryman Guy Lapébie by a bike length. They led the French team to an easy victory in the team road race. Behind them, the German officials had trouble placing the remaining cyclists, and a large group of cyclists was placed in 16th position. There was another large crash only a few yards from the finish line, which took down about 20 riders, several of whom could not finish.

Charpentier had been runner-up at the 1935 World Championships. He turned professional but with little success, and his career was interrupted by World War II. Lapébie fared better as a pro, finishing third in the 1948 Tour de France, and competing thru 1952. His older brother, Roger Lapébie, was a well-known pro, and won the 1937 Tour de France.

The 1936 Official Report does not list any riders as did not finish, but it appears several of the riders did not complete the course. We have been able to find information on some of these from other sources, but it is possible that some of the riders we list as having finished did not actually complete the course.

1Robert CharpentierFRA2-33:05.0Gold
2Guy LapébieFRA2-33:05.2Silver
3Ernst NievergeltSUI2-33:05.8Bronze
=4Fritz SchellerGER2-33:06.0
=4Charles HollandGBR2-33:06.0
=4Robert DorgebrayFRA2-33:06.0
7Pierino FavalliITA2-33:06.2
=8Auguste GarrebeekBEL2-33:06.6
=8Armand PutzeyseBEL2-33:06.6
=8Talat TunçalpTUR2-33:06.6
11Edgar BuchwalderSUI2-33:07.0
=12Frode SørensenDEN2-33:07.2
=12August ProsenikYUG2-33:07.2
14Kurt OttSUI2-33:07.6
15Glauco ServadeiITA2-33:07.8
=16Tassy JohnsonAUS2-33:08.0
=16Virgilius AltmannAUT2-33:08.0
=16Hans HöfnerAUT2-33:08.0
=16Eugen SchnalekAUT2-33:08.0
=16Jean-François Van Der MotteBEL2-33:08.0
=16Kanyu DzhambazovBUL2-33:08.0
=16Arne PetersenDEN2-33:08.0
=16Thor PorkoFIN2-33:08.0
=16Jean GoujonFRA2-33:08.0
=16János BognárHUN2-33:08.0
=16István LiszkayHUN2-33:08.0
=16Corrado ArdizzoniITA2-33:08.0
=16Jacques MajerusLUX2-33:08.0
=16Franz NeuensLUX2-33:08.0
=16Nico van GageldonkNED2-33:08.0
=16Wacław StarzyńskiPOL2-33:08.0
=16Stanisław ZielińskiPOL2-33:08.0
=16Hennie BinnemanRSA2-33:08.0
=16Gottlieb WeberSUI2-33:08.0
=16Arne BergSWE2-33:08.0
=16Josef LošekTCH2-33:08.0
=16Franjo GartnerYUG2-33:08.0
ACMārtiņš MazūrsLAT2-37:08.0est
ACArvīds ImmermanisLAT2-52:08.0est
ACAleksejs JurjevsLAT2-52:08.0est
ACJānis VītolsLAT2-52:08.0est
ACChris WheelerAUSno time
ACKarl KühnAUTno time
ACJef LowagieBELno time
ACDertônio FerrerBRAno time
ACJosé MagnaniBRAno time
ACHermógenes NettoBRAno time
ACNikola NenovBULno time
ACAleksandar NikolovBULno time
ACGennadi SimovBULno time
ACLionel ColemanCANno time
ACGeorge CromptonCANno time
ACRusty PedenCANno time
ACGeorge TurnerCANno time
ACJesús ChousalCHIno time
ACJorge GuerraCHIno time
ACRafael MonteroCHIno time
ACManuel RiquelmeCHIno time
ACKnud JacobsenDENno time
ACTage MøllerDENno time
ACTauno LindgrenFINno time
ACJackie BoneGBRno time
ACWilli MeurerGERno time
ACFritz RulandGERno time
ACEmil SchöpflinGERno time
ACIstván AdorjánHUNno time
ACKároly Nemes-NótásHUNno time
ACElio BavuttiITAno time
ACAdolf SchreiberLIEno time
ACPaul FrantzLUXno time
ACRudy HoutschLUXno time
ACRené van HoveNEDno time
ACGeorge GilesNZLno time
ACManuel BacigalupoPERno time
ACGregorio CaloggeroPERno time
ACJosé MazziniPERno time
ACCésar PeñarandaPERno time
ACMieczysław KapiakPOLno time
ACWiktor OleckiPOLno time
ACTed ClaytonRSAno time
ACBerndt CarlssonSWEno time
ACIngvar EricssonSWEno time
ACVilém JaklTCHno time
ACHans LeuteltTCHno time
ACMiloslav LoosTCHno time
ACKirkor CanbazyanTURno time
ACKazım BingenTURno time
ACOrhan SudaTURno time
ACAlbert ByrdUSAno time
ACCharles MortonUSAno time
ACPaul NixonUSAno time
ACJohn SinibaldiUSAno time
ACJosip PokupecYUGno time
ACIvan ValantYUGno time
ACGerrit SchulteNEDDNF
ACPhilippus VethaakNEDDNF
ACSven JohanssonSWEDNF