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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date22 October 1964 — 10:00
LocationHachioji Road Race Course, Hachioji, Tokyo
Participants132 from 35 countries
Format194.832 km. mass start race. Eight laps of 24.354 km. course.

The course of the 1964 road race began in front of the Takao Train Station, and comprised eight laps of a 24.354 km. course, making the final distance 194.832 km. The course featured a fairly steep, but short, climb of 65 metres at the 11th km., followed by a short descent, and then a mild climb over the next few kilometers. However, the course was not really difficult enough to break apart the peleton. In addition, it was held in a heavy rain, which slowed the pace somewhat.

The Amateur Road Race World Championships had been won in 1961 by Jean Jourden (FRA), in 1962-63 by Italy’s Renato Bongioni and Flaviano Vicentini, respectively. But none of these three entered the Olympic Road Race, both Italians having turned pro. Earlier in 1964, the 1964 World Championship was won by the young Belgian rider, Eddy Merckx.

The relatively easy course kept the pack mostly together throughout the race. Of the 132 starters, 107 finished, and the first 99 riders crossed the finishing line together. A few break-outs occurred, but the last of those ended 15 km from the finish, Merckx tried to get away with 1.5 km to go, but only managed a gap of some 20 m before getting caught by the pack. The two leaders of the sprint-out were Italy’s Mario Zanin and Denmark’s Kjell Rodian, with Zanin narrowly edging Rodian to win the gold medal.

Eddy Merckx was right there at the finish but the great Belgian rider was not a strong enough sprinter to win the race, and he finished 12th. His time would come. Merckx turned professional in April 1965 and became the greatest rider in the professional peleton, and is usually considered the greatest cyclist of all-time. He was later nicknamed “The Cannibal” for his aggressive riding style and never-ending hunger for victories, which helped him win 5 Tours de France, 5 Giros d’Italia, 3 World Professional Road titles, and multiple wins in the one-day classics.

The results of the 1964 road race are somewhat in dispute. The 1964 Official Report and 1964 Official Results both list “all” finishers, but they only agree in the first 35 places. In fact, the Report only lists 86 finishers while the Results lists 107 finishers. We have consulted multiple sources to try to make sense of this problem, including contacting national federations and some of the riders involved in the race. We believe that the following results are an accurate representation of the finishers, but recognize that this problem may not be fully resolved.

1Mario ZaninITA4-39:51.63Gold
2Kjell RodianDENat 0:00.02Silver
3Walter GodefrootBELat 0:00.11Bronze
4Ray BilneyAUSat 0:00.11
5José Manuel LópezESPat 0:00.11
6Wilfried PeffgenGERat 0:00.11
7Gösta PetterssonSWEat 0:00.11
8Delmo DelmastroARGat 0:00.11
9Roberto BreppeARGat 0:00.11
10Laurence ByersNZLat 0:00.11
11Erik PetterssonSWEat 0:00.11
12Eddy MerckxBELat 0:00.11
13Jan KudraPOLat 0:00.11
14Michael HollingsworthAUSat 0:00.11
15Ole Højlund PedersenDENat 0:00.11
16Hans LüthiSUIat 0:00.11
17Richard JohnstoneNZLat 0:00.11
18Roger SwertsBELat 0:00.11
19Johny SchleckLUXat 0:00.11
20Bart ZoetNEDat 0:00.11
21Flemming Gleerup HansenDENat 0:00.11
22Daniel GráčTCHat 0:00.11
23José Manuel LasaESPat 0:00.11
24János JuszkóHUNat 0:00.11
25Colin LewisGBRat 0:00.11
26Terry WestGBRat 0:00.11
27Gerben KarstensNEDat 0:00.11
28Severino AndreoliITAat 0:00.11
29Burkhard EbertGERat 0:00.12
30Erwin JaisliSUIat 0:00.12
31Derek HarrisonGBRat 0:00.12
32Mariano DíazESPat 0:00.12
33Felice GimondiITAat 0:00.13
34Jorge MarinéESPat 0:00.13
35András MészárosHUNat 0:00.13
36Chow Kwong ManHKGat 0:00.13
37Masashi OmiyaJPNat 0:00.13
38Jos BoonsBELat 0:00.13
39Louis PfenningerSUIat 0:00.13
40Harry SteevensNEDat 0:00.13
41Gaynan SaydkhuzhinURSat 0:00.14
42Jan PieterseNEDat 0:00.14
43Yanjingiin BaatarMGLat 0:00.14
44Jan MagieraPOLat 0:00.14
45Ricardo VázquezURUat 0:00.15
46Martín RodríguezCOLat 0:00.15
47Antal MegyerdiHUNat 0:00.15
48Francisco PérezURUat 0:00.15
49Rubén PlacanicaARGat 0:00.16
50Sven HamrinSWEat 0:00.16
51Mike CowleyGBRat 0:00.16
52Sture PetterssonSWEat 0:00.16
53Francis BazireFRAat 0:00.17
54Immo RittmeyerGERat 0:00.17
55Pablo HernándezCOLat 0:00.17
56Anatoly OlizarenkoURSat 0:00.17
57Gabriel MoiceanuROUat 0:00.17
58Constantin CiocanROUat 0:00.18
59Ion CosmaROUat 0:00.18
60Yury MelikhovURSat 0:00.18
61Des ThomsonNZLat 0:00.18
62Aleksey PetrovURSat 0:00.18
63Hans HeinemannSUIat 0:00.19
64Vid CencicURUat 0:00.19
65David HumphreysAUSat 0:00.19
66Max GraceNZLat 0:00.20
67Jiří DalerTCHat 0:00.20
68Malcolm McCredieAUSat 0:00.20
69Rubén Darío GómezCOLat 0:00.20
70František ŘezáčTCHat 0:00.20
71Jan SmolíkTCHat 0:00.20
72Stephen LimMASat 0:00.20
73Arturo RomeoPHIat 0:00.20
74Ole RitterDENat 0:00.20
75John AllisUSAat 0:00.20
76Phạm Văn SauVNMat 0:00.20
77Andrzej BławdzinPOLat 0:00.20
78Günter HoffmannGERat 0:00.20
79Mikael SaglimbeniETHat 0:00.20
80Lucien AimarFRAat 0:00.20
81Mashallah Amin SorourIRIat 0:00.20
82Rajmund ZielińskiPOLat 0:00.20
83László MahóHUNat 0:00.20
84Teófilo TodaPERat 0:00.20
85Luvsangiin ErkhemjamtsMGLat 0:00.20
86Her Jong-ChauTPEat 0:00.20
87Shue Ming-ShuTPEat 0:00.20
88Gheorghe BădărăROUat 0:00.20
89Taworn JirapanTHAat 0:00.20
90Trần Văn NenVNMat 0:00.20
91Pakdee ChinjindaTHAat 0:00.20
92Chow Kwong ChoiHKGat 0:00.20
93Melesio SotoMEXat 0:00.20
94Bernard GuyotFRAat 0:00.20
95Christian RaymondFRAat 0:00.20
96Edy SchützLUXat 0:00.20
97Daniel OlivaresPHIat 0:00.20
98Cornelio PadillaPHIat 0:00.20
99Sayed Esmail HosseiniIRIat 0:00.20
100Michael HiltnerUSAat 20:02.37
101Akbar PoudehIRIat 20:07.37
102Wilde BaridónURUat 21:58.37
103Luvsangiin BuudaiMGLat 22:05.37
104Francisco CoronelMEXat 22:23.37
105Hiroshi YamaoJPNat 30:48.37
106Toshiro AkamatsuJPNat 47:18.37
107Lee Seon-BaeKORat 47:24.37
ACChainarong SophonpongTHADNF
ACDavoud AkhlagiIRIDNF
ACDeng Chueng-HwaiTPEDNF
ACFerruccio ManzaITADNF
ACFisihasion GhebreyesusETHDNF
ACHeriberto DíazMEXDNF
ACHwang Chang-SikKORDNF
ACRaymond CastillouxUSADNF
ACMario EscobarCOLDNF
ACMichael AndrewMASDNF
ACNorberto ArceoPHIDNF
ACChoijiljavyn SamandMGLDNF
ACSuleman AmbayeETHDNF
ACHamid SupaatMASDNF
ACTom MontemageUSADNF
ACVitool CharoenrutTHADNF
ACWi Gyeong-YongKORDNF
ACYemane NegassiETHDNF
ACZain Safar-ud-DinMASDQ
ACNguyễn Văn KhoiVNMDQ
ACMasanori TsujiJPNDQ
ACMoisés LópezMEXDQ
ACNguyễn Văn NganVNMDQ