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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date30 August 1960 — 09:00
LocationCircuito Grottarossa, Roma
Participants142 from 42 countries
Format175.38 km. mass start race. 12 laps of 14.615 km. course.

The 1960 road race was a mass start race held over 175.38 km., with the riders completing 12 laps of a 14.615 km. loop, termed the Grottarossa Circuit. On each loop, they ascended a slightly steep climb, and a series of switchbacks, just after the 6 km. point, and then ascended gently for the next 2½ km. The course began on the Via Flaminia, turned left onto the Via Di Grottarossa, and then returned to the start along the Via Cassia. The race was started in tremendous heat (38º C/100º F). At least one cyclist, Korean No Do-Cheon, succumbed to the heat and had to be carried off to the hospital. The Danish team did not start the race after the death of their compatriot Knud Enemark Jensen in the team time trial.

East Germany’s Gustav-Adolf Schur had won the Amateur Road Race World Championship in both 1958 and 1959, the first rider ever to defend that title. In 1960, the title went to his teammate, Bernhard Eckstein. Both riders competed in Rome and Schur had to be favored, but he was marked closely and never figured in any breakaways. The race began at 0900. On the second lap, the Netherlands’ Lex van Kreuningen, broke away and opened up 46 seconds on the peloton by the fourth lap. On lap five, he was joined by his teammate Jan Hugens, and they led together thru lap six. On the next lap, seven other riders caught the Dutch tandem, to make a lead group of nine. This group included Italy’s Livio Trapè, and the Soviet Union’s Viktor Kapitonov. Over the next two laps a few other riders joined the leaders, but on lap 10, Trapè and Kapitonov went off the front together, and had 52 seconds on the peleton at the end of that circuit. As the two neared the end of lap 11, Kapitonov took off and started a mad sprint, thinking the race was ending. But they had one more lap to go, and the two entered it with a lead of 2:29. At the finish, Kapitonov had enough left to repeat his sprint and narrowly defeat Trapè. This greatly disappointed the Italian crowd, who had hoped for an Italian win, which would have completed a sweep of the cycling events. A pack of 39 riders closed on the two leaders in the last lap, but finished 20 seconds down. This group included Schur and Eckstein, and the entire German team was placed consecutively from 20-23 place.

The 1960 cycling road race has been a difficult event to document statistically as the Official Report lists only the 76 finishing riders. It mentions that there were 142 riders from 42 nations, but the other 66 riders are not listed directly. There are some lap results that help identify the non-finishers. We have been able to identify what we believe is the correct list of non-finishers by using various sources. We have contacted numerous national cycling federations, asking for their information on their national riders. In a few cases, we contacted some of the supposed competitors directly. We finally found a copy of the Official Program from the day of the race, which listed the starters, and was accompanied by a list entitled “Entry Modifications,” which noted when some riders did not start and some were replaced by other riders on their teams. We believe the results listed below are the best representation of who actually started on 30 August 1960. However, there are also problems with who actually finished the race in certain positions, based on personal reports from the riders, and photographs of the finish. We have footnoted these as necessary, but these results do not quite follow the results in the Official Report precisely.

Part of the problem may arise from the actions of the treasurer of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), Albert Verougstraete, who was the judge at the finish line who was responsible for determining the final placements. But the Belgian judge listed the top 10 finishers and then left to have lunch, stating, “I’m hungry. I’ll issue a full list sometime tonight.”

1Viktor KapitonovURS4-20:37Gold
2Livio TrapèITAat 0:00Silver
3Willy Vanden BerghenBELat 0:20Bronze
4Yury MelikhovURSat 0:20
5Ion CosmaROUat 0:20
6Stanisław GazdaPOLat 0:20
7Benoni BeheytBELat 0:20
8Janez ŽirovnikYUGat 0:20
9Jacques GestraudFRAat 0:20
10Antonio BailettiITAat 0:20
11Bogusław FornalczykPOLat 0:20
12Erwin JaisliSUIat 0:20
13Roland LacombeFRAat 0:20
14Roby HentgesLUXat 0:20
15François HamonFRAat 0:20
16José Antonio MomeñeESPat 0:20
17Paul NymanFINat 0:20
18Jim HindsGBRat 0:20
19Giuseppe TonucciITAat 0:20
20Egon AdlerGERat 0:20
21Erich HagenGERat 0:20
22Bernhard EcksteinGERat 0:20
23Gustav-Adolf SchurGERat 0:20
24Michael HiltnerUSAat 0:20
25René AndringLUXat 0:20
26Gunnar GöranssonSWEat 0:20
27Rubén Darío GómezCOLat 0:20
28Hernán MedinaCOLat 0:20
29Arsenio ChirinosVENat 0:20
30Ivan LevačićYUGat 0:20
31Nevenko ValčićYUGat 0:20
32Emil BeelerSUIat 0:20
33Yevgeny KlevtsovURSat 0:20
34Gaynan SaydkhuzhinURSat 0:20
35Arnold RuinerAUTat 0:20
36Bill BradleyGBRat 0:20
37Bill HolmesGBRat 0:20
38Jan HugensNEDat 0:20
39Henry OhayonISRat 0:20
40Salvatore PalmucciSMRat 0:20
41Paul CamilleriMLTat 0:20
42Kurt PostlAUTat 1:01
43Frank BrazierAUSat 1:01
44Ricardo SennARGat 1:01
45Mohamed El GourchMARat 1:01
46Gandoura LachebMARat 1:01
47Osvald JohanssonSWEat 1:01
48Ramón HoyosCOLat 1:01
49Robert LelangueBELat 1:25
50Raymond ReauxFRAat 3:20
51Roger ThullLUXat 4:57
52Stoyan Georgiev DemirevBULat 5:07
53Ken LaidlawGBRat 5:07
54Jan ChtiejPOLat 5:07
55Raimo HonkanenFINat 5:07
56Ignacio AstigarragaESPat 5:07
57Abdallah LahoucineMARat 5:07
58Jan JanssenNEDat 5:28
59Unto HautalahtiFINat 5:28
60Matti HerronenFINat 5:28
61Luis ZárateMEXat 5:28
62Emilio VidalVENat 5:28
63José FerreiraVENat 7:47
64Lars ZebroskiUSAat 8:03
65Max WechslerSUIat 8:03
66Wes ChowenUSAat 10:35
67Alan GrindalAUSat 10:35
68Jacinto BritoMEXat 10:35
69Alojz BajcYUGat 10:35
70Fritz InthalerAUTat 10:46
71Per DigerudNORat 10:46
72Hubert BächliSUIat 11:00
73Owe AdamsonSWEat 11:00
74Mohamed TouatiTUNat 15:19
75Bob TetzlaffUSAat 15:19
76Gheorghe CalcișcăROUat 19:52
DNFGarry JonesAUS1
DNFRobert WhettersAUS
DNFKurt SchweigerAUT
DNFJoseph GeurtsBEL
DNFDimitar KotevBUL
DNFBoyan KotsevBUL
DNFOgnyan ToshevBUL
DNFLuigi BartesaghiCAN
DNFAlex MessinaCAN
DNFPablo HurtadoCOL
DNFJuan SánchezESP
DNFVentura DíazESP
DNFKouflu AlazarETH
DNFGeremew DenbobaETH
DNFAmousse TessemaETH
DNFMegra AdmassouETH
DNFHendrik BrocksINA
DNFRusli HamsjinINA
DNFTheo PolhaupessyINA
DNFMuhammad SanusiINA
DNFPeter CrinnionIRL
DNFSonny CullenIRL
DNFSéamus HerronIRL
DNFAbdul Munim MahmoodIRQ
DNFHamid OraibiIRQ
DNFItzhak Ben DavidISR
DNFMino BarivieraITA
DNFMasashi OmiyaJPN
DNFJo Jae-HyeonKOR
DNFLee Seung-HunKOR
DNFPark Jong-HyeonKOR
DNFAdolf HeebLIE
DNFLouis GrisiusLUX
DNFAhmed OmarMAR
DNFMauricio MataMEX
DNFFiliberto MercadoMEX
DNFJohn BugejaMLT
DNFJoseph PolidanoMLT
DNFLex van KreuningenNED
DNFWiesław PodobasPOL
DNFRamiro MartinsPOR
DNFJosé PachecoPOR
DNFMário SilvaPOR
DNFFrancisco ValadaPOR
DNFGabriel MoiceanuROU
DNFAurel ȘelaruROU
DNFDomenico CecchettiSMR
DNFSante CiacciSMR
DNFVito CorbelliSMR
DNFMaurice CoomarawelSRI
DNFGösta PetterssonSWE
DNFMohamed El-KemissiTUN
DNFBechir MardassiTUN
DNFRubén EtchebarneURU
DNFRodolfo RodinoURU
DNFJuan José TimónURU
DNFAlberto VelázquezURU
DNFFrancisco MujicaVEN
DNFClyde RimpleWIF
DNSFerenc StámuszHUN2
DNSJános DévaiHUN3
DNSFerenc HorváthHUN4
DNSGyőző TörökHUN5