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Road Race, Individual, Men

Date23 October 1968 — 09:00
LocationCircuito Satélite, Ciudad Satélite, Ciudad de Mexico
Participants144 from 44 countries
Format196.2 km. (121.9 miles) mass start race.

The road race course consisted of eight laps of a 24.525 km. course, which was quite hilly. The course allowed the field to break apart more so than in any Olympic road race since the mass start format had begun in 1936. There was no heavy favorite as the last three World Championships had seen nine different riders on the podium. Pierfranco Vianelli broke away from the leading group on the last lap and won with almost a minute and a half to spare. Runner-up Leif Mortensen won the 1969 World Championship. Vianelli had a great professional début the following year, placing seventh in the Tour de France. After that little was heard of him until he concluded an impressive solo win at the Giro d’Italia stage on top of the Großglockner – his last major win.

The Mexico race featured several future cycling greats. “Jempi” Monseré finished in fifth place, but won the professional world title in 1970. Six months later, the Belgian was killed in a collision with a car during a race. Compatriot Roger De Vlaeminck (18th) was the best classics cyclist during the 1970s, excelling in the grueling Paris-Roubaix race, which he won four times. In 2005, De Vlaeminck presented a Belgian television show in which he coached several cyclists from Zimbabwe to appear in the World Cyclo-Cross Championships. Finally, non-finisher Joop Zoetemelk would become a Tour de France winner in 1980, and was second in “La Grand Boucle” no less than six times.

1Pierfranco VianelliITA4-41:25.24-----Gold
2Leif MortensenDEN4-42:49.71at 1:24.47Silver
3Gösta PetterssonSWE4-43:15.24at 1:50.00Bronze
4Stéphan AbrahamianFRA4-43:36.54at 2:11.30
5René PijnenNED4-43:36.81at 2:11.57
6Jean-Pierre MonseréBEL4-43:51.77at 2:26.53
7Tomas PetterssonSWE4-43:58.11at 2:32.87
8Giovanni BramucciITA4-43:58.19at 2:32.95
9Martín RodríguezCOL4-43:58.49at 2:33.25
10Marian KegelPOL4-44:00.50at 2:35.26
11Jan KrekelsNED4-44:09.70at 2:44.46
12Burkhard EbertFRG4-44:10.20at 2:44.96
13Thorleif AndresenNOR4-44:10.95at 2:45.71
14Tore MilsettNOR4-44:12.00at 2:46.76
15Álvaro PachónCOL4-44:13.10at 2:47.86
16José GómezESP4-44:13.78at 2:48.54
17Valery YardyURS4-44:15.90at 2:50.66
18Roger De VlaeminckBEL4-44:24.83at 2:59.59
19André DierickxBEL4-45:32.91at 4:07.67
20Alain VasseurFRA4-45:36.59at 4:11.35
21Imre GéraHUN4-45:57.26at 4:32.02
22Saturnino RustriánGUA4-46:13.03at 4:47.79
23Jan SmolíkTCH4-46:30.74at 5:05.50
24Harrie JansenNED4-46:30.90at 5:05.66
25Cvitko BilićYUG4-46:31.59at 5:06.35
26Ole Højlund PedersenDEN4-46:31.78at 5:06.54
27Agustín JuárezMEX4-46:32.50at 5:07.26
28Luis ZuberoESP4-46:34.65at 5:09.41
29Jørgen Emil HansenDEN4-46:34.66at 5:09.42
30Pedro SánchezCOL4-46:37.94at 5:12.70
31Flavio MartiniITA4-47:56.53at 6:31.29
32Yury DmitriyevURS4-47:57.02at 6:31.78
33Daniel DucreuxFRA4-47:57.23at 6:31.99
34Dave RollinsonGBR4-47:58.62at 6:33.38
35Erik PetterssonSWE4-47:58.98at 6:33.74
36Heriberto DíazMEX4-47:59.23at 6:33.99
37Raimo HonkanenFIN4-47:59.52at 6:34.28
38Svend Erik BjergDEN4-48:03.08at 6:37.84
39Rudi ValenčičYUG4-48:03.19at 6:37.95
40Roberto BreppeARG4-48:07.96at 6:42.72
41Ferenc KeserűHUN4-50:30.47at 9:05.23
42Miguel LasaESP4-51:05.17at 9:39.93
43Jesús SarabiaMEX4-51:05.18at 9:39.94
44John HowardUSA4-52:45.80at 11:20.56
45Jürgen TschanFRG4-52:50.90at 11:25.66
46Mauno UusivirtaFIN4-52:50.92at 11:25.68
47Jan Erik GustavsenNOR4-54:41.20at 13:15.96
48Evaristo OlivaGUA4-57:07.48at 15:42.24
49Jorge InésGUA4-57:07.92at 15:42.68
50Brian JollyGBR4-57:42.88at 16:17.64
51Curt SöderlundSWE5-01:12.60at 19:47.36
52Des ThomsonNZL5-02:33.62at 21:08.38
53Tekeste WolduETH5-05:12.23at 23:46.99
54Roger GilsonLUX5-05:12.29at 23:47.05
55Marcel RoyCAN5-05:13.82at 23:48.58
56Ørnulf AndresenNOR5-05:17.84at 23:52.60
57Ole WackströmFIN5-05:18.55at 23:53.31
58András TakácsHUN5-05:21.00at 23:55.76
59Kazimierz JasińskiPOL5-08:25.94at 27:00.70
60Gerard LettoliSMR5-10:22.35at 28:57.11
61Enzo FrisoniSMR5-12:46.82at 31:21.58
62Zygmunt HanusikPOL5-20:59.17at 39:33.93
63Miguel Ángel SánchezCRC5-20:59.18at 39:33.94
64Joe JonesCAN5-30:13.92at 49:48.68
DNFJuan AlvesARG
DNFHéctor CassinaARG
DNFGerardo CavaliereARG
DNFRonald JonkerAUS
DNFPeter McDermottAUS
DNFKevin MorganAUS
DNFDonald WilsonAUS
DNFColin FordeBAR
DNFKensley ReeceBAR
DNFRichard RoettBAR
DNFMichael StouteBAR
DNFJoseph SchoetersBEL
DNFJules BélandCAN
DNFYves LandryCAN
DNFJean BarnabeCOD
DNFConstantin KabembaCOD
DNFSamuel KibambaCOD
DNFIgnace MandjambiCOD
DNFMiguel SamacáCOL
DNFJosé SánchezCRC
DNFHumberto SolanoCRC
DNFJosé Manuel SotoCRC
DNFSergio MartínezCUB
DNFRoberto MenéndezCUB
DNFUlises ValdésCUB
DNFRaúl Marcelo VázquezCUB
DNFNoé MedinaECU
DNFVíctor MoralesECU
DNFArnulfo PozoECU
DNFHipólito PozoECU
DNFMauricio BolañosESA
DNFFrancisco FunesESA
DNFDavid MirandaESA
DNFJuan MolinaESA
DNFAgustín TamamesESP
DNFYemane NegassiETH
DNFMehari OkubamicaelETH
DNFCarmelo SaglimbeniETH
DNFRaimo SuikkanenFIN
DNFJean-Pierre ParenteauFRA
DNFOrtwin CzarnowskiFRG
DNFDieter KoslarFRG
DNFBilly BilslandGBR
DNFFrancisco CuqueGUA
DNFTibor MagyarHUN
DNFPeter DoyleIRL
DNFMorris FosterIRL
DNFLiam HornerIRL
DNFGeorge ArtinIRQ
DNFTino ContiITA
DNFGwon Jung-HyeonKOR
DNFTarek Abou Al DahabLBN
DNFSolo RazafinarivoMAD
DNFJohari RamliMAS
DNFGabriel CuéllarMEX
DNFJoop ZoetemelkNED
DNFBryce BeestonNZL
DNFRichie ThomsonNZL
DNFZenon CzechowskiPOL
DNFBruno HubschmidSUI
DNFPetr HladíkTCH
DNFSomchai ChantarasamritTHA
DNFSuriyong HemintTHA
DNFSomkuan LeehapunTHA
DNFChainarong SophonpongTHA
DNFDeng Chueng-HwaiTPE
DNFLiu Cheng-TaoTPE
DNFShue Ming-ShuTPE
DNFVladislav NelyubinURS
DNFAnatoly StarkovURS
DNFDan ButlerUSA
DNFDavid ChaunerUSA
DNFWes WessbergUSA
DNFBùi Văn HoàngVNM
DNFTrương Kim HùngVNM
DNFTanasije KuvaljaYUG